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Discussion in 'Press Room' started by Dash, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

  2. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    You know, the company that make this provides subs for viewing for free on Crunchyroll. You'll get to watch it the day it's aired in japan.

    I don't support fansubbing for this series because of that. Support the creator.
  3. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Uh... this is using the Gonzo subs, and doing them according to fansub standards, not business.

    (There's proper typesetting, karaoke, and timing isn't enough to hack out your eyes)
  4. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Funny. They don't strike me as a fansub group, but rather people who work on making the stuff.

    Edit: Ah, misunderstood what you meant.

    But still, that does mean we have an official source we can purchase. Kareoke or not, as a fan with morals, if I can get one from an official source with subs, then I will NOT touch a fansub. Support the artist over the fan.
  5. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    I would rather watch something in the crystal clear HD that it was intended to be in over some crappy YouTube quality streaming.
  6. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    ...You can make the quality better, or, I dunno, PURCHASE the episode and support the artists.

    It's a general rule among the community! once it become available by an official source, you DROP IT! You don't produce it, you don't download it, you delete it and you BUY it! Otherwise, as the gray line of fansubbing has been dropped, you are stealing! We now have the ability to buy it straight from the source, so why aren't we doing it? I'd rather not have an industry cracking down on fansubbing! I'd rather have them embrace it!

    But if we keep doing stuff like this, I can't see anything good coming out of it.

    If you want kareoke, then sure, get it, but only the OP and ED! Other than that, I just don't think it's right!
  7. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator


    I'll sure the hell get the DVDs when they COME OUT, but I am NOT going to waste my money on some shit YouTube quality rip. NO THANKS.

    And why are you throwing such a bird? Let me go over the DATS projects that are licensed:

    Digimon Adventure Zero Two, Digimon Tamers, Deltora Quest, Digimon Savers, Ryuusei no Rockman, ZOIDS...

    The earlier seasons were licensed for Kyo Kara Maoh!, Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe, Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS...

    Dude, there is no such thing as dropping when it's licensed. You'll find just a few groups now that do that, and only on certain companies. Like most groups will drop when FUNi or ADV licenses stuff, but any other company? Maybe C1 or Live Evil will care, but no one else.

    If you don't like these, then get the fuck out of this thread and go buy your little streaming sources, but stay out of this thread.
  8. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Uh, yes, I do. ON CR! Wanna link? Here it is.


    Also, do realize that the rules don't apply if the content is edited, as far as we should be concerned. If we don't get the original product, and we get something else, we should be free to continue distributing the original.

    I just don't want companies using us not following the guidelines as some twisted reasoning to start a crusade against fansubbing!
  9. Magna

    Magna New Member

    Thanks for sharing Greg~
    I think that I'll give this anime a chance =D
    MU <3
  10. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    ...Nevermind. Not like anyone's gonna listen to me anyways. IF it happens, I'll be here pointing and laughing...
  11. Nemomon

    Nemomon <b>Gaming Freak</b><br>Chip Library Evo

    Hmmm, NES game gets it's own anime? Or what? Hmmm...
  12. digiboy123

    digiboy123 Sub Editor & RAW Scan Provider Purdy Thing

    I watched the first subbed episode by Gonzo on youtube. They have pretty good translations.

    Greg, question: They use Gonzo's TLs, ne? Exact words? If they do, I'll probably download this, seeing as I like quality too.

    And Role, calm down. If Gonzo was upset about the fans, they would tell them to stfu and quit what they're doing. If they want to or will do something about it, let them. Other fans would probably step in to finish it anyway even if Gonzo or some other company did go on that crusade.
  13. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Don't worry about it, you won't hear anything else from me. Nobody would listen to me anyways.
  14. TennisLord94

    TennisLord94 Member

    It's not licensed in america yet, so why not download the episodes?

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