Saru GetCHU ~On Air~ Episode 26 (XviD)

Discussion in 'Fansub Release Announcements' started by Dash, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Episode 26 (XviD)

    [DATS] Saru GetCHU ~On Air~ 26 [LQ][FINAL][XviD][D0EE07D1].avi
    File Size: 59.79MB
    Release Date: April 26, 2009
    Trigger: !sg26
    Torrent: Click Here

    Translation: Nyarumi
    Translation Check: katawe
    Editing: celestial_sacred
    Timing: taxan
    Typesetting: Koroku
    Encoding: Umi
    Quality Check: [​IMG]

    So we end the series with a LQ... sad :(
  2. Aro-chi

    Aro-chi ☃Natsumi☃

    Can't wait till season 2 of subbed Saru GetCHU
  3. TELED2

    TELED2 New Member

    I'm liking.
  4. Shtoporr-kun

    Shtoporr-kun New Member

    I'm sorry, but can someone reupload it? (maybe raws or subs in separate file)? All torrent links is dead.
  5. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

  6. Shtoporr-kun

    Shtoporr-kun New Member

    Thank you very much ^^
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