Ryuusei No Rockman Wave Scanner


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Ryuusei No Rockman Wave Scanner

I'm just wondering, where can I buy a Wave Scanner? I checked Japan-Toys and didn't find it there, and I don't want to buy from TnJ, obviously enough. I'm looking to buy it for Christmas, so I thought I would get some info on where to find it.


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eBay does sell it.
Amazon.co.jp seems to sell it too...
My dad bought me the Wave Scanner DX in Japan

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The Wave Scanner is a device you use on the japanese Ryuusei no Rockman video games to scan Battle Cards in to your game to use, and you can buy it from Yahoo! Japan Auctions, there are numerous sites that allow you to import through them.


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It's like the battle chip gate, only for battle cards.

I think the wave scanner also has AM-radio functionality though.


I saw one on Amazom.co.jp. Though I don't know if they ran out of stock yet. It'll be nice to have one for cosplay and such. Imagine!

You: *slips it on wrist* "[name], Denpa-Henkan! On air!"
Other cosplayers: "Wow! Where'd you get that?!?"
You: "Hehe! Not telling!"

If you were one of those really hard out people, you could wear it and play RnR and watch it at the same time. @_@


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Does anyone know when the english version of the Wave Scanners will be released? I'm hoping to get one.


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Well, that was a long time ago, besides, a pet isn't the same as a console addon.

I'm basing this off the fact that the battle chip gate never made it here.


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*felt like reviving topic*


They have a list of Rockman stuff here that you can import (at the expense of your wallet, of course), even the deluxe versions that come with the Visualizer and Ryuusei necklace! Even the Star Carrier from the second game. *just ordered, but has considered for a while*

As they say on the site, they're very limited, so try to get as soon as you can.


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StelarSX;12693 said:
NO!!! But there was a Advanced PET from Rockman.exe in america!

If I recall, that was a really cheap and stupid toy that didn't really do much.

However, there was one thing I remember that really shocked me. I tried connecting my friend's "PET" to my CD player, and as soon as I had plugged it in, it gave me a virus alert.