Role's Sprite Icon Thingies!

Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by Role, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Role's Sprite Icon Thingies!

    I've been doing a lot of spriting recently. Why? Because Golden Sun is awesome.

    ...What? It is.

    Anywho, I figured I might as well share these icons with y'all. Though I made them, y'all are free to use them if you want. Since they have transparent backgrounds, it may be harder to see on a lighter background.

    Anywho, here's the equipment/items I've done so far...

    [​IMG] Galvorn Alloy (GS Palette Alternate: [​IMG])
    [​IMG] Murakumo
    [​IMG] Kusanagi

    Still working on others, as I really just started. If you have any ideas, I'll see if I can pull it off. So far, I've been taking other items and then getting inspiration from them. For example, as Galvorn is a black-ish metal comparable to Mithril in Tolkien lore, I used Mythril Alloy as the base. For the Murakumo, I used the Cloud Brand. The Kusanagi, being a renamed (or in gameplay mechanics, empowered/awakened) Murakamo, I added a bit that flair that the Sol Blade has on its blade.

    [​IMG] Hunt Psynergy (temporarily increases encoutners)
    [​IMG] Normalize (Basically Break, but on all allies - to counter lowered stats)

    [​IMG] Fuujin Sword
    [​IMG] Fuujin Armor
    [​IMG] Fuujin Helm
    [​IMG] Fuujin Shield

    Hunt is basically a palette swapped avoid. Same with Normalize and Break.

    Fuujin Sword was based on the Ragnarok Psynergy icon. Fuujin armor is an altered Valkyrie Mail. Fuujin Helm is the combination of an altered Minerva Helm and Divine Camisole. The Shield I didn't do (already an item in Golden Sun), but is just put there to complete the set. ^-^


    A batch containing all the healing sprites. Ply, Wish, Cure, and Cool are included, sure, but the new ones - Heal (multi earth), Calm (Single Wind), Breath (Multi Wind), and Warm (single fire) are there, too.


    Next is a batch with a bunch of buffs. There's buffs for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury Power, Agility, and Luck. Will be working on debuffs soon. The Buffs all have the same up arrow designs as all the other buffs. The elemental power comes from the elemental stars, duh. Agility is a modified combo of Slash and Cutting Edge. Luck gets its symbol from a modified Astral Blast.

    [​IMG] Venus Ring (+20 Venus Power and Resist)
    [​IMG] Mars Ring (+20 Mars Power and Resist)
    [​IMG] Jupiter Ring (+20 Jupiter Power and Resist)
    [​IMG] Mercury Ring (+20 Mercury Power and Resist)
    [​IMG] Sol Ring (+10 Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury Power)
    [​IMG] Luna Ring (+10 Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury Resist)
    [​IMG] Awakening Ring (+10% Criticals)

    For the Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury rings, I used the elemental stars and the Healing Ring as a base. For the Sol Ring, I used the Aroma and Healing rings as a base, and for the Luna Ring I used the Luna Shield and the Soul Ring as a base. For the the Awakening ring, I knew I wanted to make a design like this, but I'm surprised how well it actually turned out. I used the Soul and Healing rings as a base. Basically, I took the Soul ring, rotated the "Soul" part of it 45 degrees, Copied and joined it with three more, rotated 90 degrees each so as to get a nice little radial design. One obviously too big for a ring. So I shrank it to 60%, I think, cleaned it up a bit, attached it to the healing ring's base, and BAM! The Awakening Ring was done.

    And for the lulz:

    [​IMG] Watermelon

    I was lazy when making this, but it turned out surprisingly good. It's basically a two-colored Large Bread, colored in a way to look like a watermelon.

    [​IMG] Warrior Ring (+10 Max HP, +5 Attack)
    [​IMG] Thief Ring (+10 Max HP, +5 Agility)
    [​IMG] Shield Ring (+10 Max HP, +5 Defense)

    These are going to replace the lucky slot rings in my GSDG. They're simple: Guardian Ring's Base recolored to be silvery rather than goldish. I used a 60% size Mars star for the Warrior Ring's jewel, Mercury Star for the Shield Ring, and the green jewel part of the Small Jewel for the Thief ring.
  2. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Another day, another post...


    Modifications of the Mysterious Card. To be honest, I'm not really satisfied with ANY of them, but hey, not like you can make an epic masterpiece in a 16x16 pic.

    [​IMG] Gust
    [​IMG] Gale
    [​IMG] Grand Gale

    ...I kind of like this set. Its a sideways Whirlwind mixed with a the beam psynergy.

    [​IMG] Gush
    [​IMG] Spout
    [​IMG] Geyser

    Gush is a mix of drench and volcano. Spout is a mix of deluge and eruption. Geyser is mix of plume edge, deluge, and pryoclasm.

    [​IMG] Cavern Stone (use for Clay Spire)
    [​IMG] Grenade (use for Carpet Bomb)
    [​IMG] Thunder Stone (use for Shine Plasma)
    [​IMG] Water Bead (use for Deluge)

    Cavern Stone is a mix of the grind stone and a resized unused icon. Grenade is a recolored smoke bomb, yawn. Thunder Stone is a resized Jupiter Star set inside the thunder mine icon. Water bead is a shiny blue coin! XD

    I must say, I LOVE how the thunder stone turned out!

    [​IMG] Taint
    [​IMG] Poison

    Taint and Poison actually already exist in the games code. I just made icons for them. Used a skull and the mist psynergy.

    [​IMG] Sap
    [​IMG] Siphon

    Sap and Siphon are like poison and venom, but affect PP instead of HP. Combo of Mist and Sleep icons.

    [​IMG] Infect
    [​IMG] Disease

    Inflicts Disease and Plague, which act like poison, but to BOTH HP and PP. First used Mind Read and Thorny Grave, second used Mind Read and Condemn.

    [​IMG] Air Crash
    [​IMG] Comet Hail

    Made these for fun, didn't really try hard on them, so they're not all that good. Air Crash is Combo of Atalanta and Ragnarok. Comet Hail is a combo of Boreas and Ragnarok. Nothing really special, I guess it could be used for an EPA.

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