[Request] Saru Getchu ~On Air~ 2nd


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I watched the 1st season of Saru Getchu ~On Air~ that DATS subbed and I just wanna say thank you.
But I hope this isn't too much but, could you please sub the second season of Saru Getchu ~On Air~?
If only I know Japanese, I would've subbed it myself... I really wanted to watch Saru Getchu in Japanese with English subs...
I don't mind waiting, and the subs would be highly appreciated!
Thanks :D


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I kinda had a PMS moment with Nyarumi, the translator. I fired her and was an ass. >_> I haven't heard from her since, but if you could get ahold of her, she might be willing to help out.


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Oh... Sorry to hear that. D:
I just hope she subs the second season because there are a lot of people ( and I mean a lot of people D: ) out there who want to watch it with subs!! D: