[Req] Pokemon AG/DP Raws, & Yu-Gi-Oh GX Raws?

Discussion in 'Press Room' started by hikaarii, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. hikaarii

    hikaarii New Member

    [Req] Pokemon AG/DP Raws, & Yu-Gi-Oh GX Raws?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find Pokemon Advanced Generation raws, for all the episodes? As well as Pokemon Diamond & Pearl raws for Episodes 46-76 (I have all of the others)? I can't seem to find these episodes raw anywhere :( Yu-Gi-Oh GX raws would be nice too, I have been having so much trouble finding high quality raws (in .avi format) for these three series, so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find them.

    Katsuko's Pokemon site, (as well as Latias Garden which had the same list?) used to have all of the AG/DP raws, but almost -all- the Megaupload links were deleted and I think Katsuko's Pokemon page on the site was deleted too... So I wasn't able to get any Pokemon episodes there :(

    Yu-Gi-Oh GX, I can't seem to find HQ raws anywhere, either?

    Anyway, if anyone knows where I can find the raws for Pokemon Advanced Generation, Diamond & Pearl Eps. 46-76 and Yu-Gi-Oh GX, please let me know :) Thanks!!
  2. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    Well, I have a few AG Raws and I have all DP raws from 1-103.

    For GX, I have every episode (not all HQ though). You can get them off of NebsTV. (Link - just go to the archive).
  3. hikaarii

    hikaarii New Member

    For Yu-Gi-Oh GX I knew about Nebs' site, but I'm looking for HQ .avi files and on Nebs the files are either LQ, or .wmv's?, :( but thanks anyway :)

    Which AG raws do you have, (just wondering)? Also, would it be possible to upload the raws for Diamond & Pearl Eps. 46-76? I have all of the rest, but after the links went down at Katsuko's I was unable to find those other episodes (as well as the Advanced Generation eps) after my computer crashed, and I lost all the episode files. So I was wondering if there was a place I could download the raws from to get them back. :)
  4. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    I really don't know what to tell you about GX then. Nebs is where I got all of mine. Unless you want to wait for a long time on Janime to access the Download Forum, I don't have anymore suggestions.

    I really don't have much of AG, but I have 4, 22, 25, 27, 30, 39, 45, 70, 85, 97, 98, 100, 107, 109, 110, 146, 147, 150, 162, 166, 169, 170, 172-173, 177, 179, and 191. (FYI, if you check Bulbapedia's episode list, anything 101+ for me is one higher; I do count the banned episode: 101 - Shaking Island Battle! Dojoach & Namazun!!)

    I can get the MU links here soon. May take a while though.
  5. hikaarii

    hikaarii New Member

    Aw, that's ok about the GX raws, but I was hoping there was a place I could get HQ raws besides Janime's :( I don't mind posting a couple of times to get access on forums, but 500 posts or whatever it is there, is a bit much! ^^; But thanks anyway!

    For AG, I would be grateful if the raws for Episodes 4, 45, 97, 98, 146, 147, 150, and 191 could be uploaded ^_^ And there was a banned episode? I'd like to see that one too if there is, lol? I had no idea there was a banned AG ep. XD;

    And to have DP Eps 46-76 would be great too, I have all of the others already, so those are the only episodes I need. ^_^ Thank you so much if you can upload these! (And I don't mind waiting either ^^)
  6. jpwong

    jpwong Member

    This probably doesn't help at all, but there is(was?) someone in #PocketMonsters who has every single Advanced Generation video on their fileserver bar for the unairred episode Voltanis mentioned and the AG recap episode.

    If my ISP didn't have a stupidly low bandwith cap in place I'd help out since I have pretty much all of AG.
  7. Vande

    Vande Active Member Evil Incarnate?

  8. TennisLord94

    TennisLord94 Member

    When did katsuko's site get shut down? I just went to look and it wasn't there :(

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