Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes!


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I haven't watched Pokemon since like... I think Advanced Challenge, or whatever that season was before Battle Frontier. So, I'm actually interested to see if I can tolerate this one. I got super-excited thinking that Ash and Pikachu weren't going to be in this one, and the butler kid was going to be the lead with the dark-skinned girl. Unfortunately, that's not the case anymore, but I'll try it out anyway.

Also, I'm expecting lots of Smugleaf in this season, so yeah, I'll be watching it for him. Hopefully his in-show personality will be the same as everyone's been speculating.


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I'm digging the improvements as well... everything looks good at the moment.

For once, Team Rocket doesn't seem like complete failures.

A nice 'reboot' of the series, I think.


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I understood no more than seven words from the first episode. Satoshi looks so small and his shoe size is probably a 5. He looks younger than he did in the first series, fer sure.

I'm somewhat disappointed he didn't get the grass starter. The other kid is snotty. Why can there be a decent rival for once?