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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Dash, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Special BBCodes

    Here's a listing of the other BBCodes that we offer here on DATS.

    The standard ones that XenForo offers are listed on this page, so what you see here is additional to those.

    Special Features

    HTML5 Audio

    Allows you to link to an MP3 file and have it playable in the browser. Do not include http:// in the URL, otherwise it'll break it.
    [audio]URL (without http://)[/audio]


    Allows you to float something on the right or the left. Images or whatnot.

    Right now, my avatar is floating to the left of this section. :)

    You can have it float either left or right.

    Image Width

    If you want to set a certain width for your image. Any width will work, bigger or smaller than your image.

    Do not include http:// in the URL, otherwise it won't work.

    [imgw=300]URL (without http://)[/imgw]

    Font Effects

    The BBCode is listed with the effect it gives

    sub (subscript)
    sup (superscript)


    This one is "spoilbox"

    Show Spoiler
    This one is "spoiler"


    We have both heading 1 and 2 available under [h1] and [h2], as well as an underlined version (as seen in this thread) with [h1u] and [h2u]


    If you can do it somewhere else, odds are we can do it here, so feel free to request new BBCodes. :)
  2. powerunlimited

    powerunlimited ~regular guy~

    doesn't float for me using Google Chrome(21.0.1180.89)
    broken ?? or is it my PC's problem?

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