OSS Release + Info


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OSS Release + Info

So OSS is out now, and from what I've played and heard, here's the lowdown:

-Up to Elecman, the game is identical save a shopkeeper who sells chips in exchange for minigame points.
-After Elecman, the Clockman scenario starts.

Lan gets the call from Mayl about Roll being kidnapped and rushes over. He jacks into the net through the piano and Megaman.exe finds Geo in Internet 1. Geo doesn't seem interested in Megaman and fires a few warning shots before leaving. Megaman is suspicious and follows Geo, eventually ending up outside a time portal. They fight, and Megaman heads through the portal and ends up in Clockman's stage, but is trapped. Geo pulses out and explains the situation to Lan, and the two manage to free Megaman. After a bit of running around to find key data, the duo make it to Clockman, who goes on about his evil plan for a while (disclaimer: I have no idea what it is, not speaking Japanese) and attacks. After defeating him, Geo and Sonia are reunited and decide to leave, but Geo leaves a program for Megaman and a Battle Chip.

-While playing as Geo in the Clockman scenario, the "L" button talks to him, Omega-xis, or Megaman.exe depending on the situation.
-During and after the Clockman scenario, you can switch between the two by going to Megaman's status screen. After the Clockman scenario though, Geo only appears in battle and not the overworld.
-You can have conversations with Geo and Omega-xis by tapping a little Geo icon on the bottom screen, even after the Clockman scenario.
-While playing as Geo, battle music shifts to SF1's battle theme and the boss music shifts to SF2's boss theme.
-As far as we know that's pretty much it for new content, unless the postgame is expanded. There's a Clockman series of chips and a Rogue chip, but the Rogue chip is event-only.


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Ooh, sounds fun. =O

*currently playing the original, getting frustrated* Man, I forgot how bad the mechanics were in this one. But it's the start of course, not perfect. =/


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Final notes on the game:

-The ending's slightly longer, with an extra scene of Geo and Sonia returning home.
-Getting 100% completion and beating the game will cause Bass to change to BassSP, who has 1500 health and better attacks.

That's pretty much it; it's really a straight port of BN1 through and through.

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Where can you buy this game online? I really want to know(anxious to play it, I don't care if it's in anoter language) and when do think it will realease in the U.S? Also, is this easier to play than original BN1?


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So, where is it that we should expect to run into SSRockman's Ghost data?


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Role;127884 said:
So, where is it that we should expect to run into SSRockman's Ghost data?

Doesn't exist, as far as I know. He's a one-time boss with no advanced forms.