New 'major' title to be announced May 10th

Discussion in 'Pocket Monsters' started by GSR, May 2, 2009.

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  1. GSR

    GSR That one guy

  2. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    Gold Silver remake it is...

    Pokemon Snap 2 would be killer on the Wii though...
  3. Kage

    Kage THE all-high-and-mighty

    Please Gold Silver remakes please.
  4. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    Which do I want more? GEN 5!!! New Pokemon FTW!! I was speculating what type combos could be in Gen 5 with a friend, and I was thinking that Electric/Psychic and other new combos would be interesting. Plus, if they wait for a Gen 2 remake, they could incorporate Gen 5 Pokemon into the games which could make them even more fun.
  5. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    I'd personally want gen 2 remakes.
  6. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    All Signs point to Remakes of
  7. Kage

    Kage THE all-high-and-mighty

    Seriously Gen2 please. twt

    If they make a gen 5 I really want something new. Like more pokemon moves. something to follow you. More of the older pokemon too.
  8. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    considering that each gen is corresponds to a generation of the nintendo handheld consoles... i think it won't be gen 5.

    Unless they announce the next console at the same time (or before).

    I'm all for G/S Remakes.
  9. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    Well, G/S were for the GBC, which was the same system that Yellow was for, so that may not be true...
  10. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

  11. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    This is probably the lamest way to say it but... the boxart for yellow says GameBoy, the boxart for G/S says GameBoyColor.

    Though I admit Yellow was in color.

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