NEW Digimon Adventure series in April!!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited for a pseudo-reboot of Adventure?

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After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

The year is 2020. Networks have become essential to life within the world of humans. But the humans aren't aware...
That beyond the Network lies an infinite world; The Digital World and the Digimon that live within it...
Huge issues have made their way into the Networks in heart of the metropolitan area. Everything from the traffic lights to electric signs are in utter chaos. The news claim it's cyber terrorism.

Our main character is the 5th grader living in a large apparment building on the outskirts of Tokyo called Yagami Taichi. He was home alone to prepare for the summer camp that weekend when his mother and sister Hikari had become stuck inside a train cart in Shibuya. To save his mother and sister, Taichi rushed to Shibuya, however... When he arrived at the train station...
Weird phenomena sent him to the Digital World! Meeting their partner Digimon, the children have to face a yet unknown adventure!


Image and blurb credit to WithTheWill members MarcFBR and AliceKaninchenbau


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Yes and no... They better do the original justice or they shall burn :rage:

More excited about the 21 year movie... Though hope that's good too. Either way, new Digimon stuff in general is always a good thing... Unless it's Applimon... Then they can keep that crap.


After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!
Probably the most basic and straightforward a Digimon series premiere has ever been, but still interesting.

SUPER disappointed there was no Digimon Analyzer, though. I had to Google just to learn what the evil Digimon Agumon fought were called!