Metal Fight Beyblade

Discussion in 'Rec Room' started by Galaxy Limit B, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Galaxy Limit B

    Galaxy Limit B Ghostmemba

    Metal Fight Beyblade

    Anyone else watch it via livestream? If not, I'm sure there'll be torrents somewhere in a couple of hours.

    I couldn't understand what they were saying, but it's not like shonen series are hard to follow. The ED is amazing, while the OP is just meh. Hopefully, someone will pick it up to sub eventually.
  2. Zanon

    Zanon New Member

    Oh, I'm sure someone will. ;)
  3. Cave

    Cave New Member

    I'm watching the raws for it. Apparently my Japanese is good enough to keep up with the gist of what's going on. xD

    I actually loved the opening. BEYBLADE BEYBLADE METAL FIGHT!

    Kyouya's really cute. 8D I like how he doesn't button his pants. But his necklace of beyblades is cool. I need to make one someday. Guess I could use the broken beyblade I have.
  4. Kaji Motomiya

    Kaji Motomiya KAMEN RIDE: ZABEE!!

    I wanted to watch the series from the beginning when I found out there was this series, but it's hard to find subs on this stuff.

    But I found my old beyblade collection, specifically my favorite and most powerful Black Dranzer F. XD...or was it S...which one was the second version again?

    Is this series based off of the tinier metal versions of Beyblade?
  5. Kaitou_Yahiko

    Kaitou_Yahiko *Poke* Staff Member That Girl With the Hair

    Uh... Isn't Yuurisan subbing it? They have released up to episode 7.

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