Lulu's RP (LunamonZero)

Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by V-mon-X, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Lulu's RP (LunamonZero)

    -Magic is an art of mystery and wonder.-

    Lulu: Wow...

    -The City of Grandora is a haven for all magicians and spellcasters. Here, the school of magic is erected in order to teach selected Digimon the powers of sorcery...-

    -You saw a V-mon walking by you, he's wearing a silver robe that one could easily tell he learns magic.-

    Lulu: Excuse me...

    V-mon: Huh? Who are you?

    Lulu: Could you please tell me how to get into Magical Academy?

    V-mon: Uh...

    Lulu: Please? Please?

    -That V-mon looked a little troubled.-

    V-mon: Uhh... I have things to do, bye!

    -And so, he sped off...-

    Lulu: Phoey...

    -As the rumors flew around you, Magical Academy is incredibly difficult to get into.-

    Lulu: Digimon wearing robes...! And some with pointy hats...! Oh, I want to be like them...!

    -As you were walking to Magical Academy, you bumped into someone-

    Lulu: Whoops...! Sorry...!

    Voice: It's no problem.

    -You looked up. This Coronamon was wearing an sparkly ruby red coat.-

    Lulu: Wow...

    Coronamon: Are you okay?

    Lulu: Are you a Magician?

    Coronamon: Why, yes...

    Lulu: Wow! What kind of magic are you studying?

    Coronamon: Fire magic.

    -He looked at you kindly.-

    Coronamon: I'm Apollo.

    Lulu: Apollo! Pleased to meet you!

    Apollo: You seem enthusiastic.

    Lulu: Of course! I want to enter Magical Academy!

    Apollo: Hmm...

    -He thought for a while. He raised his hand a little and a ball of fire was floating above it.-

    Lulu: Wow...

    Apollo: Magic... is a wonderous thing.

    Lulu: I know...

    -In a flash, the ball of fire disappeared.-

    Apollo: Come on, follow me. I'll take you to the Academy's Registration Center.

    Lulu: Thanks!

    -Please distribute 25 stat points for Lulu-
  2. LunamonZero

    LunamonZero Lunamon Tamer

    STR 2
    INT 9
    DEX 4
    VIT 5
    AGI 5
  3. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    -Apollo led to into Magical Academy. The castle is actually made out of colorful magic crystals. Everyone in the academy wore a robe, except you. They looked at you rather awkwardly.-

    Apollo: Here it is!

    -The both of you stood before a large crystalline table. Behind the table was an Angemon dressed in white robes reading a pile of paper.-

    Apollo: Go on. Go to him.

    -You approached the crystalline table.-

    Angemon: Hi. Are you here to register?

    Lulu: Yes.

    Angemon: I see. What is your species?

    Lulu: Uhh... you can see me right?

    Apollo: *whispers* He's blind...

    Lulu: Oh...

    Angemon: Sorry... I can't you, so I have to ask.

    Lulu: I'm Lulu, a Lunamon. I'm 2 Digi-years old. Female.

    Angemon: Very good. Lunamon are very good with Dark Magic.

    Lulu: Huh?

    Angemon: What kind of magic would you like to learn?

    -You have several options-

  4. LunamonZero

    LunamonZero Lunamon Tamer

  5. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    -Do you confirm the type you want to learn? You CANNOT change later in the game-
  6. LunamonZero

    LunamonZero Lunamon Tamer

    (Well i was wondering, he did say something about Dark Magic, if something like that is a opinion then I'll take it) but if not, yeah I think I'll keep Ice :p
  7. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Angemon: Ice, hmm? Okay, do you see doors behind me?

    Lulu: Yes.

    Angemon: Go to one of those doors. It should say "Ice".

    -You took a step forward.-

    Angemon: Also... please don't go into the wrong room. Some rooms are only accessible for staff and students who have a high magic level. Don't want you dead here...

    Lulu: Don't worry. I won't.

    -You went behind Angemon and you saw many doors. Each door was painted a different color. There were some doors which had sign boards of words you don't even know-

    Which door will you go?

  8. LunamonZero

    LunamonZero Lunamon Tamer

    Lulu: well i dont want to end up died *walks toward the door marked ice*

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