Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry)

Discussion in 'Rec Room' started by Kazemon15, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry)

    Anyone seen this? I saw the first DVD for rent and I said..what the heck? *rents it* I saw some clips on youtube too plus some music videos...O_O I must say....it's defaintly not a kid's anime, that's for sure. But the story seems different than anything I've seen before.

    Plus, as I watched the eps on DVD in Japanese, I realized, the main character has Masaru's voice! lol.
  2. Paradise_Lost

    Paradise_Lost New Member

    Just started watching. Can't say much....I've only seen the first episode. I heard it's good.
  3. digiboy123

    digiboy123 Sub Editor & RAW Scan Provider Purdy Thing

    Yeah, I've seen it all. It's a very interesting show, by far. Plus the opening theme is addictive.

    I don't normally buy English anime on DVD, when I've seen the Japanese version, but I bought the first DVD with artbox. That says something from me. I'm not saying it's the best anime out there, it's just... I have to have it. @.@;

    And right, Kazemon15, it's not a kid's show. The faint-hearted shouldn't watch it and neither should the squeamish. I've heard from some that it's the scariest anime they've ever watched. The main reason why I watched it. ^^; I like the scary stuff. But this is not really scary in my opinion. It's more on the lines of... psychological horror with a dash of realistic torture and fantasy.

    One of a kind, that it is.
  4. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    lol yeah, I love scary stuff too...so when I saw AMVs of it, I wanted to see it. Even me, who usually watches scary movies with a bored face was getting freaked out by these girls...[THEY'RE CRAZY! O_O] That laugh....it's horribly creepy. I would go insane too, poor Keiichi...

    Oh I found the anime through this video...it's a comedy video and it made me laugh so hard...even though it's a horror anime..he made the anime seem so funny.


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