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Discussion in 'Digimon' started by Seraphimon-T.K., Jun 7, 2008.

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Do you want "special guests*" to help Ryo before the main Chosen Children appears?

  1. Yes! It will be fun... :D

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  2. Noo~! :( They will ruin the story!!!

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  3. I dont know >.<

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  1. Nemomon

    Nemomon <b>Gaming Freak</b><br>Chip Library Evo

    Better not, better not...
  2. kaizer

    kaizer Kaizer kun

    ummm this is the first ive heard of this ^^; is there a link?
  3. Vande

    Vande Active Member Evil Incarnate?

    Go to the DATS release area and you'll find it.
  4. kaizer

    kaizer Kaizer kun

    arigatou! ^^
  5. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    The chapter 1 download link is in the first post now:p I hope it will help if some people search for it :D
  6. Vicious

    Vicious New Member

    This project is a master piece so far!

    However, i hope you dont start putting in random characters that have nothing to do with the orginal story, you should make this canon as possible. So people wont get confused. I think taichi from V-Tamer would be ok in your comic. Since they already meant in V-Tamer.

    I cant wait for any upcoming battles, hopefully you make them as powerful as they should be.:D
  7. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    Thanks :)

    We decide that if i want to add other characters i'll do a special version (like in V-tamer),other than that i will follow the main story from the video game... As for the battles i'll do my best:D I think the colors will help me to make them powerfull :D

    PS: as i said,the second chapter will take awhile....:(
  8. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    the next chapter from my first web-manga :p it will take MUCH longer to be finished. The problem is my PC...It keeps restarting and going off like every 15-30 minutes...I cant work that way :mad:

    I dont know if i'll come up with another plan (i have to go for vacations too this month :p)...
    I wanted to release the 2nd chapter before i leave from my home but i guess my pc had other plans too XP
  9. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    Hmm... Its almost a year since i've done something for that project... Sorry for that. But i couldnt find any free time this year to continue! Summer is coming! So i'll have more time to finish it!!

    Until that day, i've made something else that maybe some of you will like to see ;)
  10. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    You are planning to turn "Natsu e no Tobira" into a comic? That would be great.
    Problem I see is that we don't know how Na-Chan looks like. Okay, her humanoid forms probably resembles Hikari, but otherwise?

    I also wonder what it is with all People who take on this cover giving Mimi a larger chest...
  11. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    Since its more interesting (familiar characters etc) i think i'll make manga/comic from it. I still have the draws for the Ryo manga XD so when i'll finish 1 or 2 chapters with Ryo i'll start the natsu e no tobira... As Nat-chan beast form, i have some ideas based on the little info from the drama cd.. ;)
    ahahah~! And i wanted to make them slightly bigger than that... I think its better that way XD Its a fan-manga after all :rolleyes:
  12. D1 Unit

    D1 Unit Digimon Refresher Unit

    Yeah, I agree too. I was listen up to this drama and love it. It's would be great if it's become something that you can really "see" it.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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