DP119: Clash! Manmoo VS Bossgodora!! & DP Special: Teach Me! Pocket Monsters!!

Discussion in 'Pocket Monsters' started by Volt, Feb 23, 2009.

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    DP119: Clash! Manmoo VS Bossgodora!! & DP Special: Teach Me! Pocket Monsters!!

    Source: Pokeani

    DP119: 激突!マンムーVSボスコドラ!!
    DP119: Gekitotsu! Manmuu VS Bosugodora!!
    DP119: Clash! Manmoo VS Bossgodora!!

    <strike>SP: 教えて!ポケットモンスター!!(仮)
    SP: Oshiete! Poketto Monsutaa!! (Kari)
    SP: Teach Me! Pocket Monsters!! (Tentative)</strike>

    ^Supposed to be DP120. Don't know the name, don't really care. It's a flashback episode that will probably be skipped in the US anyway (just like the other one was)

    These episodes will air on March 26, 2009 as a 1 Hour Special. There will be no new episode on March 19, 2009.

    Dub Names:

    Satoshi = Ash
    Hikari = Dawn
    Takeshi = Brock
    Pocchama = Piplup
    Manmoo = Mamoswine
    Musashi = Jesse
    Kojiro = James
    Nyass = Meowth
    Sonansu = Wobbufet
    Bossgodora = Aggron
    - If I need to add more, I will. Just comment or PM me.
    - Characters/Pokemon/Cities in BOLD indicate debuts.
    - If a Pokemon does not have any change in its name from Japanese to English, it will not have an "____=____" .

    Sorry for being late (I am sick). Discussion time: Manmoo seems like it is starting to respond to Hikari due to the Akebi Contest where it saw Hikari make a comeback from that contest and win. Do you think that it will finally listen to her in these episodes? The first one seems like Manmoo will suffer a defeat similar to Bouysel VS Goyou's Dootakun, and the second one seems like Hikari is going to learn how to control Manmoo. (Purely speculation on my part) What are all of your thoughts on these episodes?

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