Do you support the Ryuusei manga?


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Do you support the Ryuusei manga?

This kind person known as Digi in the Rockman community wants to know if anyone out there would like to have the five volumes of the Shooting Star Rockman manga. If not, she'll disperse to her close friends, so just say if you'd like it.


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5 volumes? ~ does this include the 2nd and or the 3rd series already? xD I thought there were only 4: 3 from the 1st, tribe gaiden for the 2nd and _______ haha. I only have the 3 from the wants the missing ones but I doubt you can send it to the Philippines wahahahaha~~~~~~~/o/

Give it to a hardcore fan ;) Prolly someone who dosn't have them all :)


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There's a Ryuusei manga?

Wow. I had no clue. And yet I still don't care... Never been a big fan of Ryuusei...

The Network timeline seemed to go downhill after 3... Kind sad. I'm hoping Ryuusei 3 has some replay value to it, at least...


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I don't need them anyway, so... dispersing to anyone is fine ^^
I've already seen some scans from the 1st and 2nd series and I kind of disliked them (the art was pretty ... horrible =.=", I think). However, the 3rd series is quite good (the art is cool, but the story is too short, 2 chapters only -.-). If anyone need those 2 chapters of the 3rd series, then tell me, I'll find and send to you.


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RnR Manga? Hmmm... i ever got some chapters, RAW though, so i got a hard time of reading it <_<
But the first 2 RnR Mangas which was made by Itagaki Masaya are so hilarious and i so like it ^^
Too bad that the RnR 3 Mangas, made by Takamisaki Ryou only has 2 chaps