Digimon V-Pet for PC!!!


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Digimon V-Pet for PC!!!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share with you guys the digimon v-pet I've been working on these few months. Although I would call the game "finished", updates may still come regarding to any possible bugs/crashes or new game content(if I find time to add any). I used the most traditional 16x16 sized LCD sprites, since they are easier to draw and they somewhat look nicer than those larger versions(Seriously, I personally think that most of those large LCDs are HORRIBLE).

I've included many digimon that didn't actually appear in the original/pendulum v-pet series cause I think that will bring more fun to the game. The battle system is rather simple, though, since I am a noob in those "computer-connection" stuff, but it's better than nothing in my opinion Grin. And ya, I made this game using Game Maker 7.0 Pro, which is an amazing software making programming noobs like me still be able to make decent games.

Instructions are built-in. Just press F1 during game to read it. It includes all the instructions you need the progress through the game, including evolution paths. Please read it before you play. So....enjoy! Tongue
(And ya you're right.. I'm too lazy to post any screenshots Cool)



Loading screen...


Main Menu....


My Digimon!


Training options..


During 'attack' training

For more information and to download DMPC please go to the DMPC group on FB:


*DMPC is a new program and will be updated frequently! New things will be added to it to make it an awesome PC V-Pet! Any further update info and version download will be at the link! Your recommended to join DMPC group! Members will receive critical updates on DMPC!


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Oh wow, I remember playing some kind of v-pet "emulator" on the PC like 10 years ago, but of course it was pretty simplistic and probably I think used the original tamagotchi sprites. XD~ I like this project :D


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Splash;91714 said:
Oh wow, I remember playing some kind of v-pet "emulator" on the PC like 10 years ago, but of course it was pretty simplistic and probably I think used the original tamagotchi sprites. XD~ I like this project :D

Hahaha thanks! Well have you downloaded and try it yet? It's a 'advanced' version of the 1998 digimon pet thought. =D Press 'F1' during the main window to access all the info and digimon evolution tree.

You could battle with other tamers too! =D Awesome huh? You just need to download Hamachi and join the network called 'Digimon PC' and password is '123'. Currently there are 22 tamers. The network was just created recently so yeah, hope to battle you soon!


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Wow, and now we will got digivice on PC? this one is really cool!!

So, it's can play online too, right? I really never heard about online-battle before. Really nice project. Keep up your good work! ^ ^


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Man, I've wanted a Digimon V-Pet for quite some time, and this is definitely the best (and only?) substitute I can possibly have, I'm not even sure if you can call this a 'substitute'. Great work!

The online battling sounds cool, too, but thus far, every single time I've tried joining the Hamachi network I get a message saying the network is full =/ Guess I've just gotta be patient.


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This is awesome i have the same problem as the dude above i try to join but it says full o well everything else is awesome dude good job ^^


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Hey you know that new cool v-pet for the pc can anyone send it to me via e-mail because my laptop has a filter and i cant get to the place to download it. Plus if you think ur being clever by posting and address that i already knowor dare contridict this by saying somthing as retarded as "How are you on the internet then" dont okay im just looking for help. Ill give you my Epmail after you have PM me:D:D