Digimon Journey

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    Digimon Journey

    Any of you from WtW may remember way back I posted this. This is an original Digimon Story I started and nearly finished. The story is about three middle school kids named Kevin, Sammy, and Alyssa who live out in the country of Central Michigan and are greeted by Digimon partners; Wizardmon, Sorcerymon, and Daggermon respectively. So take a look and tell me what you think!

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    Digimon Journey - 01

    Chapter 01 – In The Beginning, There Were Wizards​

    The rain was pouring down, beating down on the land of the Digital Plane. Wizardmon stood, his hat and cloak soaked from the downpour. As the lightning striked, it illuminated the darkness and Wizardmon could see the outline of another.

    “The wall is collapsing! What do you plan to do about it? We must do soemthing, Lord Seraphimon!”

    Seraphimon, Ultimate Level
    The highest ranking of the angel Digimon, he uses his golden wings to fly. He cleanses evil with his Seven Heavens Attack

    Wizardmon, Adult Level​

    This young magician calls thunder clouds with his incanations of fire and earth! His special attacks are Thunder Ball and Magical Game.

    “Wizardmon. You are misguided. We are going to do nothing. Once the wall falls, we will journey to the real world and take it over!” Wizardmon’s eyes widened.

    “What!?! You’re mad! I have no choice! Lord Seraphimon, I must stop you!” Seraphimon laughed.

    “Then your fate is sealed.” Wizardmon held up his staff.

    “Magical Game!” Lightning striked down on Seraphimon but he didn’t even flinch. “Heh.” Seraphimon held out his palms.

    “Seven Heavens!”

    Seven large glowing orbs appeared in front of him. All seven orbs fired at Wizardmon. Six of the seven flew past him but the last slammed right into Wizardmon. He fell over onto the ground, too injured to move. He felt he was on the verge of being deleted.

    “Poor Wizardmon. If only you wren’t so foolish. I’ll leave you to rot…” Seraphimon turned and dissapeared into the darkness.

    “Lord Seraphimon, what has become of you?”

    Another Digimon watched from afar. He had the same outline as Wizardmon. A white light appeared over Wizardmon and slowly started to descend onto his body.

    “Sweet light. Take me away…” The light engulfed Wizardmon. Just as it was about to go out, the other Digimon jumped into the light, just as it went out.

    Opening: Far-Off Promise
    “You and I walk down this lonley road. C’mon! Let’s go! Our journey awaits! Let’s reach for that blue sky and soar to the heavens together! Whatever happens, even if we are sperated, we promised to meet back here, where our dreams began. Wherever you may go, I know I’ll be there too. That’s for sure. We’ll go on together, even through a rough thunderstorm. So go on, let’s go! Our journey awaits! To that place where dreams become reality. I’ll take your hand, and we’ll go there. Together.

    The alarm clocked buzzed loudly on that nightstand. A hand reached out from under the blankets and turned it off. A boy crawled out of bed; he had fairly long brown hair for a boy. He was about 5’11 and was nothing but skin and bones. That boy’s name was Kevin; thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. Sunlight came through the window and hurt his brown eyes.

    “Good morning to you too, sun.” He said in a sarcastic tone. He sighed and put on some shorts. He walked downstairs to the living room and then into the kitchen.

    Kevin was in the middle of summer break. He was going into the seventh grade. He smelled the air and smiled.

    “Eggs and bacon. Smells delicious.” Said Kevin. A brown haired woman was standing in the kitchen wearing a business suit.

    “Kevin, eat up.” She said giving Kevin a plate of eggs and bacon as he sat down at the table.

    “So what’s on your agenda today?” She asked. “Dunno. Probably see what Sammy is up to. Mom, where’s dad?” His mother smiled.

    “He went to work and so am I.” She walked out the door without another word. Kevin showered and dressed himself.

    “Now what to do…” Kevin heard a knock at the front door. He anwsered it and found himself face to face with a boy the same heighth as Kevin. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was thin just like Kevin.

    “Hey Sammy.” Said Kevin. “Top of the mornin to ya, Kevin!” He replied. Kevin looked at the clock on the wall. “Sammy, its 12:30.”

    “Oh well. What are ya up to?”

    “Chores… wanna come?”


    They walked outside, the weather was suprisingly cool for summer. Kevin and Sammy lived in the country, in the state of Michigan. They lived next door to eachother, another girl of the same age lived across the road. But Kevin and Sammy never talked to her. Those three houses for the only houses for miles. They lived about twenty minutes from the nearest town. The boys worked on the chores for a good couple of hours. When they finally fnished, Sammy struck up an idea.

    “Hey Kevin. Let’s go to the ‘spot.’”

    The spot was a secret area the boys found in the woods behind their houses. What was back there was spectacular; it was a small waterfall.

    “Yeah, now there’s an idea! Let’s go!” Said Kevin, dropping the shovel he was leaning on.

    Something caught Kevin’s eyes in the woods and he looked around him. “What’s up?” Asked Sammy. “I thought I saw something there in the woods. Just my imagination though.” The boys walked down the path they made a few years back . They continued on, unaware that something was watching them. Finally, they arrived to the “spot.” They sat down close enough to see the waterfalling.

    “Help me…” Came a voice from the woods.

    “Who’s there!?!” Replied Kevin, standing up. A Digimon came out of the woods. It looked like Wizardmon but he was light blue and white. “Sorry to startle you. My name is Sorcerymon. My brother is injured, I need your help.” Kevin and Sammy exchanged looks and nodded. They follwoed Sorcerymon into the woods until they came to another Digimon; Wizardmon laying on the ground.

    “Who is that?” Asked Sammy.

    “This is my brother, Wizardmon. Please help him!” Replied Sorcerymon.

    Kevin walked up to Wizardmon and bent down. He touched his chest and a light appeared before Kevin. Wizardmon’s wounds healed and the light turned into an orange and black device. Another appeared before Sammy but it was Blue and White. Wizardmon stood up.

    “So it’s true then. We are partners with humans.” Said Wizardmon, watching Kevin.

    “I don’t mean to be rude,” Said Kevin “But what are you?”

    Wizardmon straightened himself up.

    “My friend, we are Digimon. We come from an alternate world called the Digital World. These devices you hold are your Digivice OXS. We come bearing bad news. The wall seperating the worlds is collapsing. We are governed by three celestio Digimon: Lord Seraphimon, Lady Ophanimon, and Lord Cherubimon. Latley, Lord Seraphimon has been acting funny. He wishes to take over your world once the wall collapses. He used to be a nice, caring, Digimon, but now… but we are here to prevent him from taking over.”

    Kevin looked up at the sky. “So you’re going against your leader? That’s…” Wiazrdmon stopped Kevin from speaking.

    “A Digimon is near.” Said Sorcerymon.

    Then a turtle Digimon with a spiked shell came into view.

    Tortomon, Adult Level.​

    His heavy, hard shell is super heavy weight class and can send out repeated attacks. His special attacks are Shell Phalanx and Ground Dash.​

    Sorcerymon, Adult Level​

    A wizard currently in training. He once looked after Seraphimon and his castle while he slept. His special attacks are Crystal Barrage and Aquarius Fill

    “Let us handle him! Magical Game!” Wizardmon fired lightning at Tortomon but didn’t do anything to him.

    “I will fight too, brother! Crystal Barrage!” Sorcerymon fired many pointed arrow heads from his staff, made of ice, at Tortomon. Tortomon shook it off and advanced on the kids.

    “Sorcerymon, his weak point is udnerneath him. We need to flip tortomon over!” Said Wizardmon. Sorcerymon nodded and jabbed his staff into the ground. “Crysta Barrage!” The crystals shot up out of the ground underneath Tortomon, knocking him onto his back.

    “Now! Thunder Ball! Magical Game!”

    Both attacks from Wizardmon hit Tortomon and he disntigrated into many bits of data. The data split into two streams and entered Kevin and Sammy’s Digivices.

    “So it seems Lord Seraphimon is sending minions to defeat us. The wall is weak so weaker Digimon can go through but he is too strong. It seems this won’t be out last battle.” Said Sorcerymon.

    “So, together we have to stop these Digimon? Wow. What a day.” Said Sammy. Kevin bent down to eye level with Wizardmon.

    “It’s good to be your partner, Wizardmon.” He said. Wizardmon’s eyes started to tear up.

    “It’s good to be you’re partner too…”
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    Digimon Journey - 02

    Chapter 02 – Alyssa’s Big Day. Defeat Gorillamon.​

    As the evening came, Kevin and Sammy went home for the night. Wizardmon and Sorcerymon watched over them as they slept. Across the street, a girl slept peacefully in her bed. Her computer sat idly in sleep mode with the monitor off. She rolled over, her back facing the computer. Suddenly, the monitor turned on by itself. The girl groaned and turned over, opening her eyes.

    “What’s going on?” She slowly got out of bed and walked up to the monitor. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. The girl, Alyssa, didn’t have her glasses on and couldn’t read the monitor. She mumbled something then hit the enter key. Something on the screen started to download.

    “Whatever.” She turned off the monitor and went back to sleep.


    Opening: Far-Off Promise
    “You and I walk down this lonley road. C’mon! Let’s go! Our journey awaits! Let’s reach for that blue sky and soar to the heavens together! Whatever happens, even if we are sperated, we promised to meet back here, where our dreams began. Wherever you may go, I know I’ll be there too. That’s for sure. We’ll go on together, even through a rough thunderstorm. So go on, let’s go! Our journey awaits! To that place where dreams become reality. I’ll take your hand, and we’ll go there. Together.

    Alyssa tossed and turned, trying to stay asleep, even though the sunlight was coming through her window. Finally she got up and shook her head.

    “Did I… dream that last night?” Said Alyssa.

    She turned on the monitor and saw a blinking ‘ok.’ She clicked it and a bright light filled the room. Alyssa felt a force knock her over onto her bed. The light vanished but she still felt weird. She had weight on her lap. She reached for her glasses on the nightstand and put them on. In front of her was a little creature. If she was to stand next to it the creture would come up to her knees. It was in the shape of a human but wearing a black yutaka. He also had two little daggers at his side. The creature was holding a pink and purple Digivice OXS.

    “What are you!?!” Alyssa asked. The creature smiled.

    “Don’t be afraid, Alyssa. We are destined for eachother. I am called a Digimon. My name is Daggermon, and we’re partners!”

    “Partners!?! How do you know my name!?!”

    “Like I said, you’re my partner and I’ve know about you for a very long time.”

    “Well then. Outside. My mom will flip if she sees you.”

    Alyssa snuck Daggermon outside; Daggermon started cutting up a log with his daggers. Alyssa watched, obviously bored.

    “As nice as this is, I need a shower. Do me a favor and stay out of site.” Said Alyssa, Daggermon nodding.

    Alyssa showered and dressed herself and returned outside to find Daggermon no where to be found.

    “Not too bad of a job…” Said Alyssa. Daggermon appeared behind Alyssa and surpised her.

    “Hi, Alyssa!” Alyssa sjumped.

    “Don’t do that, Daggermon!”

    Daggermon started cutting up logs and again, and again, Alyssa was bored.

    “Man, you’re just a bundle of energy aren’t you?” Said Alyssa sarcastically. Daggermon stopped suddenly and looked to the field behind Alyssa’s house.

    “What is it?” She asked.

    “I sense a presence; another Digimon!” Daggermon ran into the field and Alyssa followed. Daggermon stopped finally and stared at a Digimon in front of him. Alyssa finally caught up and pointed her nDigivice at the Digimon.

    Gorillamon, Adult Level​

    A Digimon meaner than mean, he has an aggressive attitude and uses his ‘Energy Canon’ attack to blow away his enemies.

    “Well that’s cool. This tells me about the enemy.” She pointed the Digivice to Daggermon.

    Daggermon, Child Level​

    A small energetic Digimon who loves combat. He attacks with his two daggers and defeats his enemies with his Double Strike attack.​

    “I will protect you, Alyssa! Double Strike!” Daggermon jumped up to Gorillamon and started swinging both daggers furiously. Gorillamon punched Daggermon while he was in mid-air, knocking him to the ground. Daggermon got up and attempted another attack. This time Gorillamon jumped back and charged his canon.

    “Energy Canon!” Gorillamon fired and hit Daggermon, knocking him to the ground, badly injured.

    “Daggermon!!!” Yelled Alyssa as her digivice started to glow. Gorillamon picked up Daggermon and started to squeeze him. Daggermon screamed from the pain.


    Alyssa held up her digivice, the words “Evolution” scrolled across the screen.


    Alyssa flipped open her digivice.


    A bright light came out of the digivice’s screen.

    “Daggermon, evolve!” Daggermon distigrated into many bits of data and reformed into a taller figure, the size of an average man. His face was covered so no one could see his face. He wore a suit of steel armor and carried a single broadsword on his back using two latches.


    Swordramon, Adult Level
    His identity is unknown. It it assumed he is a dragon type due to the Dra at the end of his name. He is an excellent warrior and fighter. With his sword of Desolation attack, he is unstoppable!

    “You, evil Digimon, will return to your beginning!” Said Swordramon.

    Gorillamon fired his energy canon again but Swordramon jumped out of the way of its pth and punched Gorillamon in the face. He then landed gracefully on the ground infront of Gorillamon. Swordramon then jumped in the air and spin kicked Gorillamon’s face. He landed back on the ground again. Gorillamon fired his canon again and again but Swordramon lept out of the way every time. The latches holding Swordramon’s sword unattached and his sword flew into his hands.

    “Sword of Desolation!” Swordramon swung his sword form left to right then up to down, making a cross made of energy. The cross hit Gorillamon and held him in place. Swordramon ran forward and impaled his sword through Gorillmon’s mid-section. Gorillamon howled then distigrated into Data bits. The bits of data formed a stream and flew across the road to Kevin and Sammy’s houses.

    “So that’s how it is. Digimon who die in the real world do not come back as digitamas.” Said Swordramon. Swordramon turned back into Daggermon and ran into Alyssa’s arms.

    “That was amazing, Daggermon!” Said Alyssa Daggermon, at a loss of words, smiled.


    There was a noise in the silent woods that night. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Went the noise of leaves and twigs being stepped on. Out in the darkness, something was prowling in the night.
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    So I'm guessing no more Mutators?
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    Digimon Journey - 03

    Chapter 03 – A Prowler in the Night. Dokugumon’s Web Trap.​

    Nightfall came, Alyssa and Daggermon slept in Alyssa’s room. Kevin sat on his bed and examined his digivice. He flipped it open and looked at Tortomon’s data. He noticed that it was now possible to view the next slot’s data. He did so and Gorillamon’s data came up.

    “Where did this come from?” He asked and shrugged. He turned off his light and went to sleep. Out in the woods, a deer drank from a stream that came from the waterfall. Suddenly, the deer got wrapped in a thick web. The silhouette of a giant spider took the webbed deer away to a cave on the side of the waterfall.

    Opening: Far-Off Promise
    “You and I walk down this lonley road. C’mon! Let’s go! Our journey awaits! Let’s reach for that blue sky and soar to the heavens together! Whatever happens, even if we are sperated, we promised to meet back here, where our dreams began. Wherever you may go, I know I’ll be there too. That’s for sure. We’ll go on together, even through a rough thunderstorm. So go on, let’s go! Our journey awaits! To that place where dreams become reality. I’ll take your hand, and we’ll go there. Together.

    Knock, knock, knock. Kevin groaned and kept sleeping. Knock, knock, knock. There it is again. Kevin groanded again but this time he opened his eyes. Something was outside his window. Kevin jumped suddenly and frightened.

    “Wh-Who’s Th-There!?!” He said. He heard a low whisper from the otherside of the window.

    “It’s me, Sammy. Open the window.” Kevin sat surprised for a moment then replied: “Sammy? What the hell are you doing here!?! It’s 1:30 in the morning!”

    Kevin opened the window, a breeze of cool wind flew inside the room.

    “There’s something odd going on…” Sammy held up his digivice. The small LCD was blinking and beeping.

    “So what? Your digvice is broken.” Said Kevin.

    “In case you haven’t noticed, yours is blinking too.”

    Kevin turned around, his digivice, on his nightstand, was too blinking and beeping. Kevin quickly ran over and grabbed it and made it stop beeping. Kevin returned to the window. He pressed a button and a map appeared on the inside screen. There was a red dot indicating a Digimon was nearby.

    “It’s coming from the woods. Let’s check it out.” Said Kevin, climbing out of the window. Sammy pointed to the woods.

    “In there!?!”

    “Yep. Hold on, I need some shoes.”

    Kevin hopped back into his room and put on a pair of shoes. Then he locked his bedroom door then hopped back out the window.

    “Let’s go.”

    Kevin and Sammy, still in their pajamas, went into the dark woods. Sammy pulled out a flashlight and clicked it on. There was nothing unsual to be found. Or so they thought. Something large ran behind them quickly. Sammy shot around to look but whatever it was, it was gone.

    “What was that?” Sammy asked.

    Then whatever was out there with them ran by them again from behind. Sammy shot back around to find nothing there once again.

    “I keep hearing things. Something is out there and its playing games with us.” Said Kevin. Then simotenously Kevin and Sammy were both tapped on the shoulders. They both jumped so hard, the flashlight flew out of Sammy’s hands and broke as it hit the ground. The only light now was the little moonlight that crept through the treetops.

    “What are you two doing here?” Kevin recognized the voice.

    “Wizardmon! And Sorcerymon!” He said.

    “We saw you two walk into the woods. What is going on?” Asked Sorcerymon.

    “Well,” Replied Kevin. “Our digivices say theres a Digimon in the woods.”

    Wizardmon looked around. “I sense no presence.”

    Then Wizardmon suddenly turned around. “And now I do.”

    Suddenly, many large spiders the size of basketballs came after Kevin and Sammy.

    “Crystal Barrage!” Sorcerymon fired the arrowhead crystals at the spiders but only destroying a small batch of them.

    “They’re coming from behind too!” Said Sammy.

    “Magical Game!” Thudnerbolts struck the spiders but more came. In a matter of seconds, they were completely surrounded on all sides.

    “Now what!?!” Asked Sammy.

    Kevin remembered the data he saw on his digivice. He flipped it open and examined it. Words scrolled across the screen.

    “Morph… Evolution…” Kevin looked towards Sammy.

    “Sammy! Use the Morph Evolution from your digivice!” Sammy nodded. Kevin highlighted Tortomon’s data and pressed a green button.

    “Morph Evolution! Tortomon’s shell, transform!” Said Kevin holding out his digivice.

    Data poured out of the digivice and Tortomon’s shell formed onto Wizardmon’s back. The weight from the shell made him fall to his knees. Wizardmon grinned.

    “Shell Phalanx!” Wizardmon fired the spikes from Tortomon’s shell all around him, defeating every small spider. The shell distigrated.

    “What were those?” Asked Kevin.

    “…Offspring.” Replied Wizardmon.

    “From what? A mutated spider!?!” Asked Sammy.

    “From Dokugumon.” Sorcerymon anwsered.

    Then the kids heard footsteps behind them. A giant spider fired its web string at Kevin.

    “Look out!” Wizardmon jumped in the way and got wrapped up in the spider’s web.

    “Wiazrdmon!” Yelled Kevin.

    Dokugumon, Adult Level
    This fearsome Digimon corrodes everything! She melts anything she touches! She uses her Stinger Pollation attack to poison her enemies.

    “Try to get Wizardmon out, I’ll distract her! Aquarius Fill!” Sorcerymon fired a blue ball of energy at Dokugumon making her stop breifly. Sorcerymon jumped over Dokugumon.

    “Crystal Barrage!” Sorcerymon fired as he flew over the giant spider.

    “Morph Evolution! Tortomon’s shell, transform!” Said Kevin. The shell appeared again and ripped right through the web.

    “Let’s try this. Morph Evolution! Gorillamon’s arm canon, transform!” Said Sammy. Sorcerymon’s free arm turned into Gorillamon’s canon.

    “Attack together! Energy Canon!” Said Sorcerymon.

    “Shell Phalanx!” Said Wizardmon. Both attacks nailed Dokugumon, making her distigrate into data bits and go into Kevin and Sammy’s digivices.

    “Nice!” said Kevin. The morphed parts turned back into normal. Sammy gave out a long yawn and stretched.

    “Let’s go home, I’m exhausted.” He said.

    Wizardmon and Sorcerymon dissappeared and Kevin and Sammy went home. Kevin climbed back into his room via the window. He climbed into bed and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. The sun was starting to come up but he wasn’t about to wake up. Kevin was going to sleep in. After all, it was summer break.
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    Digimon Journey - 04

    Chapter 04 – The Trees Come Alive. Woodmon’s Beckoning.​

    Alyssa woke up early the next mprning. The alarm clock read 9:23 a.m. She sat up and looked down to the floor and saw Daggermon sleeping against her bed. She smiled and got up to go shower. When she got back to her room, Daggermon was awake but looked bored.

    “Come on, Daggermon. We have chores to do today.” Said Alyssa. Daggermon looked puzzled.

    “Chores? What are chores?”

    Opening: Far-Off Promise
    “You and I walk down this lonley road. C’mon! Let’s go! Our journey awaits! Let’s reach for that blue sky and soar to the heavens together! Whatever happens, even if we are sperated, we promised to meet back here, where our dreams began. Wherever you may go, I know I’ll be there too. That’s for sure. We’ll go on together, even through a rough thunderstorm. So go on, let’s go! Our journey awaits! To that place where dreams become reality. I’ll take your hand, and we’ll go there. Together.

    Alyssa opened the front door and felt the warmth form outside.

    “Figures. My day to do chores and its hot. Let’s get this over with.” She said.

    Alyssa had two sisters, one older than her, and one younger than her. They each took days out of the week to do chores. She and Daggermon started on cleaning thr shed and storage supplies. Daggermon looked out to the open field behind the house.

    “What’re you looking at, Daggermon?”

    “Nothing. Just taking a break.”

    Daggermon walked off and Alyssa watched the field. She remembered playing in the field when she was little and being yelled at by her mom not to play out there. But her most recent memory is her first encounter with an enemy Digimon. She sighed and continued to do her chores. Out on the dirt road between the kid’s houses, Alyssa’s dad was coming back from town. While driving, a leafless tree walked out in front of him.

    “What the hell is that!?!” He exclaimed as he hit the breaks.

    He stopped suddenly and passed out from the shock. The tree crossed the road and went into the woods. Alyssa’s dad woke up and shook his head.

    “What was that?” He shook his head again and continued home.

    Alyssa stopped to take a breather and looked at her watch.

    “All right. Time for lunch.” She said. Alyssa went to her room and opened her window. Daggermon hopped inside and sat next to some dolls.

    “I’ll be back with some food.” Daggermon nodded and smiled. Alyssa walked into the kitchen and washed her hands. As she opened the refridgerator door, her dad walked through the front door.

    “Hi dad!” Said Alyssa as she walked into the living room.

    Her expression changed as she saw what her dad looked like. Her mom came in next with her sisters. Her mom sat down on the couch.

    “Frank, what on Earth happened to you!?!” He sat down next to her.

    He looked confused, like he just woke up from a strange dream. Alyssa returned to the kitchen to make sandwiches and listened at the same time.

    “It was crazy, Molly. I was driving home down the ole dirt road when this tree walked out in front of me.” He said.

    “A tree?” Said Alyssa’s oldest sister, Paige.

    “Sounds weird…” Said her youngest sister, Jessie.

    “Yes, it was a tree. I think I passed out. When I woke up, it was gone.” Said Frank.

    Alyssa finished making two sandwiches and snuck back to her room. She opened the door and walked in.

    “Daggermon, I think something weird is going…” She stopped and realized Daggermon was gone and the window, wide open.

    “Daggermon!?!” She put down the food and went to the window.

    “Daggermon! Where are you!?!” She climbed out of the window and looked around frantically. She found him in the field looking around. She ran up to him.

    “What’re you doing out here!?!” Daggermon looked up at Alyssa.

    “Something called me out here.”

    “Just don’t ever do that again, okay?”


    As they turned to leave, something tried to strike Alyssa but Daggermon knocked her over and out of the way.

    “What was that?” She said. She got up and Daggermon looked around.

    “It was… Woodmon.” He said.

    Alyssa thought back and remembered what her dad had said earlier:

    “It was crazy, Molly. I was driving home dow the ole dirt road when this tree walked out in front of me.”

    Alyssa came back to reality.

    “Where is he?” She asked.

    “Woodmon! Show yourself!” Called out Daggermon.

    Then before Alyssa’s eyes, a tree walked out into the open. Alyssa held up her digivice.

    Woodmon, Adult Level.

    This forest hunter silently lies in wait to suck your energy! It’s Woody Smash is beyond deadly.

    Daggermon ran up to Woodmon and struck it with his dagger. The dagger didn’t even penetrate the bark.

    “Double Strike!” Daggermon attempted hitting with both daggers but still nothing.

    “Woody Smash!” Woodmon hit Daggermon with his big tree trunk arm. Daggermon flew back into Alyssa.

    “Daggermon, you’ve got to evolve! Let’s go! You can do it!” Ssaid Alyssa.

    Daggermon ran back up to the fight. The words ‘Evolution’ scrolled across the screen of Alyssa’s digivice.

    “Evolution!” Alyssa spun around and opened her digivice. “Shine!”

    “Daggermon, evolve!” Daggermon became Swordramon once again. “Swordramon!”

    Swordramon jumped into the air, in front of Woodmon. “Zeta Punch!” He punched Woodmon between the eyes. The force of the attack sent Woodmon flying onto his back. Swordramon landed gracefully on his feet. Woodmon, filled with anger, got back up.

    “Woody Smash!” Woodmon exteneded his arms at Swordramon. Swordramon did not move. The latches holding his sword unattached and his sword flew into his hands. The left arm came first. Swordramon ducked, crouched on the ground. He swung upward and cut Woodmon’s arm off. Then he jumped to the left and cut the right arm off as it flew by him. Swordramon stood up and looked towards the armless Woodmon.

    “Your time is up. Sword of Desolation!” Swordramon swung his sword and created the energy cross. He fired the cross and it held Woodmon. Then he impaled his sword where the lines of energy crossover. He tossed Woodmon into the air. As he came down, Swordramon jumped up and held out hi sword. He spun around and cut Woodmon as he came down. Woodmon hit the ground in four pieces and distigrated.

    The data flew across the road again. Swordramon landed on the ground and turned back into Daggermon.

    “That was awesome! You’re the best, Daggermon!” Said Alyssa.

    Even though Alyssa couldn’t see Daggermon’s face, she knew deep down he was blushing.

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