Digimon crest toy?


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Digimon crest toy?

I heard/read that there use to be a digimon toy of the original 8(might of been 7) Digimon crest that came with a tag is this true? If so does anyone know where i might be able to buy it along with the original digivice?


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There is such thing as the crest one.


No idea about buying them.


I have to say, as much as I drool over the Digimon section on Ebay, I have never seen one of those.


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Didn't want to make a whole new topic so i'll just ask here and hope someone can answer.

Does anyone know where i can buy the japanese digimon cards? and does anyone know of a translated book that teaches how to play it? XD


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Oh, cool. Did they have a little 'expansion pack' for Kindness, Miracles, and Fate?