DATS will continue to host RyRo sub of Pokemon Movies

Discussion in 'News' started by Ikuto, Nov 10, 2007.

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    DATS will continue to host RyRo sub of Pokemon Movies

    After analysis and listening to both sides, it has been determined by the DATS staff that there is not enough decent proof to determine that the movie's script was stolen by the Ryuu-Rogue staff.

    We do acknowledge that there are simularities, but there is a higher chance that they are simple coincidences.

    For example:
    Bubblebeam: Most sub groups normally put spaces between Bubble and beam. zhenlin has been very particular about not putting a space so it matches up with game move title. Also #pm chose to keep the #Excal style of using the Japanese names, locations and Pokemon while using the trademarked English moves for our subs. Other groups have generally gone all English or all Japanese terms for their subs.
    First off, I would personally write Bubblebeam as one word myself, and not to mention that:
    "Bubblebeam" produces 26,500 results on Google.
    "Bubble beam" produces 750.

    I would like to remind those of #PM that we, here at DATS, in our Advanced Generation episode 191 sub, did the same thing. This was pushed by our extremely knowledgable translator Pazuzu, who explained that commonly, the English name could be used as a very liberal translation of the attack.

    Kojiro: Similar to the Bubblebeam issue, #PM chose this romanization for his name. Nnt042 used that for #Excal's style and it has carried on since then. All groups use 'Kojirou' so it seems unlikely that another group would copy our romanization.
    For this, I reference the romanization that Serebii uses.

    In conclusion, DATS does not believe that RyRo stole the subtitles from #PocketMonsters, and will not remove the torrent from our tracker.

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