Best POKEMON Movie!

Discussion in 'Pocket Monsters' started by Hagaren Gao, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    Best POKEMON Movie!

    (yay for copying Kaz =D )

    You know the drill. We've all probablly seen at least one Pokemon movie. There's bound to be one that is your favorite, or at least you don't hate it as much as the others.

    My favorite would defenately be Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (Forgive me for not knowing the japanese names of the movies). I thought most of the movies in between this and 4 were pretty sub-par, but this Lucario came along. I like his story, but I might be biased because I like Lucario so much, heh.

    So? Your thoughts?
  2. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    I loved Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai! It had beautiful music and the story was brilliant. It was just an oveall beautiful movie. *goes to watch again*
  3. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    Mewtwo Strikes Back PWNS all other movies!

    And....COPYCAT! XDD
  4. Johnzaloog

    Johnzaloog DATS Yu-Gi-Oh! Official

    I have to agree with hagaren, Lucario was one of the better films, and it's very close between that and DvPvD but I have to say lucario one was best (I like lucario too)
  5. FlameStream

    FlameStream New Member

    Hadou no Yuusha Lucario, hands down. I wish most movies were of this calibre.
    The Mewtwo one is close second though.
    I can't really judge The Dialga vs. Palkia one yet since I haven't seen it.
  6. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    Yay for Lucario/Mewtwo tie!

    ::keeps it tied::
  7. digiboy123

    digiboy123 Sub Editor & RAW Scan Provider Purdy Thing

    Movie 1, hands down for me.
  8. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    I love Movie 5. >_> *huggles his Chinese bootleg DVD with horrible English subtitles <3*
  9. Draginkilzer

    Draginkilzer Gopen Nasai

    I like movie 10 the best.
  10. happycow

    happycow New Member

    where do you watch it at? I don't think it's even out yet.
  11. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    The dub will be on Cartoon Network sometime around the end of the month. Im eager to watch it, since it looks pretty epic. Plus Ash's voice sounds a lot better than it did last movie.
  12. Rein

    Rein The Mysterious Stranger

    The Power of One is the best. Zapados ftw.
  13. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    I downloaded the subbed version.
  14. GaustKaizer

    GaustKaizer Guest

    In JP it is out but in EN, it's tommorow

    The Rise of Darklie I think:confused:

    EDIT: I got it in RAW DVD rip about 700MB.
  15. Honza_N

    Honza_N New Member

    I love movies 10 (good to see Ash is not the only one to save the day and needs help not only from his Pokémon, but from Dawn and her Pokémon too. This feature I missed in last two movies), 7 (for the setting in Hi-Tech City, I can't help, and also for Tory and his fear of Pokémon), 5 (Ash finally get a girlfriend, shame it was actually a Pokémon :D) and 4 (for the story, Celebi (my most favorite legendary Pokémon) and for Oak Jr. (even though I hate dub for being too expressive on this issue)).
  16. Emi-hime

    Emi-hime <span style="color: deeppink;"><strong>#1 Subaru ♥

    #1, #2, and #5 have always been my favorites. I love them so much <3

    I saw Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai last night and it was really sweet. It made me like Darkrai a lot more. I just don't understand why his event was so evil in the game when he was so...nice in the movie. His game event freaked me out beyond words :/ And Cartoon Network killed the credit song which is always my favorite part of the movies (They are usually SO pretty and go with the melody used and stuff), so I was upset about that.
  17. Beo

    Beo Cheddar Cheese

    The Power Of One. Nothing beats Lugia for me.
  18. GaustKaizer

    GaustKaizer Guest

  19. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    I agree, Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai had awesome music.

    But I like Mewtwo Strikes Back the best. Satoshi dies! XD

    Then again, he comes back to life, too... stupid crying pokemon....
  20. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    1 and 8 were the movies that made me cry~ Well, 1 doesn't make me cry anymore, but back then it really had me going. ^^;; So those two are my favs :3

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