BBC (Best Best Combo)

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Aurora Supernal, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    Seeing as how those stop people from moving, I'm not surprized. I prefer to use Paralyze+ with stronger chips though. Perhaps throw in Cancer Bubble.
  2. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    Only problem though, unless you use bubble shot or something with paralyse, you can't use a card of your opponent’s weakness... It's a real pain.
  3. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    I have a new BC now!!!

    FireCrsh (Crsh as in Crush)

    AplloFlmSP 350
    Exti Meteor 90
    HeatGrnde 120
    DnceFire3 190
    Tot. Damage 930

    This one was really hard to get. I discovered fire cards cause the opponent to flinch and go invisible. I had to modify my folder with 3 ParalysePlus' and a ParalyseStage.

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