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Discussion in 'Press Room' started by Akaku, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

  2. Magna

    Magna New Member

    Thanks for uploading all of this stuff <3
  3. TennisLord94

    TennisLord94 Member

    You have helped me a ton. Thanks.
  4. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

    No problem.

    Does anyone have a requests, you guys can also ask. :3
  5. bun^ny

    bun^ny New Member

    Not sure if posting here is right or wrong but eps 89 mkv is a different file on Mizuiro-san's post. It says eps79 instead of eps 89. ^^

    Thankx for the avi version though. Saves me trouble to download via bittorrent. X)
  6. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

    Wah, thanks for spotting that~ :)

    And it's okay to post here, don't be afraid. :p


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