Zoids Episode 01 [DVD] (XviD) (h264)

Discussion in 'Fansub Release Announcements' started by Van, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Van

    Van <b>Zoids Release Bot</b>

    Episode 01 [DVD] (XviD) (h264)

    [DATS&Z-A] Zoids - 01 [XviD][4F3D4A37].avi
    File Size: 212.08MB
    Release Date: October 04, 2007
    Trigger: !zoids01x
    Torrent: Batch Torrent of Episodes 1-10

    [DATS Z-A] Zoids - 01 [h264][DE009CCB].mp4
    File Size: 150.06MB
    Release Date: October 04, 2007
    Trigger: !zoids01h
    Torrent: Batch Torrent of Episodes 1-10

    Translation: kakashipakkun
    RAW: Liger
    Karaoke: Scar, Koroku, & Kewy987
    Timing: zero_hunter & Scar
    Encoding: startreker & zero_hunter
    Editing: Picu316, Liger, Paracelsus, digiboy123, & Scar
    Typesetting: Scar
    Upscripting: Scar, Liger, Picu316, digiboy123, Kewy987, Koroku, Zelsius
    QC: [​IMG] digiboy123, conankudo4, Scar, Gojulas895, Koroku

    I don't think there is a single soul on the team that likes this episode anymore.

    But anyways, rest of you aren't on the team, so ENJOY THE DAMN EP OR SO HELP ME GOD... :)

    We'll be going at this at a semi-slow pace, so don't expect weekly releases or anything.
  2. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    Also, before someone asks

    'DATS & Zoids-Anime Presents' is perfectly correct :) DATS and Z-A IS ONE GROUP ;) for now anyway :D
    Show Spoiler
    (it won't be there in episode 2)
  3. digiboy123

    digiboy123 Sub Editor & RAW Scan Provider Purdy Thing

    I hope everyone enjoys this new series. We've put a lot of hard work in this first episode and the episodes we're currently working on.

  4. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

    First Episodes are always the hardest!

    What fonts should we use?
    What Encode Size?
    This encode was wrong?
    We missed a comma here?

    These were commonly used questions by us. =/

    Glad to see this out though. <333
  5. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    [DATS&Z-A] Zoids - 01 [XviD][4F3D4A37].avi
    [DATS Z-A] Zoids - 01 [h264][DE009CCB].mp4

    which one is correct? With or without the & ?
  6. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    The one with it... it's actually [DATS_Z-A] Zoids - 01 [h264][crc].mp4 and the _ = the &. Some systems can't handle the stupid &...

    Also, another error... the main font is for some reason, extremely small.. on Zoids02 it shall be fixed...
  7. Liger

    Liger Overlord of ZOIDS-Anime

    awwww small
  8. Zeal Knight

    Zeal Knight New Member

    Hurray!!! Greatness of all things.
  9. Lionessmon

    Lionessmon New Member

    Yay!! Zoids. Thanks guys
  10. SpiritBoy

    SpiritBoy New Member

    Er. There are like. 5 seasons for Zoids if I'm not mistaken, which one is it? :X
  11. Magna

    Magna New Member

    I would like a MU link for the h264 please~
    Thanks in advance to whoever can provide one <3

    * Magna interested in seeing this episode

  12. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    This is the original season of Zoids, which is simply called Zoids. :p The English name is Zoids Chaotic Century~

    And I'm uploading one for you Magna. ^^ Will edit when it's up.
  13. SpiritBoy

    SpiritBoy New Member

    Subs for CC?
  14. Guy950

    Guy950 New Member

    TNX. :-O
    I already seen this season.
  15. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

  16. silos

    silos Hellspawned Tiny Mecha

    To the "Team":

    In the words of P.G. "YOU ARE GODS" *insert overacted body expresions of worship*

    I never thought someone would do Zoids... and to think I almost got the dub version (very not good).
    THNX times infinity.

    Sign: Just a guy who likes Zoids.

    PS: Yes, I did just register in the forums to have the oportunity to thank you guys.
  17. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    Thank you :) And you just made my day...

    Look for more episodes soon~
  18. Liger

    Liger Overlord of ZOIDS-Anime

    well hope the ppl continue to enjoy it as it proceeds ;)
  19. Neophoton

    Neophoton Resident Lurker

    Dude... You guys know that I love you, right? I've been wanting to see Zoids subbed for the longest time, and now it's happening. First Digimon Tamers subbed, now this. It's like a dream come true.
  20. Zelsius

    Zelsius <b>Egosexual</b>

    Wow. I hadn't heard of Zoids before we started this project, but it seems to be very famous. I'm glad the reactions are so positive.

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