Wildermon's Profile Translating Thread

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    Wildermon's Profile Translating Thread

    I got permission from wildermon to post the profiles digimon dictionary from the official bandai digimon japanese that he translated.


    Agumon [Savers]
    A special breed of Agumon which bounds his arms with red leather belts, he is supposed to be a Rookie level that is completely different from a normal Agumon's conventional evolution. He is still growing, and his power is weak, but firm, sharp claws have grown on both his hands and feet, allowing him to demonstrate some powers in battle. His special attack is "Baby Flame", where he spits out a breath of flames from his mouth in order to attack the enemy. In addition, his "Baby Burner" attack allows him to store up his "Baby Flame" attack in his mouth and spit out at a stretch, giving him preeminent powers.

    Airdramon [Note: This is especially for you, Airdra!]
    A Phantom Beast type Digimon which grew huge wings. It is said that this very precious monster is close to being god-like in nature. He is good at attacking from the air, and creates storms and huge tornadoes by roaring and flapping his wings respectively. He does have a furious nature, but he also has high levels of intelligence. However, Tamers should be advised that it will be impossible at first to get him to obey you. His special attack is "Spinning Needle", which flaps his huge wings and generates a sharp vacuum blade.

    He is one of the Four Holy Beasts who protect all parts of the Digital World; he particulary protects the West and has the attribute of steel. He has continued to dominate over the West since mythical times, giving him a legendary existence and strength close to a god: all Four Holy Beasts share the same strength and existence. In addition, he is the youngest of the Four Holy Beasts, but is the more powerful. It is said that his immortality and great powers are produced by the twelve Digi-Cores around his body. Baihumon leads a neutral existence, but like Azulongmon, won't support anyone basically unless there is a dire emergency. His special attack is "Kongou", which emits a wave from his mouth that metallizes the enemy. The enemy's body soon rusts after the attack is preformed and it can't die until it rots away.

    An Amphibian type Digimon that walks on four pairs of legs. He is gentle and quiet usually, but should you anger Betamon, he will attack with "Electric Shock", which fires off an electric current of 1,000,000V or more from his body.

    A Chick type Digimon of which part of her wings developed into arms. She moves her wings skillfully in order to grab and hold onto things, but this means it is hard for her to fly in the sky. She usually lives on the ground, but when danger approaches, she flies into the sky and escapes. However, as her flight ability is at the same level as Patamon's, she regards him as her rival. She detests evolving into Kokatorimon, who is unable to fly in the sky; she dreams of evolving into Birdramon, who is able to fly across the sky gracefully. With a curious nature, she likes to peck at the heads of Tanemon. Her special attack is "Magical Fire", which uses illusionary flames.

    A newborn Digital Monster. Black downy hair have grown tightly on the surface of his slime-shaped body. Because he is a newborn, he cannot fight, but appears and threatens the enemy by producing bubbles.

    A foot soldier Digimon who is a member of the mechanized 'D-Brigade'. The 'D-Brigade' is a mechanized brigade consisting of draconic Cyborg type Digimon, and is a sort of Special Forces dedicated to completing missions that aren't determined by many, and are disclosed from public knowledge by most. The surface of Commandramon's body is covered in a special structure processing application, which allows it to judge nearby colours in real time, then displays the appropiate camouflage pattern. Therefore, it is said that most of his 'Targets' are destroyed without them knowing of Commandramon's prescense. His special attacks are "M16 Assassin", which fires bullets from his equipped Assault Rifle, and "DCD Bomb", which tosses out bomblets at the enemy.

    A Demon King type Digimon that leads many Demon Beast type Digimon and Fallen Angel type Digimon. Daemon was originally an Angel type Digimon who was particulary well-known for his high existence. However, in order to please his god (a human being whom perhaps created the Digital World), he led a rebellion against the good of the Digital World and was banished to the Dark Area (a graveyard where all erased data go), where he became his current form. His team, the Seven Great Demon Lords, sometimes try to conquer the Digital World and Daemon in particular tries to exact revenge on all those who are good. He once secretly planned to resurrect a 'Super-Mega Being' that existed at the time he led the treacherous rebellion. His special attack is "Flame Inferno", a hyperpyrexia of fire and brimstone. Once the attack is finished, all parts of the enemy will be completely burned.

    A Fallen Angel type Digimon who wraps his body in jet-black clothes. He was originally a pro-brilliant Angemon, but soon the space of the Digital World became distorted, and he fell into the newly-formed Dark Area and became the fallen angel we see today. On his chest is embodied greatly a mark of evil, proof of his wicked wellbeing. He has a cunning and brutal nature, but he is also very superior and intelligent. It is said that should you be influenced into staring at his crimson-shining eyes, he will control your mind. His special attack is "Death Claw", which stretches out his elasticated arms fully and stabs them into the opponent's heart.

    By absorbing all the data on a computer network, this Digimon can repeatedly evolve and grow to a gigantic size in an attempt to commit all kinds of destruction in the Digital World (or, in our case, the Cyber World). A Diaboromon who absorbs a great amount of data and knowledge will take on an almighty existence and will enjoy his destruction and masscre. However, all Diaboromons are terrible once their puproses are clear; one even planned to take over a military computer and destroy the Real World (or, in our case, Earth) through a nuclear attack! His special attack is "Catastrophe Cannon", which fires a powerfully destructive energy bullet from the dischargable mouth on his chest.

    A Mammal type Digimon which evolved, but kept the mamalian element that Tsunomon wielded. He is still as curious and mischievous as Tsunomon, though. In addition, Elecmon bears nine tails, and in the time of battle, he tries to intimidate the enemy by spreading out his tails like the wings of a peacock. He prefers to fight with his special attack of "Sparkling Thunder".

    An Icy Snow type Digimon whose body is covered in ice and snow crystals. Contrary to his cold appearance, he is warm-hearted and is gentle in nature. Frigimon hates to fight against those he likes, and Digimon who make friends with him will find their hearts warm, too. Amongst Digimon he fights, he is sure to lose against Meramon. His special attack is "Absolute Zero Punch", which is fired from his big body.

    A Beast type Digimon from which the claws that Gaomon possessed grew bigger, whilst the boxing gloves the claws were being protected with matured as well. He moves on four legs, which are tough enough for him to attack enemies whilst standing up bear-like on the spot. His special attacks are "Gaoga Hound", where he clamps onto the opponent with his tough teeth and doesn't let go until the enemy drops down dead, and "Dash Double Claw", where he charges towards the enemy at blinding speed and slashes it with his claws. In addition, his "Spiral Blow" attack allows him to emit strong whirlwind-shaped blades from his mouth at a stretch.

    A Beast type Digimon which grew sharp claws, he is regarded as a subspecies of the Gazimon species of Digimon. He is good at hit-and-run type of attacks because his agile movement keeps him alert at all times. He seems to protect his claws with the boxing gloves on his hands until the claws are fully grown. His special attacks are "Rolling Upper", which collides the enemy skywards whilst rolling, and "Double Backhand", which makes use of his tough leg power and tackles into the enemy's chest. In addition, his "Gao Rush" attack demonstrates his quick movements by giving off continuous high-speed punches and blows.

    A subspecies of Greymon, this Digimon is supposed to also be a special breed. He became this more aggressive form by developing his weapon-like body from head to foot and making his encrusted head more rock-hard. His special attack is "Mega Flame", which spits out a hyperpyrexia from his mouth that burns everything down in his path. In addition, his "Mega Burst" attack allows him to raise his "Mega Flame" attack in his mouth to its extremity and spit it out at a stretch, giving him explosive powers. Furthermore, he can charge into the enemy with his huge horns and crush it to death with his strong "Horn Impulse" attack.

    A Synthetic type Digimon that is a composition of various Digimon; each part of his considerable being, such as his hands, feet, body and tail, are made up of the corresponding Digimon's parts. It's a mystery as to why such a composition was made. Some say that, as Machinedramon is composed of various metallic Digimon and that Kimeramon is composed of various flesh-and-blood Digimon, he was made as either a prototype of Machinedramon or as an anti-Machinedramon warrior, but the truth is not yet elucidated. Despite all of this, though, he bears a dreadful combative instinct; Kimeramon's powerful destructive powers have not been matched as of yet. His special attack is "Heat Viper", a heat ray of death discharged from his four arms. This terrible attack, once the heat rays fire onto a victim, is horrible enough for the enemy to be deleted, and many have dubbed this attack 'Kimeramon's Spell'.

    A monarch Digimon who is secretly planning to build the Country of the Great Chessmon Empire. However, no-one knows or even cares about anything relating to the Country of the Great Chessmon Empire, so much about it is unknown. This timid person almost never attacks by himself, and only makes a quick getaway if an emergency should arise. His catchphrase is "He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day!" However, he has a brain that unexpectedly has the same IQ level as a supercomputer. His special attack, used when it's needed, is "Checkmate", where he attacks by himself. This attack has such a transcendent offensive ability that it can jeopardize the enemy's life. In addition, his "King Stick" attack creates duplicates of himself via the staff of the same name without ever having to seperate his body. Above all else, though, his most favourite attack is "King Dash", where he quickly evades the enemy.

    A Warrior type Digimon whose big body is wrapped in armour made from heavyweight Chrome-Digizoid. Even if he wears the heavy armour, his powers allow him to wield his prized large sword lightly. He is said to wear the armour in order to suppress his body's strong powers; others say it's to stop him running wild. In addition, Knightmon is a Digimon whose purpose is to serve his master faithfully and his nature is completely packed with faith and loyalty. Therefore, he is constantly agonized in becoming both good and evil in order to carry out his master's wishes depending on what attribute his master is. His special attack is "Berserk Sword", where he wields his large sword crazily and slashes everything in half with a single swipe of his sword.

    A small Digimon which grew in size, the downy hair that covered his body falling out as he did so. He is able to lively move about, but he still cannot fight yet. He appears and threatens the enemy by producing bubbles.

    A Slime type Digimon that bears a breath (or a small blade) of fresh grass that acts as his tail. He contains a variety of plant elements, including chlorophyl that allows him to photosynthesize and grow. He uses his blade-shaped tail as a parasol in warm sunlight or as an umbrella when the rain comes. He often sees opponents as scary beings, but is often purely innocent in nature. However, he is a bit shy. He is newborn and unable to fight, but his innocent heart overwhelms his weak vitality enough for him to wrap people up around him with a calm air. However, should anyone give him too much claustrophobia, he'll spit out an acidic bubble and threaten them.

    Known as the "Devil's Beast" out of fear due to his mighty powers, this monster is counted within the Digital World as one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. Many are informed that he sleeps and lives at the bottom of the Net Ocean's Dark Area, and his grandiosity and huge chin looms down above other Digimon, and some are told that he could engulf the entire Digital World if he wants to; out of the Seven Great Demon Lords, however, he is the most cowardly and will run away even if his opponent is an Angel type Digimon. However, this Digimon's existence is a must for decoders, with some claiming that he is the root of all evil and some suggesting that he is currently building a nest within the Digital World! His special attacks are "Rostrum", which slams down his chin onto the opponent, and "Cauda", which destroys everything in his path with his wicked whip-like tails.

    A Holy Beast type Digimon which already has the personality of a 'King' within him. This Digimon is the evolved form of Leormon, but as his species are lesser in number than the Leormon species, he has become an 'illusion'. He tends to catch stronger prey than himself willingly, and is often witnessed attacking even Mega-levelled Digimon desperately. His special attacks are "Thunder of King", which accumulates electricity from his mane and discharges it at the enemy, and "Critical Strike", where he aims at the enemy's weak spot and attacks it surely with his teeth.

    A Cyborg type Digimon who carries a rocket engine on his back that sports a vast driving force. His flught duration is short, but he makes use of the engine's great thrust in order to move quickly and issue forth hit-and-run attacks. His special attacks are "Winning Knuckle", which issues forth a single blow from his fists, and "Gaoga Tornado", which surrounds the enemy via his thrusting movement and fires off continuous super-high speed blows. In addition, his "Howling Cannon" allows him to fire off a supersonic wave in the form of a roar at a stretch.

    An Arch-Angel type Digimon who bears eight shining silvery wings. MagnaAngemon's role in the Digital World is that of a law-enforcing officer, whose duty is to supervise and watch over many Angel type Digimon. Furthermore, he is a spokesman of the consciousness of 'light' who keeps order in the Digital World; he is usually dressed in Shinto priest's clothes, but will change into his battle clothes [or Battle Mode] if the consciousness of 'darkness' covers the Digital World in all its evilness. He attacks the enemy with his holy sword 'Excalibur' and his Beam Shield that are equipped on his left and right arms respectively when in his battle clothes. In addition, MagnaAngemon is full of affection when in his Shinto priest's clothes, but changes into a strict person when in his battle clothes. His special attack is "Heaven's Gate", which sucks the enemy through a door and into an unescapable dimension.

    The evolved form of Kabuterimon discovered in the tropical areas of the Net. His size is considerably big amongst Insect types: almost 1.5 times his predecessor's size. He is of the same species as normal blue-skinned MegaKabuterimon, but his flight ability is superior and the strength of his horn, his primary weapon, is likewise raised drastically--thus making him more powerful than a normal MegaKabuterimon. In addition, his forelegs are more muscular, and his aforementioned flight ability improved, too. Besides the instincts needed to survive, many have recognized qualitatively his chivalrous movements needed to protect weak things; from this, many see him as a knight. His special attack is "Horn Buster", which stabs his huge horn into the enemy.

    This Digimon is the pro-evolution of Leafmon who is covered in a firm outer layer of scales. When he's in a good mood and on a fine day, he drops down and shows off his scales. Ivy vines grow on his head (Or is it his hair?). He is often seen hanging from high places and will move if larger Digimon pass by; even so, he can float quite a short distance in the air. His weakness is the fact that he is unable to really show his true feelings, so he can be forlorn even if it looks like he's smiling. In addition, he can often feel uneasy and even worries a lot due to loneliness if his best friends don't show themselves every day. His special attack is "Pinecone", where he hurls a hard, cone-shaped object at the enemy.

    A dark Digimon which wields strong, darkside-like powers. When it comes to movement, he isn't that fast, but he cannot be budged by ordinary attacks due to his extremely firm skin. His special attack is "Darkside Quake", which creates a big earthquake with the "Demon Arm" on his right hand. The enemy will be unable to escape no matter where it hides, as this attack can travel a long distance and can give the enemy quite a shock!

    A Beast Knight type Digimon whose whole body is covered in an armor made from Chrome-Digizoid. He gets his name because of his superior speed; enemies see him as a complete phenomenon, or a mirage. His special attacks are "Double Crescent Mirage", which fires a crescent-shaped shockwave from his hands, and "Full Moon Blaster", which stores up energy in his body and releases it from the oral-shaped chestplate, killing the enemy in a single blow. In addition, his "Gale Claw" attack can slash through the enemy in an instant, and gets its name from the fact that he has to run into the enemy like a gale.

    Even though this Digimon of the Small Dragon type has bat-like wings on both hands, he is unable to fly. This Digimon's nature, and the fact that he prefers to fighter against violence and evildoers, places him into the Vaccine class. In the Digital World, Monodramons shrink away from fights and battles, but even so one Monodramon has been spotted arguing with an Ogremon over a mistimed Body Blow attack. In addition, some call the horn that grows on the tip of his head his greatest weakness, although the truth is unknown. He likes to attack the enemy with "Crack Bite", which destroys the enemy's data on the part of its body he bites through, causing multiple malfunctions that eventually delete the enemy. His special attack is "Beat Knuckle", which charges towards the enemy at an awful force and hits it hard with his sharp claws.
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    A Digimon whose real nature and reason why he invaded the Digital World from another dimension is unknown. In the dimension, he was given the nickname "Oyaji", and was kept as a digital pet. He used to have a tyrannical nature, too, but Nanimon evolved into a more softer nature due to his love of drink after his invasion (still unidentified as to how he invaded and why he was invaded) was a success. He soon adjusted to the survival of the fittest within the Digimon World, and soon turned out to be a tough fighter, even if his abilities are still unknown. However, Nanimon is said to evolve into his Ultimate form when he is able to keep on reeling many battles.

    A God Beast type Digimon which rules over all Aquatic type Digimon as a member of the Olympus Twelve. Neptunemon's body is covered in a scaled armour called 'Scale Mail' that is made from 'Blue-Digizoid'--a strengthened version of Chrome-Digizoid--that allows him to traverse across the sea at dreadful speeds, thus making him the fastest in the water. He resides within the deep-sea shrine known as "Abyss Sanctuary"; as its description suggests, the castle is built within the bottomost area of the Net Ocean, and only those who can withstand the severe water pressure can safely enter the fortress. His special attacks are "Wave Depth", which creates a massive tsunami that swallows everything in his path, and "Vortex Penetrate", which stabs with his spear, "King's Bite", which is speculated to have a mind of its own.

    A Digimon of the Seed type whose body is covered in transparent tissue. We can confirm from her shape that she is a variety of Botamon. Perhaps the Botamon species is regarded as one from which all known Nyokimon obtained their shape. Therefore, it's safe to assume that she not only hides the possibility of evolving into Plant type Digimon, but also Dragon type Digimon. Even if she looks cowardly, she is really calm-natured inside. As she hasn't got a high enough level of offensive abilities, she tries to spit out seeds in order to surprise the opponent long enough for her to escape: this is translated as her special attack of "Seed Cracker".

    A Holy Knight type Digimon who is a member of the Royal Knights; the two Virus Busters WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fused together via the strong wills of good-hearted people. This Digimon shares the characteristics of both Digimon, making him a multi-type soldier that can fully show his abilities under any kind of situation. His left arm is equipped with an icy-missile-firing cannon shaped like MetalGarurumon, while his right arm is equipped with a shield and a sword shaped like WarGreymon. When he needs to fly in order to escape from the enemy's attacks, the cape on his back will be automatically attached. His special attack is "Garuru Cannon", which allows him to freeze the enemy solid by firing out chilly bullets--at a temperature of absolute zero--from the MetalGarurumon-shaped cannon. In addition, his "Grey Sword" attack is preformed by the unrivaled sword of the same name that his right arm is equipped with.

    Porcupamon [Note: This is the true name of 'Pokyupamon', originating from 'porcupine', even if Porcupamon doesn't even LOOK like one!]
    A rare Digimon who is the last of his kind, a Red type Digimon who feels uneasy about his upcoming extinction. Originially, he didn't inhabit the Dark Area, but his kind was driven out by vast amounts of Digimon, which is why he hides within the Dark Area today. His body is covered in a special leathery material, and his tattered body is proof of his struggle to exist within the intensified Dark Area. His special attacks are "Madness Broach", which slashes with his sharp claws, and "Slap and Rip", which stabs the enemy with his sharp hair.

    A Cyborg type Digimon who has mechanized more than half of his body. He flies across the sky and defeats the enemy despite his lumbering big body. It is said that the offensive abilities produced when he fires the huge revolver on his left arm is akin to a nuclear warhead, and is impossible to defeat due to its terrible power and blazing reaction. In addition, the barrel is made from Chrome-Digizoid so that it can produce powers itself. His special attack is "Trident Revolver", which gets its name from the three beam guns that fire a high-speed blaze, which is fired along with the oral-shaped chestplate and the barrel made from Chrome-Digizoid (hence three rounds of bursts). In addition, he can rush into the enemy and destroy it with his huge revolver in his attack of "Solid Strike", giving him preeminent powers akin to a solid blow.

    A supposedly Beast type Digimon that has an old interface on his forehead, and is assumed to be a former 'Prototype Digimon'. He wears an expensive Japanese-style armour on his body that, despite his heavy defensive powers, can allow him to jump onto the enemy's chest daringly and fight via light movments. He is a master of attacking with the spirit of a samurai and isn't afraid of any powerful enemies. It's said that his Digi-Core is carved with the battle data of both a military commander and a dragon of Japanese myth; at the time of being experimented on, he was said to evolve quickly into a powerful Digimon. He likes to attack the enemy with "Helmet Ebb", which counterattacks oncoming attacks with his armoured helmet. His special attack is "Quick Draw of the Bladed Sword", which jumps onto the enemy's chest and shoots out a blade of iron from his mouth.

    A Light Dragon type Digimon that stores up and fights with scorching solar energy. His special attacks are "Shining Blast", which widens his huge wings and concentrates light energy to its extremity, then fires it at the opponent, and "Glorious Burst", which cuts down the enemy with his flaring wings. In addition, he has the ability to summon his "Geo Grey Sword" from the land and use it in the attack of the same name; the sword wields the condensed powers of the land.

    An upbeat version of Gekomon whose tentacles on his read resemble the topknot of a samurai lord. He originally was born from a computerized scoring system used in karaoke. His singing voice can be manipulated scale-wise by the two horns that lengthen from his shoulders, which also act as brass instruments; his voice is far lower than a Gekomon's, making him the samurai lord of all Gekomon. His special attack is "Samurai Tone" where he shakes up the enemy's body and data constitution with a super-low-pitched voice that's emitted from his horns, then destroys it completely. However, in the opponent's point of view, he seems unaffected by his own voice.

    A Fallen Angel type Digimon of a ruined figure who fell into the Dark Area in pursuit of strength and destruction. However, his evilness was more refined and his dark powers became immeasurable. His Digi-Core is peculiar to most demonic Digimon in that it is full of powerfully condensed dark powers; many rename it the "Dark-Core". His terrible special attack is "Claw Bone", that thrusts his staff of the same name into the enemy's body, where a strong light is given off by a precious stone on top of the staff that corrupts the Digimon's data long enough for it to be deleted.

    A Digimon which takes on the form of a shellfish covered in two sets of hard scales. Because he has developed the encrusted shell-like scales drastically, his internal structure and body is slime-shaped and is the size of an In-Training Digimon. This dirty guy entices the opponent with his cute face, then attacks. In addition, once his scales are closed up, his attack and defense are raised a little higher, making oncoming attacks bounce off of him easily. His special attacks are "Water Screw", which shoots out a super-flowing current of water at the enemy, and "Black Pearl", which fires out a jadeite generated in his body at the opponent.

    This Insect type Digimon may have a hard encrusted shell and is one of the first Insect types to be created, but he is still low in aggressiveness. He has four hard claws on his foreleg, midleg and hindleg--the midleg in particular allows him to grab and hold objects skillfully like human hands. Whilst many other Insect types at the Rookie level are devious in nature, Tentomon often shows carefree habits as a lover of nature through his life, often smelling flowers or taking naps in the shade of trees. His speical attack is "Petit Thunder", which rubs his wings together and amplifies static electricity, then zaps it at the enemy.

    A small Digimon whose body (Or is it his head?) has grown hands and feet underneath. This In-Training-levelled Digimon is very unusual due to this mutation, but is still cute all the same. However, his mouth can open quite big, and will bite anything he sees; if you should carelessly reach out your hand to pet this cute being, be prepared for the consequences! As they are very innocent, however, they do not mean any harm.

    Upamon [Note: Luckily for us, the official Digimon site didn't muck up this profile by sticking information about Tsubumon, unlike some OTHER Digimon profile site I could mention!]
    An Amphibian type Digimon which seems to bear gills on the ears on both sides of his body, he is at the In-Training level. He can live on the land or underwater, but he seems to prefer living on the land. He is easily tormented by other Digimon for his carefree nature. However, due to this nature, he seems to misunderstand the concept that he is being tormented; he thinks it's all a joke! His special attack is "Shock Shout", which daunts the enemy by yelling out a super-high-pitched tone.

    A Digimon fused from data that records various information on small pets such as dogs or cats. It's important to give him plenty of attention, as he can move at fast speeds, but he will eventually take to you exactly like a pet should. His special attack is "Smiley Fang", which amiably bites onto the enemy.

    The strongest Dragon Warrior who bears a body covered in armor made of the super metal Chrome-Digizoid, he is the Mega form of the Greymon species of Digimon. He is different from regular gigantic forms seen within the Greymon species of Digimon in that he takes on a more humanoid form; however, what he lacks in size, he makes up for it in his improved speed and drastic powers; enemy Digimon will find it impossible to defeat him in any degree of attacks. The "Dramon Killers" equipped on his arms demonstrates great powers against Dramon species of Digimon, but at the cost of jeopardizing himself at the same time. In addition, he wields the "Brave Shield" on his back that is formed from the same scales that cover his back; the shield is said to be the strongest and hardest of any other shield. Some say that when a true brave warrior realises his own mission amongst his veterans, that's when he evolves into a WarGreymon. His special attack is "Gaia Force", which centralizes all the energies that exist in the atmosphere, then fires it at the enemy as a super-high-densified, super-hot energy bullet.

    Even if he slightly resembles Monzaemon, this Puppet type Digimon will despise you with his brutal face. It is said that his best friend is MetalEtemon, and evidence points to the fact that MetalEtemon bears a stuffed puppet version of WaruMonzaemon on his waist. Like Monzaemon, his real nature is unknown, but his shining eyes and mysterious prescense give off a weird feeling to those who see them. He is as sly and maliciousness as evil itself. He equips his left arm with the "Bear Claw" taken from a grizzly bear, and is engraved with the Japanese character "惡". His special attack is "Heartbreak Attack", which makes everything feel depressed and dark-hearted. Those who do feel depressed after this attack will lose their will to fight.

    A mysterious Cyborg type Digimon that is a citizen of the aerial secret base, "Royal Base". Waspmon patrols around the outskirts watching out for enemy Digimon, and the feelers on his head allow him to search for those approaching the base highly so that he can attack them quickly. So that the enemy doesn't find an area where his defenses can't cover, the strong laser guns on his tail can fire in any direction, top and bottom, and the shielded shoulders and back pushes the enemy away. His special attack is "Turbo Stinger" which blazes away at larger Digimon with his large laser gun. In addition, this attack is hard to avoid even by quick enemies, and is chiefly used for ground enemies. Note that after accumulating energy, Waspmon needs to recharge.

    Yatagaramon [Savers]
    A subspecies of a Holy Bird type Digimon called Yatagaramon that walks on three legs. His jet-black body gives him a wicked sight to behold, but many are informed that this Digimon is chosen as the guardian to a city called "El Dorado" somewhere within the Eastern parts of the Digital World, and will lead anyone to it. The Eastern parts of the Digital World is still mysterious; what we do know about "El Dorado" though is that it is protected with several sacred barriers. Some say that this to protect evildoers from attacking, and that you can only get to "El Dorado" via Yatagaramon's permission if you pass his "Triple Tests", or so the rumour goes; those who fail the tests are sent to the Dark Area. His special attack is "Mikafutsu no Kami" which loads his forefeet with energy collected in the 'Tokko Mallets' stuck to his wings and fires it at the enemy. Those who are attacked will have their digital cells resolved into binary data. In addition, he can change day into dark night via his "Haguro" attack by firing a black light from his jet-black wings at a radius of 3km around the area.

    A Baby-levelled Digimon who is covered in white opaque hair and sports a furry body. She is thought to be a kind of Botamon, and is called 'YukimiBotamon' from her white body, but much about this is unknown. Her greatest weakness is hot areas, preferring to live in cold places; those who touch her body get the shivers! Her special attack is "Diamond Dust", which discharges a cold, chilly breath. Once YukimiBotamon has discharged her breath, atmospheric water is frozen hard and falls while giving off gleams.

    A Digimon who was born when a hacker abused a computer virus long enough for it to fuse with a super-evil computer; he is a special sort of Slime type Digimon that makes him different from other Digimon of the same type. He moves his gelatinous body skillfully and travels around by crawling on the ground. Even larger Digimon steer clear of him: his body is made up of a toxic material, which also makes up the severely-harmful bubbles discharged from his mouth.
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    A Digimon which formed the figure of a childish-mannered dinosaur. This Digimon hides the high-levelled potential as a "Fighting Seed" and, at the Rookie level, also hides the brutality akin to a carnivorous beast. The mark drawn on his abdomen is called the "Digital Hazard", and is carved as a seal on those who, like Guilmon, might corrupt a great amount of computer data. However, if he is able to utilize the ability peacefully, he'll become a Guardian of the Digital World. He likes to attack the enemy with "Rock Breaker", which gets its name from the fact that his tough claws can destroy rocks. His special attack is "Fireball", which spits out a powerful flame bullet.

    An Aquatic type Digimon that has a long body like a large snake. With his long body, he is able to attack forthcoming enemies by coiling around it and tightening it until the enemy ceases to breathe. He swims about the Net Ocean, but he has no intelligence; only the instincts to survive play an important role here. His special attack is "Ice Arrow", which discharges a breath of absolute zero-temperatured water, which freezes the enemy solid upon contact.

    He is a subspecies of MetalGarurumon and the final form of Garurumon; this ultimate beast tank Digimon is equipped with the ultimate weapon, "Z'd Gun", a super-crossbow. He is a living bullet, able to live for a long time without using his physical strength, and Z'dGarurumon ensures that the weapons equipped on his entire body fire out living bullets onto the enemy like heavy rain. The four laser sites on the tip of his nose are vastly improved, allowing him to lock-on onto targets several hundred meters away. His special attack is "Full Metal Blaze", which sweeps the enemy with a barrage of bullets from the weapons on his whole body as well as his "Z'd Gun"; "Z'd Gun" is also the name of a powerful ammunition attack where he fires his ultimate weapon of the same name. In addition, his "Attack Breath" attack jets out and discharges energy from his mouth. Also, Z'dGarurumon bears an evolutionary code that is different from Digimon who have originated naturally in the Digital World; thus, it is considered that this Digimon evolved from those who were born via artificial data intervention.

    A Digimon where pretty much everything about him is a mystery. Rumour has it that someone entered a stuffed teddy bear's back through a hole in its zipper, giving the teddy bear emotions and the like. His special attack is "Lovely Attack", which fires hearts at the enemy. The enemy will be overcome with love and happy emotions and will stop fighting (which is ironic, considering Monzaemon's scary appearance).

    An upper-classed Demon Man type Digimon that came to the Digital World from another dimension. In his Digital World hometown (Witchelny), he mastered the magic (a high-quality programming language) of fire and earth, and aimed at becoming a evil-guiding being, but in the Digimon World, you'll find him practicing ascetics. He has a slightly mischievous nature, but he will never show his real face due to his shyness. His special attack is "Thundercloud", which summons a thundercloud and fires down strong thunderbolts.

    An Alien type Digimon who came over from the far reaches of outer space. However, rumour has it that he was the fruit of an unknown plant. His unimaginable abnormally developed head and kite-shaped body may look weird, but he has acquired a dreadful offensive ability. Whilst the abduction rays fired from the ray gun in his hand is a menace, his terrible special attack is "Demon's Blown Kiss" which brainwashes the enemy's mind with a blown kiss.

    A Digimon that resembles an ancient dinosaur that existed in the prehistoric world. He has gained the ability to beat everything down with his huge tail. As he is intelligent and quiet, you are able to tame him very easily. Therefore, he is useful for beginning Tamers to rear, and he is often carefully raised. It may be said that he is a typical example of the most basic Digimon evolution. His special attack is "Fire Breath", which discharges crimson flames that are the same colour as his body.

    He is a subspecies of WarGreymon that wears an armor made of the super-metal Chrome-Digizoid, and is able to swing his huge sword around lightly; this "Heroic Dragon Soldier" confronts his enemies by utilizing his special sword-based attacks. His "Trident Gaia" attack allows him to centralize all the energies that exist in the atmosphere around the tips of his seperatable "Dramon Breaker" sword (which he can also attach to his arms), and fire them at the enemy; "Dramon Breaker" is also the name of a daring sword attack where he swings his huge crushing sword of the same name onto the enemy. In addition, his unique sword attack of "Victory Charge" allows him to repel the enemy's attacks with his huge sword. Also, VictoryGreymon bears an evolutionary cord that is different from Digimon who have originated naturally in the Digital World; thus, it is considered that this Digimon evolved from those who were born via artificial data intervention

    An Insect type Digimon with huge wings that forces bad luck to occur everywhere. He can fly about with his huge wings at a super-high speed and generate a huge howling noise called a 'Boom' during his flight; those who hear it are instantly paralyzed. His body is protected with a hard integumentary covering, and he kills off enemies by collecting them in his big talons and stabbing them with the superstrong stinger on his tail. The evolutionary processes of a normal Insect type Digimon are still unknown, but judging by his face, we can assume that he evolved from a member of the Kunemon species. His special attack is "Deadly Sting", which stabs Digimon with the stinger on his tail; those who are stung will be paralyzed as their body changes colour--purple--and dies. As an afterthought, it is difficult to break the stinger as it replicates again and again.

    A Mammal type Digimon whose key assets are his big ears. He can fly in the sky with these big wings, but since he can only fly at a speed of 1km per hour, some say he is much better walking. However, popularity for this Digimon is high, as many see the sight of him flapping his wings desperately as a cute thing to behold (He himself doesn't think so!). He is very obedient and is very good at protecting his Tamer. In addition, he seems to inherit a gene kept within an ancient race of Digimon; it allows him to reveal secret hidden sacred powers, even though Patamon himself doesn't wear a Holy Ring. His special attacks are "Air Shot", which breathes in air and discharges an air bullet at a stretch, and "Wing Slap", which swats at the enemy with his big ears.

    A Plant type Digimon which blooms a tropical flower upon her head. Evolved from a Reptile type, Tanemon, she has been classified as a rare Plant type due to her appearance and characteristics. In the daytime, she spreads her leaf-like arms and preforms photosynthesis from her flower. She usually buries her root-like feet in the soil and take in nourishment, but she usually walks on them. When she is glad or happy, a sweet fragrance wafts from the flower on her head, but she discharges a bad-smelling smell should she get angry, or to prevent danger from reaching her; when that happens, large-sized Digimon take cover! Her special attack is "Poison Ivy", which allows her ivy vines--full of strong poison--to coil around the enemy. Once the attack is under way, the enemy's body is paralyzed.

    Garurumon evolves into this bipedal Beast type Digimon. When becoming a biped, he lost a fair amount of his speed, but his offensive and defensive abilities became stronger; this commando-type Digimon has shown more of his tactile characteristics. The kicks drawn out by his leg power are stronger than Garurumon's, and his jump power is often competed against with other Digimon. In addition, his reliability, like his loyalty, his very thick, meaning he can accomplish the duties and orders of his master successfully. His special attack is "Kaiser Claw", which slashes the opponent with the sharp claws on his arms.

    A small Digimon from which one of the feelers upon Punimon's head stiffened. He has accomplished a beast-like evolution, and this Digimon is covered in hair abundantly. He has a mischievous nature but, due to his height and still idleness, his combative instincts are still asleep.

    This integer Digimon of the Cyborg type obtains his name from 'Warrior Growlmon' (Or, in Japanese, 'Huge Growlmon'.) His body is as gigantic as his reputation, and its upper half has been metalically converted into Chrome-Digizoid, by far the strongest metal. He can fly with the two afterburners sticking out on both shoulders, and he is able to utilize antiaircraft and ground-based attacks. He has attached a special tool on his chin in order to suppress his powers; he would run wild should the powers overflow. In addition, his flexible "Assault Balancers" can lengthen from his back in order to him to stab the enemy with them. He likes to attack the enemy with "Double Blade", where he slashes the enemy with the "Pendulum Blades" on his arms. His special attack is "Atomic Blaster", which destroys the enemy at the atomic level from the embrasures on his chest.

    A Giant Bird type Digimon to which his two legs have hugely developed. He is unable to fly across the sky because he lived a life on the ground, evolving to suitably survive. His body became huge in size, and his leg strength developed terrifically. His wings have degenerated, but in battle, he threatens the enemy by greatly expanding his tail feathers. Because he needs to maintain his gigantic figure excessively, his weakness in battle is his violent energy expenditure, even though he has a rough and ferocious nature. His special attack is "Petra Fire". Although it doesn't burn the enemy, this frightening attack instead petrifies its body solid.

    The ultimate Insect type Digimon that evolved from data taken from both the Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon species. He has a huge horn and scissors, and it's said that, from his form, he has completely made up for the faults the two kinds of Digimon had in both physical and sociable relationships. His body shines a golden colour, and the flight ability that MegaKabuterimon lost was revived and reinforced, allowing him to run about the Digital World at supersonic speeds. Only a few are suitable enough to accomplish the ultimate evolution into HerculesKabuterimon. His special attack is "Giga Blaster", a reinforced version of the "Mega Blaster" attack. Once the enemy is hit by this attack, it is completely deleted.

    A Digimon of the Mineral type who is structured from mineral data inside fields, and thus bears a strong phylactic power. This energetic person mischievously makes lower-levelled Digimon ally with him, and romps about the system like a jovial-natured seargeant. Although a little selfish, he will rage violently like a volcanic eruption once he gets angry. The aforementioned mineral data will change depending on where he was born and bred, thus hiding the potential to evolve into various beings. His special attack is "Angry Rock", which fires out super-hard minerals from the tip of his head.

    An Ancient Beast type Digimon that is said to move at the speed of Mach. However, much about him is shrouded in mystery, and one theory states that Leomon obtained this form when he became more beast-like. With his Mach speed, he can avoid even very quick oncoming attacks easily. His two greatly-developed fangs and sharp claws are full to the brim with destructive power, destroying Mega-levelled Digimon in one blow. His special attack is "Infinity Arrow", which hardens the countless hairs on his mane, and fires them at the opponent. The hairs are full of toxicity, and those who are stabbed by them are paralyzed. In addition, his "Claw Crusher" attack is a frightening technique which uses his huge claws to tear the opponent into eighths.

    A Baby-levelled Digimon who drifts in the Net Ocean like a jellyfish with his translucent body. He has the most primitive structure amongst Digimon discovered thus far, and scholars and researchers into the origins of Digimon have made him famous as the key 'missing link' that solves the mystery of Digimon generations. He defends his body from nearby enemies by spitting out a bubble of strong acid from his mouth; this is translated as his "Acid Bubble" attack.

    A Holy Knight type Digimon who, along with Omnimon and Magnamon, is a member of the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights are a group of thirteen Digimon who are known as the best-used network security, and are absolutely impossible to defeat. Despite being a Virus-attributed being, he is the Patron Saint of the Net; should his internal balance of good and evil collapse, he will become a dangerous being. He is covered in a crimson armor made of highly-purified Chrome-Digizoid, that covers 99.9% of his body, and bears the holy "Gram" shield in his right hand and the holy "Aegis" lance in his left. He valuably respects chivalry, and is a loyal person in terms of his lord. His special attacks are "Final Elysian", which fires out a beam that purifies everything from his holy "Gram" shield, and "Royal Saber", which issues forth a strong blow from his holy "Aegis" lance.

    A computer virus infected the databanks of a laboratory that investigates and excavates ancient living things, and evolved whilst absorbing the data of an ancient living thing. He was at the top of the food chain in ancient times, and has managed to survive because he was able to gather, store and devour seafood well. The enemy is caught dexterously with the tentacles that grow from his head, and is executed with the sharp blade that grows from his tail. When it looks like he will fail during the course of a battle, he will dig into the bottom of the seabed with his sharp tentacles, and hide his body there. His projecting radar-like eyes on the top of his head detect enemies like a nightvision scope, allowing him to strike weak ones easily. His special attack is "Stinger Surprise", which crosses his left and right forelegs, showing and attacking with his stinger.

    The evolved form of Mokumon, his small body is continuously burning because his Digi-Core violently burns. The violently-burning Digi-Core gives him a rough nature amongst small Digimon, but even though his attack power is still low and he has an aggressive nature, he is unable to fight straight away. Moreover, he immediately runs away when water-based and Icy Snow type Digimon appear, because they can very easily delete him. By the way, it's still unknown what connects DemiMeramon and Meramon together. He spits out a small flame bullet at the opponent when it approaches him despite his weak power; this is translated as his "Fireball" attack

    A Beast type Digimon that formed the appearance of a wolf covered in silvery bluish-white coloured fur. The fur itself has body hairs that are hard as 'Mythril', known as the rarest metal of legend. The blades on his shoulders are extremely sharp, and will cut anything that touches it into pieces. His muscles and extreme fighting instincts were strengthened on the coldest of grounds; his agility and accuracy, of which both allow him to surely kill his targets like a carnivorous beast, make his existence alone feared by other Digimon. However, his intellect is very high and will faithfully follow those who he consider to be his master and leader. His special attack is "Fox Fire", which spits out hot blue flames from his mouth.

    A punching Digimon originating from the United Kingdom, he was born when the strongest hacker in Britain poured all his knowledge of the subject into a computer virus, that mutated instantly. He competes with others across the Digital World in terms of resistance, although he is quite small in size. He cannot help trailing after fleeing opponents, although they are stronger than he is due to his weakness. His special attack is "Needle Squall", which fires super-hard spikes from his metallic head made of Chrome-Digizoid; it is thought that he finishes his attack with a fist-punching frenzy; this is translated as his "Briten Punch" attack.

    An insectivorous Plant type Digimon with long ivy vines and a greatly-opened mouth. A sweet breath from his mouth entices smaller Digimon towards him, which he then drags into his mouth with his long ivy vines; despite this technique, this brutal Digimon's attack powers are weaker than most, making him unable to compete against larger Digimon. During Veggiemon's life, he will grow a flower on his body, and fruit will bloom soon afterwards.

    A skeleton-based Digimon from which his entire body is nothing but bone. A SkullGreymon is formed when a Digimon spends too much important time fighting, eventually preferring to live only through his or her fighting instinct even after his or her death. SkullGreymon has no intellect at all but plenty of fighting instinct, and his entire existence alone poses a threat for other Digimon. His special attack is "Ground Zero", which launches an organic missile from his spinal cord.

    A Fairy type Digimon that manipulates magic. He recites an advanced program language from another dimension so that his miraculous magic can be preformed. The enemy's abilities are enclosed by this special ability, and he pulverizes the opponent soon afterwards; despite his small body, this mysterious Digimon can appear in any place at any time and can issue forth strong blows. This mischief-loving person enjoys making the hard drive run wild with his favourite "Fairy Tale" spear that he wields in his hands (even though he doesn't mean to cause the user any harm). His special attack is "Bit Bomb", which fires out a super-strong bomb with computer viruses stored within it. Contrary to its harmless appearance, this attack is powerfully frightening.

    A half-man, half-beast Beast type Digimon. His body is defended with a hard material that has risen to his body's surface from within, and his right arm is integrated with weaponry. In addition, very highly-pressurized gas is gushed out from a projecting duct on his back, allowing him to move at transsonic, but momentary, speeds. Centarumon's greatest skill is his balanced combination of phylactic, attack, and speed powers. He extremely dislikes restrained order, but revels in his very high amount of pride. His special attack is "Hunting Cannon", which is fired from his integrated weaponry on his right arm. Escaping from this attack is almost impossible to do. However, since this attack consumes a lot of energy, he has to avoid using this attack in battle as much as possible.
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    A Demon Dragon type Digimon who is nicknamed "The Crimson Demon Dragon". Guilmon's young, child-like nature has disappeared, and he has now evolved into a wilder, more brutal Digimon. Moreover, depending on how he is raised by his Tamer, he is more likely to fight in the cause of justice because he will faithfully follow his Tamer, despite being a Digimon of the Virus kind. The power of Growlmon's roars will make both the land and the enemy in battle tremble with fear! He likes to attack the enemy with "Plasma Blade", which generates plasma-based blades on his elbows to slash at the enemy. His special attack is "Exhaust Flame", which spits out a strong flame whilst roaring.

    A Holy Bird type Digimon that bears four wings that give off a glint of gold. She is known as the utmost leader of all the sacred and Bird type Digimon. Phoenixmon is the Mega form of a certain Bird type Digimon, just as how Magnadramon is the Mega form of a certain Beast type Digimon. Because she bears two Holy Rings, proof of being a sacred Digimon, it's understandable why Phoenixmon bears inscrutable powers. Her special attack is "Starlight Explosion", which flaps her four divine wings and pours down golden particles. It's said that once this attack is in effect, all evil-hearted enemies are purified.

    An Aquatic Beast type Digimon that can also live on land, and is covered in fur that allows him to easily store his body temperature. Each of the short white body hairs that make up his fur are said to soon grow brown in colour during Gomamon's life. He is mischievous as they come, and quickly advances at everything he sees surprisingly. The red hair that grows from the back of his head will move according to Gomamon's feelings, bristling up when he gets angry. If scratched by Gomamon's claws, which are able to break hard ice easily, you will double up in pain. His special attack is "Marching Fishes", which manipulates his tiny fish-like followers.

    A Demon Man type Digimon who resembles a woman and is one of the Twelve Olympus Gods. She wields marvelous physical strength, able to brandish her large sword that's the same height as her body despite her very diminutive physique. Although innocent and carefree like an infant and always has a sunny disposition, her emotional outbursts are quite violent, so when she's in a bad mood, all sorts of problems will occur. Her special attacks are "Strike Roll", which slashes horizontally with her large "Olympia" sword, and "Madness Merry-Go-Round", which creates a large tornado that divides the land.

    This Reptile type Digimon is covered in undoubted fur. This very cowardly and shy-natured being rakes up leftover data that Garurumon leaves behind and wears it as a fur coat. The coat then becomes a protective clothing, allowing its user to defend its body easily since Garurumon's fur is feared by other Digimon. Gabumon will become braver in nature once he puts on the fur coat. His special attack is the icy cold "Petit Fire".

    A Mutant type Digimon that evolved in order to overcome the severe environment surrounding his habitat. Despite his cute looks, Mamemon contrarily packs a lot of redoubtable destructive power. Excluding another type of Digimon, he is likely to be categorized into the strongest class of fighters. The huge hands attached to his small body are really powerful bombs, able to detach themselves as he pleases. His nickname is 'The Smiley Bomber'.

    A Holy Beast type Digimon with golden hair. Very few of these beings are rarely seen, which is why his existence wasn't confirmed until recently. Even if Digimon of the same type but with stronger powers enter his territory, this territorial-consciousness Digimon won't pardon them. When scouting around his territory, static electricity builds up in his mane, and some say the crackling sound made is used to intimidate would-be prey. His special attacks are "Leo Claw", which tears the enemy apart with his sharp claws, and "Critical Bite", which aims and bites at the enemy's weak spot with his teeth. "Critical Bite" wields explosive powers, killing even Champion-levelled Digimon in one blow; despite this, this knockdown attack has a low success rate.

    A small Digimon that has cat-like characteristics. Nyaromon's behaviour is always capricious. But despite her capriciousness, she is also very curious and somewhat lonely, too. Her special attack is "Fox Tail", which makes the hairs on her tail swell up like wire and uses them to beat up the enemy. However, records show that enemies hardly flinch from this attack at all.

    Also known as "The King of Digimon". He was once the strongest of Digimon. Etemon became this form when he went out across the land in search of valuable combat data, which he obtained from severe fights against strong warriors, but this left his body weak and damaged because of the considerable amount of continuous brawls. Afterwards, he was revived completely as MetalEtemon, an ultimate combat machine, by researching his own weaknesses from the data obtained in his battles, and improving them by mechanizing his entire body. His body surface is fully coated in Chrome-Digizoid, used by metallic Digimon. His special attack is "Banana Slip", a basic combat ability raised to its utmost limits which makes the opponent fall flat on its face. With digested invincibility and a strong style of combat, this dirty-styled fighter was born.

    This Digimon's body contains such retractility that he squishes himself up as he moves, and his stubby feet can be found under his body. Because he swells up like a rice cake when he feels dead proud, he was given the name 'Motimon'. However, despite his cute appearance, he hides a high amount of intellect, and many believe that he was born from a computer's dictionary software from this. He's able to understand the human language and, with his freely-transformable body, he's sometimes seen trying to communicate with them. He seals the opponent's movements with a retractable bubble shaped like a rice cake; this is translated as his "Elastic Bubble" attack.

    The final form of Garurumon who was powered up when his entire body was mechanized. Even though he is fully metallized, he hasn't lost his characteristic alertness, and his enemies are crushed by the countless weapons hidden on his entire body. The four laser sites on the tip of his nose emit an invisible laser beam, meaning that no-one can escape MetalGarurumon's sight; the laser is made up of infared rays and X-rays, that can analyze objects in front of him even in darkness, acting as a sensory backup. He's also able to release beam-like wings from the back of his arms, allowing him to fly across the Net at superspeeds. His special attack is "Cocytus Breath", which freezes opponents with a cold breath of absolute zero. Those who are attacked are put in suspended animation in an instant.

    Agumon Hakase
    An intellectual Agumon who bears a Digital Monster science doctorate from the Digital World University. The badge on his chest is proof of the doctorate. Agumon Hakase chose the title himself, but it's certain that he lives up to it; he knows a lot about Digimon, from their individual personalities to their habitats. It's thought that his peculiar accent, where he puts 'Gya' on the end of certain words, comes from a distant place. His special attacks are "Hakase Bore", where he uses his fascinating hat and rod to lecture the enemy to boredom, and "Hakase Bo", which beats up the opponent with his eye-grabbing rod.

    ExTyrannomon [Note: This one's for you, Onsen!]
    A Puppet type Digimon which lives inside a stuffed animal shaped like a Tyrannomon. It's unknown why there's such a thing as a stuffed animal shaped like a Tyrannomon, but this mysterious Digimon, manipulated by the one inside him, certainly looks cute. Despite this feature, his defensive iron-wall-like powers are the same as Monzaemon's, and so he can't compete against ordinary Digimon successively at all. But, in the end, it doesn't matter what's the same and different about ExTyrannomon and Monzaemon: they are of the same type, after all. His special attacks are "Pretty Attack", which dispatches a punch from his fists, and "Black Matter", where a wicked sphere that controls the Digimon from the inside floats out and attacks the enemy.

    A pure-blooded Dragon type Digimon who is said to be the 'ancestor' of all known Dramon type Digimon. The small physique of this Rookie-levelled Digimon secretly wirlds unimaginable top-ranking powers and alertness. He's very fierce in nature, but Dracomon will only show his obedience to his partners. He bears wings, but he's unable to fly because he is still growing. He eagerly likes to collect 'shiny things'---such as abnormal jewels and metallic objects---but he also likes to eat and sleep. His special attacks are "Tail Smash", which revolves into the partner and slaps it about with his tail, and "Baby Breath", which puffs out a hot sigh. Dracomon also bears a special scale which is different to the scales that cover his body, called the "Backwards Scale". Should you touch it, Dracomon will get really angry, and attack you with "Shurunen", which makes the crest on his head glow intensely and fire indiscriminently a beam bullet from his mouth.

    A Mammothmon who kept fighting against Digimon of the Virus kind had his entire body corrupted by a virus; when he was revived, his entire flesh and muscles had completely decayed, leaving only this bone-structured Undead type Digimon. Since he's undead, he has been deprived of his emotions and intellect, but as a Vaccine kind, he'll strongly keep on fighting. Despite the fact his body is entirely bone-structured, the Digi-Core in his chest allows him to live, but should the bare Digi-Core shatter, it'll once again be the end of SkullMammothmon's life. His special attack is "Spiral Bone", which rapidly rotates his spinal cord and hurls it at the enemy.

    Coredramon Ashu
    Digimon who bear the name of Coredramon possess data of the Dragon kind within their Digi-Cores, making them worthy in the name of 'Dramon', and since the amount of Dragon kind data is high, thus explaining their more draconic appearances, they are indeed Pure-Blooded Dragon type Digimon. This Digimon is named 'Coredramon Ashu', and was formed when Dracomon absorbed a rare jewel called 'Blue Diamante', mined only in very few mountainous areas above sea level, hence why his body blued in colour when he evolved; he's able to fly at high speeds with his wings, developed due to a life in the steep mountains. His special attacks are "Strike Bomber", which delivers blows full of deep regrets at the opponent with his tough tail, and "Blue Flare Breath", which spits out a red-hot breath of spangling blue flames. Those who are attacked with "Blue Flare Breath" will have their flesh data destroyed instantly, revealling their Digi-Cores. Like Dracomon, Coredramon Ashu bears a special scale which is different to the scales that cover his body, called the "Backwards Scale". Should you touch it, Coredramon Ashu will get really angry, and attack you with "Shurunen", which makes the crest on his head glow intensely and fire indiscriminently a beam bullet from his mouth.

    A devilish Digimon who is nicknamed "The Underwater Priest of Destruction". It's thought that he evolved from an electronic virus that infected onboard computers on ships and corrupted them like mad. His infinitely-increasing tentacles are tied together around him, giving him the appearance of a humanoid, but he is really the evolved form of a mysterious, but certain, Mollusk type Digimon. His special attack is "Forbidden Trident", which flings his three-pointed trident at the enemy with a dreadful amount of violent powers. When the opponent is defeat, he preforms a victory pose, which involves him taking off the rosary around his neck and putting his hands together as if he's at a memorial service.

    Digimon who bear the name of Coredramon possess data of the Dragon kind within their Digi-Cores, making them worthy in the name of 'Dramon', and since the amount of Dragon kind data is high, thus explaining their more draconic appearances, they are indeed Pure-Blooded Dragon type Digimon. This is the most commonest of Coredramon, and was formed when Dracomon absorbed a rare jewel called 'Green Makalito', found only in forests where trees have grown there for more than a century. Compared with his counterpart, Coredramon Ashu, we can only assume that Coredramon isn't good at flying, but his leg strength has developed the most, and he's able to run at unimaginable speeds despite his bodily physique. His special attacks are "Strike Bomber", which delivers blows full of deep regrets at the opponent with his tough tail, and "Green Flare Breath", which spits out a red-hot breath of spangling blue flames. Those who are attacked with "Green Flare Breath" will have their flesh data destroyed instantly, revealling their Digi-Cores. Like Dracomon, Coredramon bears a special scale which is different to the scales that cover his body, called the "Backwards Scale". Should you touch it, Coredramon will get really angry, and attack you with "Shurunen", which makes the crest on his head glow intensely and fire indiscriminently a beam bullet from his mouth.

    A monocular Dragon Man type Digimon whose right arm has developed abnormally. He was once a strong Dragon Warrior, but his left eye was gouged out by the heroic warrior, Leomon, and Cyclonemon then became a demonic fighter with a mind filled with vengeance. He has strengthened his right arm so that it became huge in an attempt to defeat Leomon successfully. Since his pride as a warrior was lost, he has gone on the rampage and slaughters everyone in his path. His special attack is "Hyper Heat", which unleashes a super-hot laser that deletes everything around him.

    A Demon Dragon type Digimon which flies in the air freely with his greatly-developed wings. He's able to fly without flapping his wings, because the scales that cover his wings can deflect gravity off them. Since he rarely appears on the ground, much of his life is spent in the air. Wingdramon has recently been confirmed as the fastest living Digimon in the air, since he can preform flight speeds of Mach 20; some say that not even Digimon who are able to brawl in the air against Wingdramon will survive his speedy attacks. His special attacks are "Exploding Sonic Lance", which preforms a super-fast nose-dive towards the enemy and fires down spears from his back, and "Blazing Sonic Breath", which fires out a super-fast red-hot breath from his mouth. Wingdramon constantly moves at high speeds, and when he is exactly travelling beyond the speed of sound, he can emit a shockwave: this is translated as his "Wing Blast" attack. Therefore, even if you escape Wingdramon's special attacks, you'll still be sent flying. Literally.

    A Mammal type Digimon from which big, sharp claws have grown on his hands and feet. Although he probably uses both his hind- and forefeet like legs, as soon as the claws on his forefeet begins to evolve, he'll start walking on his hindfeet---an unusual trait amongst Mammal types. He's a small Digimon, but he's quite violent-tempered and never allows himself to be domesticated. When he attacks, the claws on his forefeet prove to be very valuable assets, but outside of battle, he digs holes with his forefeet and enjoys seeing other Digimon fall into the pits he digs meanfully. His special attack is "Paralyze Breath", where he spits out a gaseous poison breath.

    A Rock Dragon type Digimon with big arms protruding from his back. The arms are said to have evolved from wings, allowing him to dig through the ground efficiently. Usually, he lives in tunnels carved deeply underground, and very rarely comes up to the earth's surface. Groundramon tends to inhabit the mines LoaderLeomon work in, and there is a very high possibility that the scales that cover his body are made from the very same material that LoaderLeomon search for in their work. Not much is known about this Digimon's ecology, since he is very ferocious in nature, and many who enter his lair never return. His special attacks are "Megaton Hammer Crash", which slams the hammer-like spiky iron ball on his tail into the opponent, and "Scrap Claw", which slashes the opponent with the big arms on his back. His other attack, "Giga Quake", can only be preformed when he appears on the earth's surface: he creates an earthquake once he comes up to the surface, causing his opponent to fall into the separating ground below.

    A small In-Training-levelled Digimon which wears a metallic helmet. Each of the two cone-shaped corners of the helmet contain antenna which picks up radio and sound waves. Kapurimon bears special bat-like qualities due to his poor eyesight; in order to identify his target (or anything in front of him, for that matter), he emits a supersonic sound wave from his mouth that bounces off the objects in front of him, allowing him to move in accordance. Therefore, Kapurimon can act in any situation, both day and night, despite his blindness. His special attack is "Howling Hertz", which resonates his two cone-shaped corners to produce a sound wave. Once this attack is in full swing, larger Digimon will grow deaf as their hearing gets paralyzed.

    Data from a music player fused with the legendary 'Kappa' to form this Cyborg type Digimon. He always listens to his favourite music with his seaweed-like headphones, but when the CD disc on his head gets damaged, he sheds tears. His special attacks are "DJ Shooter", where he spins the CD disc on his head at high speed that damages the enemy he launches the disc at, and "Gawappunch", where he uses his stretchy arms to issue forth a mighty blow. Enemies are unexpectedly tossed about when they get caught in his mysterious "Gawappa Rapper" dance attack.

    A Fairy type Digimon which takes on the form of the lotus flower, which is said to have bloomed from the Heavens. She is very quiet and sublimely docile, and has the ability to make others forget their worries and think of happy thoughts. But her fighting techniques, akin to a blow from a certain hero's iron hammer, aren't filled with the same kind of kindness she inhabits! Her special attacks are "Serpent Cure", which gives off a white aura from her twin-snake-shaped cane in her right hand that heals her team-mates, and "Serpent Ruin", which gives off a black aura that attacks her enemies. Her "Seven Fantasias" attack gives off a rainbow-coloured aura from her iridescent flora-shaped cane in her left hand that sends the opponent into a world of happy illusions that makes them lose their fighting spirit.
  5. jadenik

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    A huge Machine Dragon type Digimon who is said to exist only to destroy everything that exists on the land. He's accomplished a successful evolution, as he hacked into and took in blueprint data consisting of various construction vehicles used in heavy industrial workplaces, and thus possess performance and power that surpasses other Machine type Digimon. But, there has to be a price payed in exchange for his excellent machine-based preformance; in this case, he is entirely machine, and so has lost the true will and emotions of non-artificial beings. Therefore, he shows bravery even when he's rampaging, and he's thus feared as the Last Destructive Dragon who will destroy until he decays.His special attacks are "Destroyed Lash", where he excavates the land around the enemy at superspeeds with his shovel-like arms, "Infinite Boring", where he spins his drill-like nose and burrows it into the enemy (of which he can plough through mountains with his drill nose outside of battle), and "Great Press", where he slams into the target and destroys it with his weight. Will there be anything left once Breakdramon has left the scene?

    A Mammal type Digimon whose body is covered with a hard shell. He may seem to have a lovely nature, but sometimes this easily-elated being may cause an uproar. Armadillomon is able to Armor Evolve because he's a descendant of an ancient race, like Veemon. He likes to attack the enemy with "Scratch Beat", where he attacks the enemy with the claws on his forefeet which have developed lengthily. His special attack is "Rolling Stone", where he curls up his body and charges into the enemy.

    Slayerdramon [NOTE: This is the 100th profile on the Digimon Dictionary!]
    A Beast Knight type Digimon which bears a scaled armor made of Chrome-Digizoid. It's said that only Dragon type Digimon who pass the 'Trial of the Four Great Dragons' can evolve into him. Wielding a rubbery-like giant sword called "Fragara", Slayerdramon has gained the coveted swordsmanship title of "Dragon-Beheading Bladesman". To gain this title, one must use three kinds of swordplay in their attacks; at least one recorded example in the case of Slayerdramon involves him spinning his sword straight down the opponent's head in the manner of a 'decapitating bloodthirsty head dragon', slicing the enemy in half. His special attack is "Ascending Dragon Wave of Decapitation", which fires a dragon-shaped energy beam from his sword that not only destroys the area around the opponent, but also executes the opponent due to the pressure of his sword. His other attack, "Dragon Beheading Blade", allows him to choose a random time of attack during battle to coil the "Fragara" sword around the opponent's head and execute it from its entire body.

    A very valuable Rookie-levelled Digimon, as she is a twin of another Rookie, Terriermon. Like Terriermon, Lopmon's horn on her head has divided into three separate ones. Not much is known about her habitat, and she can be classified as a Beast type Digimon from her body frame, but that's all we know about her in terms of lifestyle. She has a comfortable nature, even though Terriermon is very vigorous in his nature. On the other hand, Lopmon may have a nature opposite to Terriermon's, as she's a crybaby and often feels lonely. Both of them don't know it yet, but they are special Digimon belonging to a 'battle species', but they do know that they demonstrate mighty powers contrary to their cute appearance when in brawls. Lopmon and Terriermon both attack the opponent with a combined "Petit Twister" attack---called "Double Typhoon" by Digimon afficionados---where they spin their ears like propellers and create small tornados that soon morph into one. If Terriermon isn't around, Lopmon's special attack is "Blazing Ice", where she fires a chilly bullet at the enemy.

    A Holy Knight type Digimon who is one of the Royal Knights, the sacred defenders of the Digital World. It apparently took a long time for this Digimon to show himself: he was devised from old digital equipment, and his extravagant data mass meant that it took up to now for him to appear via the latest digital equipment. He is the most recently discovered member of the Royal Knights, but he's also the most supremely-classed of all Dragon type Digimon, and he bears the nickname of "The Dragon Emperor". He has "Caledonian" wings and wields the huge "Ambrosia" lance. The special "Caledonian" wings are made of Chrome-Digizoid, and these wings not only allow Examon to fly, but can also become a handy shield during battle. His "Ambrosia" lance can fire special virus-packed bullets that causes various syndromes; colourful attacks are Examon's true forte. His special attacks are "Pendragon's Glory", which fires a powerful laser at a high output from his "Ambrosia" lance, which wipes out enemies around his area at an atmospheric range, and "Avalon's Gaze", which stabs his "Ambrosia" lance into the enemy and fires special bullets into the enemy's body. He also has "Draconic Impact", which preforms a nose-dive from the air, and fires out a shockwave upon landing; the friction produced, as well as the shockwave, can also exterminate enemies around his area at an atmospheric range.

    A Digimon who is shaped like glittering Poop. He was born when the refuse of data thrown into the Recycle Bin on the computer desktop gathered and mutated. He likes dark places, and many other Digimon hate him because of his foul appearance and nature; some say that Numemon was born the same way: through collected refuse of data. He has no intellect or offensive powers at all. He's unable to fight due to this, but he is clever at trickery; this is achieved through the cunning of the small mouse-shaped Digimon on Sukamon's head called 'Chuumon'.

    A Young Dragon type Digimon whose form is deeply impregnated with traditional draconic imagery. This Digimon was recently found to exist, but a greater discovery came in the fact that he contains a program code similar to ancient species of Digimon and, as data analysis showed, he is akin to lost Digimon races. Although he's small, he's fierce in nature and, when someone carelessly moves in front of Babydmon, he generates a hot gas from within his body and puffs it out over the enemy: this is translated as his "Hot Gas" attack. The "Hot Gas" is as pungent as it is hot, so if you do get it on you, a good wash is recommended immediately!

    Once the strongest Digimon in the Digital World, his body is entirely mechanized. He has combined parts taken from past Cyborg type Digimon, and it seems that these Cyborg type Digimon were made as experimental prototypes in order to complete Machinedramon. His brain produces enough processing power to overwhelm other intelligent Digimons', meaning he'll never miscalculate anything, but like other Machine type Digimon, he doesn't have a free will. He gets his infinite power from an evil program installed within his Digi-Core. His special attack is "Infinite Cannon", which fires out an enormous energy wave from the two cannons on his back.
    A Slime type Digimon with a big horn and small wings. He is able to very lightly levitate in the air with his wings, and the small breaths emitted from his mouth is an indication that he's carefully maintaining this posture. He's usually a cheerful person, but he bears three scales on his stomach and, should you touch them, he'll become very cross. His special attack is "Hot Sigh", which is used when danger is near him; the opponent is startled by a powerful breath of hot air, giving Petitmon time to quickly escape.

    A Cyborg type Digimon of heroic ancestry which wears a special rubber armor that can endure every kind of attack. When Digimon of the Virus kind gather in the computer network, he appears from out of nowhere, and deletes them entirely. But, he has a nature akin to an isolated warrior; he prefers to fight alone than be in the 'Virus Busters', and why he wants to be a lone wolf is wrapped in mystery. The special rubber armor also amplifies the wearer's offensive power as well as his or her excellent defensive ability, and Cyberdramon thinks this is a godsend during tough brawls. His special attack is "Erase Claw", which emits a super shockwave from his arms, erasing and destroying the composition data of the area around the enemy. The enemy will soon be deleted, leaving no traces of data once it perishes under this type of fire.

    A Fire type Digimon that bears a Digi-Core---said to be the 'heart' of all Digimon---on his head that constantly burns intensely. When the flaming Digi-Core stops burning, Candlemon soon dies. Some say that the flame on his head is the real deal, and the candlestick-shaped body is a fake. Since he's a Digimon of the Fire type, he personally never harms those around him. His special attack is "Bonfire", where he spits out small embers.

    This sacred Baby-levelled Digimon is the source of all known Angel type Digimon. Even though he says this, he himself cannot judge right from wrong, and is sometimes known to play tricks cutely despite being sacred. If anything, he's adored by many Digimon as he's known to bring good luck and happiness when he appears. He can rarely fly about in the sky skillfully with the two wings that grow on his back, since he's just been hatched. When he does fly, he's able to make his opponents feel happy with a mysterious powder that is scattered from his wings: this is translated as his "Angel Dust" attack.

    A Chick type Digimon that evolved from Pururumon, and can now fly at low altitudes. As small feathers have grown closely around this In-Training-levelled Digimon, he's one of the rarest of his level to have wings on his body. His most attractive feature is the feather on top of his head, distracting onlookers about him. He is a neat freak basically, but even if he has a chance to groom himself, the fact that he is entirely spherical means that he will have some difficulty keeping clean. His special attack is "Pororo Breeze", where he flaps his small wings and scatters dust everywhere; as soon as the opponent flinches from temporary blindness, he escapes.

    A Beast Man type Digimon whose nicknames vary from 'The King of Beasts' to 'The Noble Brave Warrior'. While there are a lot of evil-hearted and ferocious Digimon, this strong-willed and heroic-hearted being has defeated a large number of them in the past. In particular, the 'Digimon Hunter' named Ogremon is his rival. His tough-trained body, which he trains daily, can withstand all known attacks, and with his special attack of "Beast King Fist", his enemies breathe their last breath near him. He very rarely has to resort to slashing at the enemy with the "Lion King Sword" on his waist.

    A Mutant type Digimon born from a combination of Digimon that strayed into old research data on an old computer and united with the data gradually. When his head, hands and feet are tucked in, he seemingly resembles an old fortress. A slow-footed Digimon, Eldradimon's huge figure is due to the enormous amount of research data he mutated from, but even if he's attacked by thousands of Digimon, he'll be difficult to defeat. He's the ultimate in impregnable Digimon. His special attacks are "Golden Road", where he charges through armies of enemies he's under fire from and stampedes all over them, and "Meteor Quake", where he beats and shakes the land. In addition, his "Giant Nippers" attack has the power to bite away at the enemy with his strong jaws.

    A Fairy type Digimon born from the petals of a flower that blooms beautifully. She's like a human child, but she's really an Ultimate-levelled Digimon that wields immeasurable powers. It's said that Lillymon open their heart to human girls who have tomboyish and capricious natures, of which they share themselves. This is why when they break into tears, these crybabies won't listen to anyone else, so taming them effectively is the key. Despite being small and weak, she's gentle and will lead others. Lillymon can fly through the sky with her four leaf-shaped wings, leaving a refreshing breeze blowing in her wake. Her special attack is "Flower Cannon", which transforms the petals on the wrists of her arms into a muzzle and fires out energy bullets.

    A Machine type Digimon with a missile-shaped body. Since Missimon evolved, his body was ignited, and he keeps on flying until he evolves into the next Digimon. He's able to adjust his speed a little, but if he doesn't keep on flying at a considerable speed, he'll fall, so he's unable to stop anywhere. His special attack is "Missile Crash", which uses his speed to issue forth a destructive force, but many enemies aren't harmed by this attack due to his unsatisfactory control.

    A Baby-levelled Digimon with smoke-like gas covering his body. All Digimon have a Digi-Core in the center of their bodies, but Mokumon's is completely bare; he emits smoke to cover it up from the sight of enemy Digimon around him. He also blows smoke to blind his opponents while he runs away: this is translated as his "Smoky Blow" attack.

    A Puppet type Digimon with the head of a pumpkin. An electronic virus transmitted on the American/European holiday known as 'Halloween' mutated and became Pumpkinmon. But this wasn't a vicious sort of virus, so he doesn't really try to aggrivate the enemy at all, but a strong offensive power lies within his charming appearance. A main feature of Puppet type Digimon is the trait that they cannot facially express themselves, and Pumpkinmon is no exception, looking scary and brave even when he's really scared. His special attack is "Trick or Treat", where he creates a huge pumpkin that floats in the air and crushes down onto the enemy.

    A Plant type Digimon which takes on the form of a bud. By revolving the leaves on her head, she can fly softly; her face is deadpanned but lovely to behold. Her special attack is "Nut Shoot", where she fires solid nuts from her mouth; although unexpected, she has a good sense of accuracy. She also has "Lala Screw", where she revolves the leaves on her head and charges at the enemy, and "Sing a Song", where she puts the enemy to sleep with a pleasant song.
  6. jadenik

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    A Machine type Digimon whose mutation caused him to bear a gear-shaped body. Countless gears are also stored inside his body, and are constantly rotating. Therefore, even if one gear stops rotating or falls off, his life hangs in the balance. Hagurumon bears the special ability to transmit electronic viruses into the opponent's body and control it, which has led to brutal Digimon using this gear-shaped Digimon for their own intentions. But because Hagurumon himself doesn't have an ego, he can't judge right from wrong. His special attack is "Darkness Gear", which installs a black gear into the opponent's body and corrupts it with the electronic viruses stored within.

    Although he's at the Ultimate level, this Young Nobleman of the Dark Area commands a troop of demonic Digimon and has powers that surpass even a Mega. This cruel and devilish Digimon has many fans, and it's thought by many that his charismatic nature symbolizes his entire being. The bullets fired from his favourite 'Auroramon'* machine gun have their own free will, and will pursue the enemy 'at a Hellish limit'. His special attacks are "Hell Fire", which fires bullets from his 'Auroramon'* machine gun, and "Maverick', which issues forth a kick filled with dark energy.

    A Flame type Digimon with flaming red fire on his entire body. Like the fire that cover his body, he has a burning temperment and will try to burn everything that touches him, and he was born from the 'Firewall', a defensive wall that stops viruses on the Internet attacking the user's network. Even if he can be tamed, you won't know when he'll disobey and attack, because it's very difficult to control this Digimon completely; even the Meramon on File Island have a caloric value higher than any other. His special attack is "Burning Fist", which kindles his arms and hits the opponent with them thoroughly.

    A Demon Man type Digimon who, at the Mega level, is full of bad luck and superstitious curses. He evolves from mummy-shaped Digimon, and some say he ruled many areas of the ancient Digital World with his absolute power. The mysterious ruins that dot the Digital World may have come from Pharaohmon himself; during the Creation of the Digital World, many Digimon under Pharaohmon's rule created the pyramid-like structures in less than several days. His special attack is "Necro Mist", where he radiates a gas full of fear that captures the opponent Digimon's will and gradually decays its body away. As soon as Pharaohmon dies and is sent to the afterlife, the Digimon he attacked with "Necro Mist" will be forced to serve him for all eternity.

    This small Plant type Digimon is shaped like the acrid mushroom. He grows small, toxically strong mushroom bombs on his body, and Mushroomon can use them to antagonize the opponent with all sorts of symptons. These range from melancholy, paralysis, amnesia and so on. This very mean bully likes to pick on the weak, but he is also shy despite his unpleasantness, which is why half of his face is shrouded. His special attack is "Poison Smash", where he releases small mushroom bombs simultaneously.

    A mechanical Digimon used in nanotechnology. He was once a Vaccine Digimon used to restore crashed computers, but he was attacked by a strong Virus Digimon, which destroyed his logic circuits and made him run wild. Even normally behaved computers have their data reorganized and corrupted by this selfish being. Despite his small stature, Datamon can easily delete bigger and stronger Digimon. His special attack is "Plug Bomb", which launches tiny bombs from his fingertips.

    A peculiar signal in a software used to study conversations between a variety of sea creatures was Digimonized into this Aquatic Beast type Digimon. Although he's more useful underwater than he is on land, his undersea high-speed movement is impeccable. As expected from his appearance, he has high intelligence, but the thought patterns emitted are too complicated and difficult for normal people to understand. He hates battling for really useless reasons, but he doesn't pardon challenging opponents. His special attack is "Shaking Pulse", which emits a supersonic wave from his mouth, that can also be used to communicate with his mates out of battle.

    Ogudomon: the deformed Super-Demon with seven eyes, seven legs and eight eyes. The incarnated form of a mysterious power, he is the mastermind of and expert in all known crimes in the Digital World, both new and old, and his power is so incredible that he can defeat even the most vicious and smallest of Digimon. His special attacks are "Oratio Grandioso (Silk Gauze: Rhapsody)", where he fires out a powerful wave from his many jaws, and "Cathedrale (West: Cathedral)" where he tempts the opponent without fail. His "Gradus (Silk Gauze: Step)" attack crushes opponents with his many legs.
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    These might be good to add to Wikimon? ^^;
  8. MugenSeiRyuu

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    Most likely yes. But I don't think that Raramon's face is described as dead pan, but emotionless.

    Lotusmon's attack is also Seventh Fantasia, not Seven Fantasias ( Did I mention, that she is my type?:D ), her staff is also the "Cane of paired Snakes"

    Since Wikimon does not use the Dub Terms, you also have to check the profiles before adding them. Wildermon's tranlastion of Pharaohmon's for example says Mega-Level.

    Also Ogudomon's profile does not make much sense and judging by his many legs and Gradus Attack, he is like Gaomon's natural Enemy. :D
  9. Ainz

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    Since he uses a translation engine - OCN - most of the profiles contain inaccurate information, especially the Ogudomon profile. Unless, despite being time-consuming, I could TLC them and rewrite them if there are any clear mistakes.
  10. MugenSeiRyuu

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    Which is probably a good idea.
  11. PrimoPiccolo

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    Wowee. Nice work.

    So were these profiles developed specifically for the dub? Because I noticed the name changes, such as ElDradimon...
  12. MugenSeiRyuu

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    Nobe, those are profiles from the official japanese site. Wildermon just tends to use Dub Names whern he (machine-)translates them.
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    You might wanna ask permission for that guys.
  14. MugenSeiRyuu

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    I don't know if it wouldn't be better to have Ainz translate them instead.
  15. jadenik

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    I meant add them to wikimon but I see that ainz plans to translate them herself.
  16. MugenSeiRyuu

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    Which will be way more accurate. I've seen her work on Ogudomon. Very impressive!
  17. jadenik

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    What other errors has wildermon made?
  18. MugenSeiRyuu

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    We will see. But since he uses machine translation, there could be many more.
  19. jadenik

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    I don't know, besides that ogudomon and lotusmon profiles, his profiles make a lot of sense and sound accurate.
  20. Ainz

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    I'll gradually translate them since a doing 101 things at once over there.

    I'm male by the way.

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