Why can't we extend the "Heart Wave" song?

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Zodiac, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Why can't we extend the "Heart Wave" song?

    If Capcom refuses to release a full version, why can't we make one?

    (Yes, I do realize that I am a completely new user here, and that this is my first post.)

    It seems that the TV version is all we're getting from Capcom's initiative. Why not make up some lyrics relevant to the song, and get reviews from it? That way, we can have a bigger song, and at the same time, feel good about contributing something.

    Huh, I realize that it would take a strong knowledge of Japanese. But at least it doesn't have to rhyme... (And it must follow the tune already in place. That's slightly problematic too.)

    What do you think?
  2. zero_hunter

    zero_hunter New Member

    That's a great idea!

    How do you suggest we start on it?
  3. Akai Shuichi

    Akai Shuichi The Pierrot

    I don't see you volunteering to be the vocalist. lmao.
  4. fallinroxas

    fallinroxas New Member

    ~Shoots self in foot~
  5. zero_hunter

    zero_hunter New Member

  6. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    I do agree with that
    I wish there is a Full-ver of Heart Wave, or even Kizuna Wave too
    A song with only 1 min duration is no good
  7. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!

    EDIT: Making it nicer...

    Not everyone can exactly sing...it'd take a lot of training. Unless you want to get Misota herself.
  8. happycow

    happycow New Member

    Good idea, although it's hard to do it.
  9. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Oh man, I'm slapping myself for seeing that no one posted this before!

    Well, first we need to make the lyrics. Then we can worry about voicing.

    (This is going to be hard... I don't know Japanese.)
  10. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Okay, for some reason, the edit button won't let me edit my post, so I'll have to double-post here temporarily.

    I'm posting all the information about meter here.

    These are borrowing from lines of the original song, and the restrictions for how many syllables can be in each line in order for it not to mess up the song.

    Wherever extra syllables can go, I will place [space] there. They do not have to go there, nor do syllables in brackets need to be omitted.

    [theme 1/verse format]
    Line 1: [space]Tobikau shigu[na]ru so[re]zore nokyou wonose[space]te : 17-21 syllables
    Line 2: [space]Onaji shu-uha[su]-u ka[sa]ne a-i kimi wo hanasu[space] : 17-21 syllables

    [transition format]
    Line 3: Mayo-i... (3 syllables exactly) tamera-i [space] wo furikiri : 11-12 syllables
    Line 4: Soko ni... (3 syllables exactly) a[space]ru ha[space]zu no michi wo i[space]ko[space]u! : 12-16 syllables [Sorry if the word spacings are a bit off; I royally suck at Japanese.]

    [theme 2/chorus format]
    Line 5: Mi [space] ageru so-ra wa ko[space]koroni tsu[space]moru ne[ga]i [space] no [space] iro : 19-23 syllables
    Line 6: [space] Egaku [2 spaces] yume wo utsu shidasu [3 spaces] : 11-17 syllables
    Line 7: [5 spaces, but only if the 3 spaces in line 6 are used.] Kanarazu [space] itsuka [space] kono teni furerasu he no chi[zu] : 18-24 syllables
    Line 8: [space] Tsuyoku [space] takaku todokumade kagayate :

    What I mean by syllables, is that the syllables can be omitted in the next verse, giving more freedom of meter. The original verses are never modified.
  11. megamaid

    megamaid New Member

    I don't think a full version was recorded beacause Rockman music is not a big seller in japan.
  12. Rocknote

    Rocknote Banned

    You sure are a professional. :D Is everyone from RockmanEXE Online creative like you?

    To make it into full version need Misato Fukuen to do that. I think it will be hard to do it only with the lyrics without Misato Fukuen.
  13. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    I'm not really a professional. It's pretty simple to do, actually. Just listen to the original song and see where you could put a few syllables in, take a few out, etc. It just takes a knowledge of how beats are stressed or unstressed. Try it out.

    And yes, they are (very) creative, just not on original concepts from Rockman.

    Well, first we can make the lyrics, and then we can worry about Misato-chan. (Misato-sensei? Misato-sama? I have no idea what to call her.) I just want to see how far we can get this to, and then see if we can submit it to Capcom/Naoki as the entire forum. (Or at least the family on this forum that is familiar with Rockman...)
  14. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    Well, that's a good one
    How about Kizuna Wave then?
    Can you also interprete that?
    I also hope that Kizuna Wave had its full-ver
  15. Rocknote

    Rocknote Banned

    Is it possible to submit it? Since the first season was finished.
  16. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    Sounds good, but I think if the producers really wanted Misato Fukuen to sing a full version, they would have. Always nice to beg--er, ask, though.

    A fan-written version would just make me want a real one more than I already do.
  17. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    Let's just hope both of the songs would be released in full-ver
    Kinda strange for an anime OST to not have its full-ver

    I go with tricky's idea, but i wonder if we really could submit it and could be considered since Heart Wave and Kizuna Wave were already being used, and the anime has ended
  18. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    I made a mistake on line 7: the 5 spaces are not there. The line can only be 18-21 syllables. I didn't realize that "Kanarazu" took up measure 4.5 of line 6.

    Anyway, even if both TV shows are done airing, why not create a full version in retrospect?

    We only need to create the lyrics. If and after we submit it to Capcom, we can leave the rest to them and Misato-chan.

    (It seems that the Ryuusei show builds on the "Beast" concept, but adding one more style. As well, Cancer seems to have the same accent as Bubbleman, but "buku" instead of "puku".)
  19. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    I'm not saying don't do the project, in fact I think it would be fun to write out accompanying lyrics to such great OPs. I just wouldn't put ANY stock in us actually getting the powers that be to reorganize everything and re-record to sell singles. The Japanese fans alone must have put out the desire to have full-length singles released, especially since it's "Misora-chan" singing, but I think we all know of the Ryuusei anime's thinned audience, which is why it's not airing anymore. If they were ever going to give us at least a full-length version of "Heart Wave", it would have come on that last Rockman.EXE CD from early last year. Not that I think you're trying to get people's hopes up, I'm just telling everyone else not to.

    So, back to the project itself, I don't think the lyrics will be hard at all. Our focus needs to be on a darn good singer and darn good audio software.
  20. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Well, what I mean is, first get the lyrics out of the way (yes, out of the way)
    and then we can do the MIDI sequencing required.

    Of course, we have no reason to get hopes up for them to actually publicly distribute a full-length version. However, we can do our best to create one and see if we can persuade Capcom to make it. If not, oh well, so what? At least we tried.

    Back to the lyrics. I've analyzed the lyrics themselves now, and I think that only the theme-1 sections should have any direct relation to the Ryuusei concept. ("Tobikau SHIGUNARU" becomes "flying signals"... which obviously has something to do with radio and therefore the whole EM-wave concept.)

    So, I'm thinking that the second theme-1 verse should have something else to do with radio... but what else is there other than a "signal"? I need ideas.

    (I don't get why the EM waves are still restricted to infrared, though, even in 220X. You'd have thought that they would have found a way to create UV rays that can transfer data as well.)

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