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Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by Dash, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Well, I am back. I am too busy these days. Shanghai was locked down in April and May and open again in June. We need to do too much after that.
    Another problem is that due to Omicron is too annoying, it spreads faster than we expected. Nowaday, we need to have PCR check at least once in 3 days. Otherwise, we can't go to any public place. Due to the exhibitions are cancelled in this situation, I plan to decorate my office in order to suit for my online shop business. The work may start a week later and it may takes about 3 months.
    Items are expensive than before, but even in this case, I have no way but do it. After the work is finished. I want to buy some new equipments. I only wish that it could be better after that. Many shops, companies are closed due to this epidemic, many employees lost their job. I don't want this happened to me, so I have no choice.
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    D: testing every 3 days is... kind of... wow.

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