Discussion in 'News' started by Dash, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator


    There is a huge bug with the layout. When the right sidebar is longer than the left... it breaks the layout. We're waiting for Tixer to fix this.

    If he doesn't... well, we can always force the left to be longer I guess. :p I'd prefer not to... but we'll see. ^_^

    The guy that coded it doesn't seem to think that the layout would be used on any page but the main one. Hmm. Guess we won't be switching layouts after all.

    Who knows.

    It's working now.

    We'll be putting out the layout soon. <3

    Episode 5 is FINALLY being finished. Yay! There needs to be a reencode, but it *SHOULD* be up for release tomorrow ^_^

    Episode 6 is going through a post TLC2 edit, and then I'll TS... followed by a hopefully semi-short QC session... then it'll be out ^_^

    Episodes 7-9 and 11 are waiting on TLC1, who's school's wireless pooped out. So uh, we're going to be shuffling around some staff up there. Should still work out good tho. 10 is still being TLed, but should be done soon.

    Inazuma Eleven
    We're still waiting on onkei to be available to look over 5v2, 6 and 7.

    8 and 9 are both sitting with translators. Eile is supposedly 3/4 (or more!) done with 8, and I don't know how far Takashi is with 9. ^^' Hopefully we'll get those two episodes rolling again soon.

    Today in Class 5-2
    Still no clue where chaz is... I guess he's going through some IRL problems. :/ I know he's a reliable guy, so I'm not gonna give up on him... so please give us some time ^^'

    Maybe it's one of those post-college "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING T_T" deals... lord knows everyone feels that all during June after school gets out. :-p

    Nyarumi has signed up for TLC on Zoids, so 13 is now waiting on my Ryan to finish up.

    14 & 15 are up for him to TS too, so maybe he'll do some Zoids work over the weekend. :D

    Saru GetCHU
    10-14 are all sitting in QC, and I'm begging around trying to get someone to help TLC. T_T Nyarumi is really good... there are just a few lines she wasn't sure on, and so I/she wants them checked over.

    Futa, if you're reading this, pleaseeeeeeee?

    No clue really. Haven't heard much from Alt lately. He's been busy with work (and a possible work switch) so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes. He said he'd probably have some last weekend... so maybe this weekend :)

    It'll be nice to finish up the show soon.

    We're picking these back up... kinda sorta. More later.
  2. suiton

    suiton Banned

    I hope that we get more Kuroshitsuji (finally) soon.
  3. Lord Mog

    Lord Mog Syaoran's Gay Boyfriend

    Oh, you will. Don't let that sexy suiton name get too ancy. ;>
  4. suiton

    suiton Banned

    * suiton tosses over 9000 suiton points at Lord Mog

  5. Lord Mog

    Lord Mog Syaoran's Gay Boyfriend

    I...I'm so flattered...

    I'd'd'd'd'd like to thank the academy... Oh mog... T_T

    *Cries a river*
  6. katawe

    katawe New Member

    My schedule for this week/weekend is quickly turning into:
    Study for organic chemistry test of DOOM
    Finish translating Kuroshitsuji 10 (and maybe 12, if the DOOM allows it)

    But if you still have some quick TLC jobs lying around by next weekend, I can see what I can do about them.
  7. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    You looking to join DATS? o.o
  8. katawe

    katawe New Member

    Not long-term, but if you could use someone to fill TLC-related gaps while you're looking for staff, I can help out.

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