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Discussion in 'Digimon' started by The Analyzer, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. The Analyzer

    The Analyzer New Member

    Unique Couples

    Are you a fan of any rare or unique couples? Pairings that have little or no fans at all that for some reason you have taken a liking to?

    I have a some in mind. I have some fondness for Mimi/Izumi...or Miyako/Izumi...or them in a threesome. Something about their personality seem to mesh in my mind. I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks that. Interestingly, while Junpei is the only boy that I think could fit her, most of the other Digimon girls I could think of seem to fit her too.

    I also like Jun/Shuu. It's funny: a lot of people don't like her crush on Yamato and yet they ignore one of the few canon ways to get her away from him. As soon as she found out the blond was taken, she pouted for a few days and then moved on to crush on Shuu when he appeared on her doorstep. Judging from the screentime he had, Shuu seemed like he'd be more open to a relationship with her.

    Here some others, in no particular order:





    And while buzzing over my screwed up sleep schedule a couple of nights ago, I've came up with another one. Kenta/Ducky. Yes, Ducky, from The Land Before Time. They have similar sweet personalities that would allow them to get along and, in addition, Ducky's optimism could lift him when he is one of his down moods. I don't plan on writing it any time in the forceable future (I don't want to break my readers brains if I ever cross Land Before Time and Tamers together), but they would be cute though!

    So, what rare couples do you like?
  2. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    I swear, Renamon and Leomon had a thing for each other. I just think I'm the only one who was crazy enough to see it...

    Kouichi/Zoe is a fun pairing. I can imagine Kouichi getting all flustered over havign a girlfriend XD

    Heck, Kouji/Zoe is another fun one, and this almost seemed like it had it's moments in the show (Zoe hugging Kouji [Well, and Takuya..], Kouji giving Zoe his jacket), but thta could be looking to far into things.

    Kari/Ken because of some fanart I saw with Ken wearing Kari's hairclip XD No, seriously, they have bothe been screwed with by darkness, and they understand each other. I see no reason to why it wouldn't work out.

    Rika/Kouji....Can you imagine these two together? Fight, fight, fight. It'd be amusing.

    Izzy/Sora for no reason at all. Maybe because I dont like Matt/Sora...

    I beleive Mimi/Michel (The kid with the Betamon) is cannon, and they got married. Mimi's kid at the end of 02 looks so much like Michel!

    Davis/Yolei...This one actually IS just because I saw some nifty fanart, haha.

    Ryo/Suzie: I have this ongoing joke in my head that Suzie fell in love with Ryo after he gave her a Modify Card XD It's completely one-sided though.

    I didn't even realise how many couples I liked :confused:
  3. SSJ Jup81

    SSJ Jup81 Official Link Fanglomper

    Hmm, unique couples...

    Well, I sorta like Ryou and Mimi and that's because of the games.

    Touma x Sayuri

    Yamato x Chizuru (Miyako's older sister that's in the same class as Yamato)

    Iori x Wheelchair girl :p

    Takeru x Ken: I don't think this pairing has a big following, so therefore, I'll consider it "unique".

    That's about all I can really think of, right off, for "unique" pairings.
  4. Darkmon

    Darkmon New Member

    I've always found the idea of Jun/Osamu nice.
  5. AznxLoneWolf

    AznxLoneWolf Member

    Do those even count as unique? :-p Well, besides the Ruki / Kouji one since it's crossover. Omg, yes! Daisuke / Miyako =3. *Does not like Miyako / Ken* I don't mind Kouichi / Izumi either =3. It's cute ^ ^. Kouji / Izumi is my favorite in Frontier, but quite a few people like it and it has a pretty decent sized fanbase...or used to. And omg I saw the one with Ken & Hikari and the hair clip. It was adorable xD. Still prefer Takari though...I don't mind Ken / Hikari. I thought about Shuichon crushing on Ryou after the card thing but it would be one-sided. RyoxRuki ftw xD.

    But unique pairings...um...
    Kouichi x Izumi
    Daisuke x Miyako
    Ken x Hikari
    Iori x Noriko < I think that was her name...>> Gah it's been too long since I watched Zero Two...

    Yeah, not much...and those are mostly just ones I don't mind...not really favorites ^ ^;;.
  6. Darkmon

    Darkmon New Member

    Noriko's one of the children who Oikawa used for Dark Spores. She was the one who got most screen-time.
  7. AznxLoneWolf

    AznxLoneWolf Member

    Ooh, yay. Got the name right xD.
  8. The Analyzer

    The Analyzer New Member

    I wouldn't actually call Kouichi/Izumi, Kouji/Izumi, and Daisuke/Miyako unique. They are pretty mainstream, as they have a decent fan following, so lets stick to the ones that aren't so popular.

    Like Junzumi. That couple certainly isn't mainstream and I like it.
  9. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    Don't steal MY favorites! XD
    Kouichi/Izumi is mainstream? I've seen all of one pic of them together that *might have possibly* been hinting at that couple. Didnt know it was that popular.
    Im actuyually surprised that shipping isnt more popular, but I guess Goggleboy steals all the glory yet again?
  10. Rayana_Wolfer

    Rayana_Wolfer ~Born to be Wild~

    Taichi x Jun
    They look cute together. ;D

    :-p Don't get me wrong. I like Taiora (even thought I don't like Sora that much) and I admit I've been influenced by fanfics... ^^" (mostly) but believe me when I say that most of the Taijun fanfics out there are "really really good ones". =D

    Here's a good example:
    (I even consider this "my" official Adventure 03.)
  11. AznxLoneWolf

    AznxLoneWolf Member

    What can I say? Great minds think alike XD.
    I don't think Kouichi / Izumi is THAT mainstream but it's crossed quite a few people's minds even if it's not their number one favorite ^ ^.
  12. wolfiemon

    wolfiemon Royal Knight glomper

    You've all probably heard this one from me before but...

    RhodoKnightmonxIzumi. This came completely out of a dream, but it was so darned cute... XD I'm going to do something with it. Eventually. <3

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