The future?

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Animeman2, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Animeman2

    Animeman2 Letting life slip away...

    The future?

    The future of anything is always full of uncertainites. That new car ya just got could be crushed tommorow in an traffic accident. or that new girlfriend might just leave ya tonight. It is with this i relate Rockman: plain and simple where is Rockman going to go next? I mean we been just about everywhere, past and future, so what going to be the next great or lousy rockman story to be told? i can only sit by the wayside and wonder...
  2. Akai Shuichi

    Akai Shuichi The Pierrot

    They could always just make a Anime series of Rockman X, Rockman Legends, and Rockman Zero.
  3. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    If it wasn't for Ryuusei no Rockman we'd probably have gotten a ZX anime. >_< *soo mad*

    Zero or X anime plzkthnx. Day of Sigma was too much of a tease and I'm getting tired of the EXE-esk series. Ok, everyone loves them, but I lost interest in EXE after Forte left. Ryuusei just seems like the same continuation of the same thing we saw eight series ago. :/ Even the Rockman OAV was more entertaining.
  4. RamenRanger

    RamenRanger Red Ramen Ranger

    OMG what if rockman starts to do sports like mario Omg the horror and this is including the scoccer game on snses.
  5. Akai Shuichi

    Akai Shuichi The Pierrot

    Rockman Football would be pretty interesting.
  6. RollEXE

    RollEXE Member

    I thought there was already a Rockman Zero anime......
  7. Yuki2

    Yuki2 Hearts Beywiki

    Personally, I Like Ryuusei. It's pretty cool, for me. I like Battle Network a lot though.

    Well...I'd say something like a crossover of both timelines would be next. What else is there?
  8. Jinto

    Jinto New Member

    Oh i would really like a Rockman X or Legends anime but it seems capcom on care about the "PET" style series and after EXE its hard for me to get into the new series cause it just isnt as entertaining

    Plus the fact that i dont seem like were going to get a X9 :/ so this past year hasnt been go for me rockman wise :(
  9. BrightWolf

    BrightWolf A bit of Both

    Tirgger for PSP should bring about more people wanting a legends anime >_>
    but they may not do it or they'll make 2 or 3 OVA's
  10. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    Rockman's creator already said there's no chance of sequels to classic/X/etc unless Capcom suddenly throws money at him. Seeing as he wants to make a Legends 3 it's got a better chance of being made (Honestly I could care less. I hated the series), but right now we'll get more out of ZX and Ryuusei because handheld games in Japan sell better than console.

    And no, there's not a Zero anime. 0_o Who told you that?

    And Legends for PSP would probably bomb just as bad as Megaman Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X....
  11. RamenRanger

    RamenRanger Red Ramen Ranger

    dont know what your talking about Rockman Dash aka legends was a great series.
  12. Subaru/Rockman

    Subaru/Rockman #1 Rockman Fan

    i don't care if other people think Ryuusei no Rockman sucks i think it's cool as a Rockman fan i love every series and the new game is gonna be sweet too oh ya in u.s.a they already made a megaman ZX series i'm pretty sure and their making megaman ZX advent so wait until that and don't diss Ryuusei no Rockman cuz Ryuusei no Rockman rocks
  13. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Hmm... just once, I'd like to see another classic game. I'm glad they stopped EXE, but it's been far too long since a genuine Megaman original game, even if they had more of those than EXE. And no, I don't count Megaman and Bass for the GBA, I played that before it came out via translation patch. :p

    Ryuusei could go either way. I'll wait for the reviews to pan out, but I'm less than pleased that they're making three versions of each game. Seriously Capcom, wtf is this? Pokemon? And the fact they dummied out the Lunar Knights stuff bites too, especially since I'll probably get Star Force and a friend of mine has Lunar Knights.

    ZX seems to be a good series at the moment. The fact they're adding subtitles for the sequels is good, it probably means they won't go on very long with it and it won't die a stale death.

    Though this suggests they're making ZX their flagship series. We'll see how it pans out. Then again, they've got Subaru on the '20th' logo, so...

    Though if all they've got for 'omg 20th anniversary' is ZX Advent and Star Force, Capcom ain't doing that much for it.

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