Takane no Jitensha (Takane's Bike)

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  1. Dash

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    Takane no Jitensha (Takane's Bike)

    [DATS] Takane no Jitensha (Takane's Bike) [E002FE92].mkv
    File Size: 116.5MB
    Release Date: August 22, 2010
    Torrent: Click Here
    HTTP: Click Here

    Translation: Hatsumi
    Translation Check & Song Translation: onkeikun
    Editing: digiboy123
    Timing: Yuumei
    Styling: Koroku
    Karaoke Timing: Yuumei & Skr
    Encoding: Koroku
    Special Thanks: Skr & Umi

    First off, I suggest you read the review on MAL here for a bit of background on what this is.

    And now that you know what it is, let me give you a story:

    [Jul, 2008] <Koroku> I wanna do this!!! :)
    [Jul, 2008] <Koroku> ANYONE WANNA TRANSLATE?
    [Jul, 2008] <Koroku> I'll order the CD!
    [Jul 15, 2008] <Hatsumi> Hi. I've never translated before but I'll translate for you!
    [Jul 15, 2008] <Koroku> YAY!
    [Jul 31, 2008] <Hatsumi> Here it is!
    [by Aug 28, 2008] <Digi, Yuumei, onkei> Edited! Timed! TLCed!
    [Aug 31, 2008] <Skr> Ending is ktimed!
    [Oct 5, 2008] <Yuumei> ...oh, this needed more ktiming. Done!
    [Aug 15, 2010] <Koroku> Oh fuck finding an encoder. *encodes* *does up script* *puts in qc*
    [Aug 22, 2010] <Koroku> RELEASE TIME.

    You might have noticed that rather big gap. Oops.

    Well, it's done now. A few things tho:
    1) It was sucky source. I'm a sucky encoder. Sucky + sucky = sucky, but there isn't much of a noticable difference between the raw and the encode. So it's okay.
    2) Fully softsubbed. Like everything else we've seen released this month, we're done with hardsubs. So the ending and insert are just styled up \k timing, nothing more.
    3) Thank you thank you thank yous to: Hatsumi for TLing this years ago, onkei for TLCing, Skr for occasionally attempting to encode and for the ktiming, Yuumei for your timing and ktiming, digi for your editing, and I guess me for buying the CD and doing rest of the stuff. Oh, and megumi and Matze... this goes out to you guys, our only QCers still around :)

    One 2 year old project complete. Only 43234243 to go.
  2. megumi

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    Nice background story. xD

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