Slayers Revolution

Discussion in 'Fansub Discussions' started by Nemomon, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Nemomon

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    Slayers Revolution

    I dunno, if You all know Slayers series (i bet, some of You know). That's great series about Lina Inverse (and RPG). Anyway, i cannot provide RAWs as well as a translators (and my English sucks, so i would be bad QC-er) but i belive, there is a hope ^^.
  2. Vande

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  3. Dash

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    According to the Fansub Wiki, there are already 3 groups planning on it.

    Add onto it that we don't have a translator (I don't think we have a single translator on the team interested in Slayers... I may be wrong though)...

    I'm pretty sure this won't happen.

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