Shall we discuss... projects? Again?

Discussion in 'News' started by Dash, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Shall we discuss... projects? Again?

    I have heard a calling... asking for me to talk to you all about how stuff is going, again. So I guess I will waste my last hour here at work, and talk a bit about how our projects are moving along.

    Like before, I'll simply go down the Status list, to make my life easier. ^_^

    And as before, it's fucking LONG, so just click this link to read it ^_^

    EDIT: I'd like to point out that most of our shows are translated by their own translator. We have a large team, but most of them are busy/MIA. We're not the type of group that has one translator doing 20 shows. The most a single translator will do is... 3 shows? And that's because Futa has time, and they're not *big* shows. Choco... Zoids... and the Terra specials. And he has time to work on them. (You guys will actually see a lot of his work released in the upcoming weeks~ he's done a lot recently) Kido shares the work on the specials when he has time, and does Saru GetCHU on his own. Pazuzu has two shows, but they're his love children and gets huffy if we talk about someone else doing them. A number of translators come in from joints, like Metapod who works on the two Beyblades. So really, it's not like we have one guy doing all our projects. We have a big team, and they work when they can. If they were all super unbusy, we'd probably be releasing three things a day - every day. But they're all busy, so we release what we can (when we can).

    This seems to be a rather common conception about the group, and it's kinda annoying...

    For reference, I've added a "Translator" to each of the sections, so you can see who does it.

    <_> Srsly, we work on what we can. Do you really think it's possible to do release-a-day when we sit and do nothing? We did daily releases through a good portion of August and then again in September, and we've had a goodly amount released in October......
  2. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Deltora Quest
    Translator: Pazuzu
    Deltora Quest is, simply put, amazing. I love it. We all love it. So we want to work on it lots and lots. But Pazuzu is busy busy, and he can't work on it lots and lots.

    So we do what we can. I've got the second DVD uploading (episodes 5, 6, 7, and 8) so we'll be able to do the DVD versions of those episodes. The DVD versions of 9 and 10 are being worked on right now... and odds are, we'll be releasing the DVD versions out of order. xP Sounds like fun!

    DVD 1 is being a bitch for some reason. It kept erroring out when I would try to rip it... which is causing some problems. I'll be trying to rip from a different drive in the next few days (I need to do it when my father isn't around, as he doesn't like me doing stuff on his computer...............) but it's possible that I may have to buy a new copy of it. @___@


    But yeah, we're working on what we can. We have workraws done for episodes 15 and 16, so as soon as we get translations for those, we'll be able to work HARD HARD HARD, and get them out in a few days. Because we're awesome like that.

    Beyblade G-Revolution
    Translator: Metapod (from ZP)
    I swear, this project is the bane of my existance. We've got episodes 3 and 4 essentially done... we're just waiting on Metapod (the translator) to show back up and discuss a few notes with us. Then it's off to encoder probably, and we can get these two out.

    Metapod is apparently like... extremely busy or something, and won't really be available for hardcore work until after the end of December. As the new series is rumored to be beginning in January, and Zanon wants to put more effort into that... it's possible that we will be putting G-Rev on hiatus after episode 5 until we can procure some more translation help.

    But until then, we'll be doing what we can. ^_^

    Toward the Terra Specials
    Translator: AnimeKido and Futamaru
    We released the 2nd one yesterday, and it's been a fun little thing to work on. There really aren't all that many left... just the Pilot, a music video, and then some long specials. The music video we already have translated, and we're waiting on someone to do ktiming on it. The Pilot... it's mainly text, and Kido can't read much kanji, and therefore doesn't want to do it. We'll get to it eventually, probably, and maybe someone will help out. xD

    The longer specials are kinda... behind the scenes-ish type things. They're long (about 45 minutes each!!) and so are a pretty daunting task for just about anyone... so it's possible we won't even do those. We'll see. ^_^

    Penguin no Mondai
    Translator: Crush and luckystar (from MS)
    ...Penguin...Penguin Beckham!...

    God, this is another pain-in-the-ass project. We picked it up basically at the translator's request, and now he's ducked out. I really don't get it. We've started work with another group... but they've been busy with stuff too, and so really haven't gotten any more episodes translated. v_v;

    This was moved to the Eternal Side Projects for that very reason - I don't think we'll ever be able to find someone that will just whip right through the episodes. x.x

    Translator: nezucho
    Nezzie can only work as much as Nezzie can, and he has been doing what he can, so we'll see episode 7 when he gets it done.

    But his work, as you can see from episode 6, is amazing, and worth the wait.

    Though if there are any other translators (either Chinese or Japanese) that would like to help work on the series, let me know. Nezzie is doing it mainly as a favor, and would like someone else to take over at some point.

    Candy Boy
    Translator: Rumi (from Tweak)
    <Koroku> Rumi...
    <Rumi> I'll do it later.

    We'll see episode 3 whenever Rumi feels up to translating it. It'll be smooth sailing from then on.

    Rockman.EXE Beast+
    Translator: flyboy, PurpleShadow, KuroiNeko-Chan
    We have a new person that's looking at the episodes!

    Translator: Kai-Lapis (from Toki)
    This is like joint 4 or 5 that we've done with Toki, and each time it's pretty much fell through. It's starting to look like this will join that crowd, as it's a whole 5 minutes long... really not that hard to translate. >_>

    Saru GetCHU
    Translator: Crush and AnimeKido
    Kido has, like I mentioned awhile back, taken over the translating of this. And he's been doing, as expected, a wonderful job. However... it's now the problem of TLC.

    I asked luckykid ages ago if she'd be willing to TLC for DATS, and she was all for it. Now that I actually have work for her... she doesn't seem as inclined.


    But we should be able to see some episodes sooner or later, even if that means finding a new TLC. ^^

    Translator: Futamaru
    As normal, there has been some inter-group squabbling, but it's been pretty much smoothed over, and I'm thinking that a lot of past problems will have solved themselves.

    As far as I know, 12-14 are all translated, and are in various stages of work over at Z-A. Which *hopefully* means that soon, they will be over here, and we'll work hard on 'em and get them out fast-like. :3

    We'll see~

    Translator: olid
    olid's dropped off the face of the Earth, and so I'm recruiting a new translator to try and finish this off...

    Translator: Crush and Futamaru
    =___= 89 is in QC, 90 is waiting on me to typeset it, and 91 is waiting on translation. The guy that said he wanted to do 91's translation said he'd have it done... LAST FRIDAY. As in a week and a half ago. Grr.

    So I guess they'll go out when they go out.

    Digimon Tamers
    Translator: onkeikun
    The KFXer for Static Subs will be doing karaokes for us, but as it's the Fall season, he's been busy with other karaokes for projects that are just starting up. I got an e-mail back from him today and he said that he'd have them done soonish. :) So then we will really hit it! ^_^

    Juushin Enbu
    Translator: Pazuzu
    Reference back to Deltora Quest about how Pazuzuzuzuzuzuzuzu is busy, and therefore can't do much translating. Ryan has, however, been pretiming, so that should hopefully help out.

    Translator: Alteron
    Episode 2 is stuck in QC, and waiting for Futa to have time to TLC it. Then it'll be off to Futa to encode (:confused:) and it'll go out.

    Alt said that he'd have episode 3's translation done soonish, so we're looking forward to that. And looking even more forward to OP2 which is so much less annoying than OP1.

    Translator: Futamaru
    We finished Choco ;_;~ Now we're working a bit on the movie trailer (or at least will in the future) and then it's time to wait for the actual movie. :D

    Pokémon Ranger Batonnage
    Translator: Pazuzu
    Kazuki, the editor, has seemingly vanished. But I'm hoping it'll be like last time he vanished, and he'll reappear with it basically done =D

    Chapter 4 is waiting on him, so as soon as he finishes it... it'll be out and we'll be done with another project. ^^

    Translator: sekushibijin84
    Cael's working on chapters 9 and 10, and will hopefully have them done sooner or later. He's been busy with school, so we'll give him a break.

    Seku's been working on chapter 11 when she can, and will hopefully have the translation done soon. ^_^

    Smash Bomber
    Translator: sekushibijin84
    To be honest, I haven't been all that excited about this. Smash Bomber is a lot of work for me as an editor, and I haven't really felt like doing all that much. Though since my schedule is slowing down, I do think I'll have time for it soon. Ain't got anything else to do, right?


    Metal Fight Beyblade
    Translator: Metapod (from ZP)
    Chapter 1 is entirely translated, and I'm working on typesetting it as I can. I have been pretty busy with school and work and whatnot, so it's all fun. The chapter should be released late this week though :)

    Translator: elkin (from Domo)
    Hope you guys enjoyed our release of it!!! It took a lot of sweat and tears to get that released. ^_^ Chapter 2 has been entirely scanned, and sent off to the translator. I'm working on cleaning it... but I haven't had a chance to get very far. But as I mentioned earlier, my schedule is slowing down a bit, so I'll probably have time to do it soon.

    "Double Wheels"
    Translator: Hatsumi
    Just as it says on the status page... it basically needs to be retimed. The audio was off in the raw that it was timed to, and since it was all scene timed and whatnot... it won't be very easy to fix. x_X I intend to get to it (as well as the two karaokes and the multiple signs) as soon as I have the ambition to do such a large project.

    Inazuma Eleven
    Translator: Eile

    Erm... yeah. ^_^

    Episode 1 is sitting at the timing phase (timer has been busy or something...) so we're waiting on that. Episode 2 is in the hands of a new translator who just joined us today... so we'll see how that goes. :D

    It's possible you'll see something close to a double release on episodes 1 and 2. ^^;;

    Kindaichi Specials
    Translator: astrobunny (from Toki)
    These haven't moved in months. I doubt they ever will.

    Hogwarts... with b00bs
    Translator: Frinix (from Xarda's unnamed group)
    Another one episode OVA that we're working on. It's a blast, just wait til you see it. :D

    We're waiting on a typesetter to do awesometastic signs (he's been working on Chaos;Head episode 1) and so once he's done... we should pretty much be ready for release.

    I think that's about it - so if you have any questions, feel free to ask =D
  3. Kamon

    Kamon New Member

    I hope you will continue with Akiba-Chan even if the joint fails.

    Would be too sad to just drop it :(
  4. digiboy123

    digiboy123 Sub Editor & RAW Scan Provider Purdy Thing

    Honestly, I love almost every project we're doing.

    Want moar.
  5. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    *scans list not knowing or caring about half* ....

    Digimon Tamers! Hurrah! *pom poms*
  6. Vande

    Vande Active Member Evil Incarnate?

    *pokes Greg to finish Smash Bomber*
  7. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy


    Too bad you have no-one for Fireball. That series is fun.

    Hogwarts... with b00bs?
  8. digiboy123

    digiboy123 Sub Editor & RAW Scan Provider Purdy Thing


    Try figuring that anime out. ;)

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