ryuusei no rockman anime ost


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ryuusei no rockman anime ost

ive been wondering if there was ever an ost released for the anime
i know there was one for they game but
dose any one know if there was one for the anime?


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You're asking for RnR (1) or RnR Tribe? For Tribe there is no any OST but i'm almost sure, we should have for RnR (1). If i recall correctly, once Nigoli uploaded it.


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Nogoli is a Member of TUS. Because of my hand now i cannot look for that OST. Also because of Advertisement Rule i cannot post a link to TUS. But soon i'll try look for it (but i'm still not sure, if Nigoli uploaded it or not but i remember something relatd to that).


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There has not been any anime OST. Nigoli's was the game OST.


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I am looking for it too. But it seems that what I find is the game OST but not anime OST.


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That is the case because the anime doesn't have an OST - it was never released. The game OST was on the only one released.


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RnR:        youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbwODi-d6K5JftHgaVyk7fnm-mnRvee3P
  Tribe:  youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbwODi-d6K5L1qxe_N7J1i5rd14s9Hvci