[Request] Twin Bee Paradise


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Another OVA...First episode was released in 1994, another three - in 1998. I found only first episode with english subs. It seems, nobody will make a subtitles for those three...
nobody, except of you!
I have raws, here it is.

I'm translating old anime into the russian language.
But i didn't good in Japanese. (English too, as you see, but that's another problem)
So, i offer you to join our forces. You're doing english translation, then giving me the subtitle files (.ssa, .srt, .ass, etc) and i translate it into the Russian, retaining, of course, the DATS copyright.

Такие дела.


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You'll have to ask Futamaru, since he's our only active translator.

Or give me money to pay a translator. (She charges approx. $1/minute)

And could you please upload the first episode with subtitles? I'd rather redo those/fix them up than have to retranslate the whole thing.

(And I love the spoiler deal, that's cute... only reason I'm using my SUPER FUCKING SLOW internet to download the raw of ep1 to look at it)