My hopeful Japanese future


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My hopeful Japanese future

Hey there people i need a little help. in about one year time im going to be selecting collages and i was wondering if anyone knows one in the US excluding Hawaii and Alaska that has a Japanese course.

also does anyone know of a great textbook i can study from, i want to have a little grasp of what im doing before i jump in.

to anyone here who might live in Texas, do you know where there some courses i can take that is near the Fort worth Area....... hopefully.


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A lot of colleges offer East Asian Studies (majors?/)minors that you can take. I know for a fact that Minnesota State University offers a minor in it, and it involves taking at least 3 semesters worth of either Japanese or Chinese.

If you're interested in something like that, I think Splash might be a good person to talk to. As I recall, she's doing East Asian Studies as her... major or minor. Can't remember. ^^


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I'm on the same search, except I'm not doing so much as Easy Asian Studies as I am with actual majoring in the language.

As for textbooks, there's nothing really you need that you can't find online or in a class. My class doesn't use a textbook, we just have worksheets and other things that we keep in a binder. My ex-girlfriend (say what?) taught herself Japanese and she was moderately good at it. I don't think she ever bought a book though... <__<; The only books I could ever see being useful are Kanji dictionaries (like the one my class uses, Kanji & Kana), but those have been replaced with DS dictionary and study games...


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The University of Michigan's Japanese language department is pretty darn amazing. The head, Oka-sensei, has published a few books for Japanese learners that are used across all sorts of universities, and the whole department recently published a new text/workbook for 3rd-year students (the one that had been widely used in the states was dirt old and outdated) and I had the honor to be among the first people to use it. They're the sole reason why I decided to major in Asian Studies with a Japanese concentration.

But you say you only want to go to a place that offers Japanese in general, and a LOT of colleges offer them, really ^^; If you're looking for GOOD Japanese programs, however...
A whole ton in the West Coast like California, and then others such as New York, etc would have excellent Japanese language programs. I don't know too much about ones in the south unfortunately, as I avoid it at all costs. XD Well... Florida maybe?

Oh yeah, and we started with the Genki textbook which has a workbook with it (red one for 1st year, green for 2nd).


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thank you Splash.

i just ordered a workbook of amazon

now to a do a search for one with a great math program.