Megaman Starforce 3 (store and mission guide)

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Miaharpy, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Miaharpy

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    Megaman Starforce 3 (store and mission guide)

    I posted this on another forum and decided to post it here as well ^^. Here you go!


    Echo Ridge

    HPMem20 1000, 2000, 4000
    SmEnergy 100
    LrgEnergy 200
    Unlocker 4000

    Big Wave

    DrillArm1 1800
    AtkPanel 1000
    Recover50 1000
    BigDrop1 3200
    TyphoonDance 4500
    ThunderHead1 7000
    BusterMax 50000

    Spice Mall

    SyncHook1 2000
    GrandWave1 400
    MadVulcn1 600
    WideWave1 1500

    WBG Studios

    HPMem20 2000, 3000, 5000
    SmEnergy 100
    LrgEnergy 200
    Cloaker 500

    Natl Astro Wave

    GreatAxe 18000
    BeastSlap2 3000
    PanicCloud 2700
    TimeBomb1 5200
    ParlyzPlus 1200

    SatellaPolice HQ

    LrgEnergy 200
    D.Energy 800
    Cloaker 500
    SearchEye 3000

    Candy Shop

    SmEnergy 100
    LrgEnergy 200
    D.Energy 800
    SuperBarrier 6000
    DoubleStone 3000
    Recovery120 2400
    AntiSword 4800

    Noise Wave1

    HPMem20 3000, 4500, 6000
    D.Energy 800
    SearchEye 3000
    Unlocker 4000

    Secret Shelter

    White Meteor 6000
    WindyAttack2 4000
    Paralyze Stage 3600
    Recovery150 3000

    Orbital Base

    HPMem20 4000, 6000, 8000
    TornadoDance 15000
    Recovery200 4000
    PoisonApple 9000

    OuterAstro Wave2

    HPMem20 5000, 7500, 10000
    FlameAxe 23000
    MegaCrusher 15000
    DoubleCross 13000
    GigaMine 25000

    Help Missions

    Raida Briz (Roof of School)- Graded Paper Plane- An easy task to do, the paper plane is on top of Big Wave, you get a HPMem10.

    Fany Chase (2nd floor of School)- Autograph Trading-Another easy task, go to WBG Studios to get Belle's autograph, but before you get it, you have to turn into Megaman and sign a autograph. You can do anything with it. When your done, pulse out, trade and there. You get Fany as a brother.

    Don McCard (Geo's Classroom)-Sonia TCG-This requires a littel traveling, you have to keep trading till you get the right card, first you go to the first floor and trade with a little boy, go to the park and trade with the girl, finally you go to Spica Mall and talk to the guy in orange near the entrance. You get Don as a brother.

    Kard Kolek (Mall Event area)-Battle Chip Trading- You need a FlashStrike2 and trade with him. You get a HypnoEye.

    Hide Seek (Echo Ridge)-Hide and Drown- Find this guy in the pool. No wonder why it's a 1 minute timer. You get a HPMem20.

    Jax Dubelz (Echo Ridge)-UpsideDown Message- this guy gives you a memo for the appartment, which says 961, do what Omega-Xis tells you and put in 196. Jax becomes your brother.

    Trish Trig (School)-Quiz Time!- Here's the answers #1 is 2, #2 is 5, and #3 is 1. You become brothers.

    Lowe Sweet (MBG Studios)- Trade guy- You just have to give him a widewave1, you'll recieve a AtkPanel.

    Onde Sette (MBG Studios)- Tropical Camera- You go to Alohaha and take a picture of the beach and the castle. For the beach, go to the edge of the small cliff in the middle of the water. For the castle, go to the uppercorner on the real wave that face the castle (You have to hit the A button at these locations). You become bros.

    Vidy Otaku (Waza Hq)- Peeping Wizard- Go to the Dragon Statue CC and fight the wizard, you get a HPMem20.

    Sugar Suet (Waza Hq)- Sweet Touch- You have to deliver ice cream in limited time, you should have enough time to do it and it's only 50 Zennys too so it's well worth it. You gain access to the wave liner for Waza HQ and 1000 Zennys! So you basically made 950 Zennys!

    Kaz Nova (Spica Mall)-Video Game Nerd- Hope you got 10000 Zennys available because they both cost 5000 Zennys. You can find "Taco Fantasy" in the Big Wave behind Ai Conphes. Burger Quest is in Spica Mall found in the bins with the Hunter-VGs. You get HPMem10 and 13000 Zennys, well, at least you get your money back with a added 3000.

    Rob Sidkick (Waza HQ)- Virus Busters-Right when you go to Spica Mall, become Megaman and after the 3 overhead signs, you'll find 3 viruses together. An easy mission that allows you to get a HPMem10.

    Rob Sidkick Second Mission (Waza HQ)- Virus Busters 2- Go to Echo Ridge, become Megaman, and go into the Wicket CC. You fight the evil wizard on the southwest corner and then go back and get your Giga Chip!!!!

    Auron Boreal (Waza HQ)-Scientist Trader- He wants a BigDrop1, you can easily buy one from Big Wave (Costs 3200 Zennys) or from deleting the viruses and get the chip. You get a HeatGrenade.

    Hamer Nayl (Echo Ridge)- Graffiti memory-you have to go onto the roof and go to the right side of the elevator that you can't see. Hamer gives you a call telling you have to clean another mess he did. WTC old man?! Well, you go to Spica Mall, like before go behind a wall that you can't really see which is next to the dentist. Hamer gives another call for Alohaha, and thank you for saying how we feel Omega-Xis. You go all the way around the castle to the see-able wall this time. You get a HPMem20 and become bros for all that work.

    Angel Wise (School)-Tropical drink- You go to Alohaha and talk to the guy in the third stall from the left. Now you need 3 ingrediants, A coconut, Hibiscus flower, and Snake juice. Coconuts are found next to the stalls. Hibiscus flower is found in front of the Castle. For Snake Juice, go to the beach area and talk to the guy on the dock. Give the drink to Woody. You get a HPMem20.

    Gian Luigi (Spica Mall)-Broken- All you got to do is talk to Aaron Boreal and go back and your done, you become bros.

    Sanc Quatr (WBG Studios)- Delivery!- Go to the school's store and then back to the studio. You deliver the first one to a guy outside near the small deck, the second one is a girl in the prop room, the final is in the editing room. You get a HPMem10

    Bud Bisen (Waza HQ)- Food Thief- Go to Bud's house and put on your visualizer. You see Taurus there and go to the refrigerator to get spices and put the bait on the floor and pile the spices on. Go out and then go back in and talk to Taurus. You get HP+500/610 and 40 Link power increase.

    Zack Temple (Waza HQ)- Attack of the Viruses-Go to Zack's house and become Megaman, get ready because it's a lot of strong virus battles, once your done go back and receive your GigCls+1/650 and 40 Link power increase.

    Luna Platz (Waza HQ)- Haunting Viruses-Go to your classroom and talk to the girl in the northern corner. Now you can go to Spica Mall and go to the girl's bathroom and put in letsplaytoday! and you'll have to fight viruses. Go and get your AntiDamage/330 and 40 Link power increase.

    Sonia Strumm (Waza HQ)- friendly trade- Sonia wants a BlackHole 1, you can find one from fighting the virus in Meteor Server. You get FlotShoe/270 and 40 Link power increase.
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    Thanks you for posting this up this really help me a lot
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    I'd say this isn't gameFAQs, but apparently some people would love to disagree with me when it comes to the Network timeline.
  4. Miaharpy

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    You just love to be a jerk, I did this for others so it would make things easier. If you don't like it then don't reply.
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    You assume that this is a personal attack. I just simply assumed that you were like most other new people here, thinking that this is a place to find help for games. I've seen too many people as for help in the digimon and rockman games alike, but... well... this isn't GameFAQS. That'll help alot, sure, but it'll help more if you post it in a place where people are looking for help. It doesn't make much sense to post it in a fansub group's forum.
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    It's not like gamefaqs would allow me to anyways. Some say even when their faqs are completed they wouldn't take them. And this forum IS where most Rockman fans go. And I thought it would be a good idea for Rockman forums to have some guide at least. I'm doing this for others.
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    ...Wait... what? There's what, 4-5 people here? In that case... yeah, Rockman must be screwed as a series.
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    well i thought it as helpful so thank you for the post =^,^=

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