Hen Zemi - 01

Discussion in 'Fansub Release Announcements' started by Dash, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    [DATS] Hen Zemi - 01 [8DF84DE1].mkv
    File Size: 223.53MB
    Torrent: Click Here
    Release Date: October 15, 2010

    Translation: megumi
    Translation Check: Futamaru
    Editing: Koroku
    Timing: Kaitou_Yahiko & Tenza
    Typesetting: Koroku
    Encoding: Umi
    QC: megumi, Umino, Futamaru, Matze149

    Well, here's something unexpected. Went unsubbed for a bit, so I tried to pressure megumi into TLing. And then it was done.

    And then I found out how bad this thing is. It's pretty close to a hentai anime in parts D: Especially the ending...

    But it's an interesting story, kinda, and the artwork is pretty. So enjoy it. :)
  2. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Is. There. A. Dislike. Button? xD

    And I just noticed this was even released.
  3. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Nope, no dislike button :p
  4. Umino

    Umino New Member

    Same. I think the animation is what I liked best about the episode. Shame that it was wasted in semi-hentai ;_;. Plus, I was glad that this took place at a university rather than high school setting. Kinda of tired of that already ~_~.

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