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    DVR Digimon Research page

    This is the digimon research page translated by wildermon:

    Chapter 1: The Origins of the Digital Monsters
    The Birth of Digimon
    Several years ago, a mysterious electronic virus suddenly spread through the computer network. Some have said that this virus kept absorbing data around it, changing and multiplying itself, just like a sentinent being. After a while, someone found out that the virus was indeed sentinent, possessing an 'Artificial Intelligence', but caused great harm as it spread across our world through the network. So far, no-one has found the person who continued to hack the computer the virus was kept in, and thus no-one had been able to identify the hacker.* However, a 'vaccine' was developed in order to destroy the AI-filled computer virus. (Thus, the reason why there are 'Vaccine' kind Digimon) Many people then chose to either 'tame' the virus so that it wouldn't be harmful [such as using it to send e-mail] (hence the birth of 'Data' kind Digimon) or to keep the virus from being tamed or destroyed (hence the birth of 'Virus' kind Digimon). This is why Digimon today have three different kinds of attributes. Also, someone also found out that specific software applications absorbed by the virus (along with various data) as it continued to battle against various computer networks caused it to change shape. The term was dubbed 'Evolution'. A researcher who knew much about these facts gave various viruses a 'body', made from wireframe data and artificial skin texture, molded together with binary data. These artificial lifeforms were now ready, dubbed 'Digital Monsters', or 'Digimon' for short.
    Recently, it's said that the mysterious virus maker's computer, called "Yggdrasil", manages the current Digital World and, so opinion has it, the digital being who is called Yggdrasil was the original experimental computer virus.
    *Opinions state that hackers other than the virus maker himself/herself gave the virus the AI program, but the truth surrounding the opinions are unknown.

    All Digimon bear 'Attributes', and many are classified into 'Vaccine', 'Data' and 'Virus' kinds (except for some special Digimon); the Attributes form many strengths and weaknesses for and against each other, as a sort of digital version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
    VACCINE: These Digimon will continue to attack Virus kinds recklessly, and bear the role of 'Virus Destroyer'. However, not all Digimon who have a strong sense of justice are of the Vaccine kind. Vaccines can defeat Viruses, but not Data kinds.
    DATA: These Digimon are used to send and recieve e-mail. Sometimes they ally with Vaccines; sometimes they ally with Viruses. However, not all Digimon who are gentle in nature are of the Data kind. Data kinds can defeat Vaccines, but not Viruses.
    VIRUS: These Digimon (as well as other beings) are used to destroy data. However, not all Digimon with a sense of ferocity about them are of the Virus kind. Viruses can defeat Data kinds, but not Vaccines.
    As mentioned before, some special Digimon fit into an Attribute that is greatly different to the three above:
    FREE: Descendants of 'ancient races' bear this Attribute. They seem to hide their own strengths and weaknesses well.
    VARIABLE: Digimon who are at the so-called 'Hybrid level' and who have inherited the data of the 'Legendary Ten Warriors' bear this Attribute. In battle, they bear the special ability to change into the same Attribute as their opponents.
    Although most Digimon certainly bear an Attribute (apart from few Digimon who have Unknown Attributes), even identicial Digimon can have different Attributes---such as one Vaccine and one Data kind---and while some can frequently change their Attribute, most will find that certain elements will permamently change their Attribute forever (such as a colour change).
    It's thought that Baby- and In-Training-levelled Digimon should have a 'Bare' Attribute, but many are often classified into the Data kind; their true atttributes are a mystery even to this day.

    The Size of Digimon
    All Digimon (as well as other beings) that live in the computer network and are made of data are able to change their size freely according to the computer's capacity. For example, a Mamemon can become the size of a VenomMyotismon, and can freely return to his normal size. But, when in the 'Digital World', all Digimon will remain the same size permanently.
    All Digimon weigh in Gs. G is an abbreviation of GB (which in turn is an abbreviation of Gigabytes), and many Digimon below the Rookie level often find that their small bodies will often weigh quite a lot. As the data capacity of a Digimon increases when it takes in food, so do its weight.

    A Digimon evolves by absorbing data from various locations on the desktop and the network of a computer, but this process takes time. Since evolutions are vastly different for every Digimon that live in different environments, the number of Digimon keeps changing. At present, it's been noted that over 700 Digimon have been found and classified, and more are found every day. The different environments also present different evolutions for Digimon who live a long way away, from those that live on an island and those that live on a continent to those who are reared by humans. Even the Real World has a hand in evolution: Frigimon, for example, are connected to and were born from the Arctic Circle; Kabuterimon were born from a torrid zone area and even Apemon were found to have been born in Central Asia.
    As mentioned before, a Digimon who evolve into and from someone may have different evolutions to another of its kind. This is because all the known elements of the world are related to Digimon evolution.
    Each of the following levels remain the same for all Digimon evolutions respectively. From a 'Digi-Egg', a Baby-levelled Digimon will evolve into an In-Training Digimon, before evolving into the Rookie level. (Many of these Digimon die because they can't fight; their powers have yet to be revealled.)
    The key traits of a Digimon at the Rookie level begin to appear, and they also acquire powers (or attacks) which they can use to defend themselves.
    Next, they evolve into Champion levels. This may be the stablest form of them all. Champion-levelled Digimon come in a variety of sizes, and there are hundreds of them about. They are also quite strong, but this differs in all of them; some Digimon will revert to their Rookie level if they grow weak.
    Next, they evolve into Ultimate levels. But, only a few surviving handfuls of Champion levels get to evolve into Ultimates, and this is often demonstrated in intense wars.
    Finally, they evolve into Mega levels. Most Digimon prefer to evolve into this level than Champion levels, and many will fight to the death in order to evolve from an Ultimate. If even their full strengths are used as weaponry against the Real World, destruction is created at a large scale.
    Digimon who evolve will find that a great amount of energy gets consumed. At the highest of levels, though, their energy levels are incredible. Data absorbed in the computer networks are converted into their energy. Mostly, data is inhaled like food and is stored within their bodies. Even if a particular Digimon is unable to eat like a human, they still need energy to evolve or else they can't survive. When the energy is used up, they revert to a level below the one they were at, and in some cases they die altogether. Ultimate- and Mega-levelled beings consume the largest amount of energy. Compared with Champion-levelled Digimon, Ultimates and Megas tend to live a shorter life. All of them, though, are able to copy the data of Digimon who died in battle and store it as their energy source. Could this factor, encoupled with the fact that Digimon above the Champion level may be given a second chance by defeating and absorbing enemies, be one of the most important reasons to evolve?
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    There are some special levels that only a few number of Digimon can evolve into, and these are listed here.
    DNA EVOLUTION: This name originates from the term 'DNA' (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and 'Evolution'. The Japanese term, 'Jogress Evolution' originates from the terms 'Joint' and 'Progress' combined. The two terms, though, mean the same thing: two Digimon fuse together via special technology, and evolve into the level above them. Champion + Champion, Champion + Ultimate, Ultimate + Ultimate, and Mega + Mega are the most common DNA Evolutions, thus proving that Digimon above the Rookie level can preform a DNA Evolution. Also, not every Digimon can DNA Evolve, so chemistry is needed to get the right resulting Digimon. DNA Evolving between Mega levels are few and far between. The most common example is WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon DNA Evolving into Omnimon. Recently, there have been reports that THREE Digimon can now DNA Evolve via special technology (such as Ultimate + Ultimate + Ultimate). However, the resulting Digimon is not classified as a 'DNA-levelled' being, as the usual 'above level' rule applies (Although some also call the result a 'Combined Mega-Levelled Being' instead). In the past, reports suggested that the result of a fusion between two Digimon produces 'New Digi-Eggs', but they are produced by mating two Champion-levelled Digimon, and not fusing any two Digimon above the Champion level (but research is still underway about how Digimon are born).
    ARMOR EVOLUTION AND THE 'ARMOR' LEVEL: This type of evolution is only preformed by Digimon who are descendants of various 'ancient races' that prospered during the time when the 'Ancient Digital World' was created. The energy needed to evolve is stored in items called "Digi-Eggs" (not to be confused with traditional 'Digi-Eggs'. For pity's sake, the Japanese call them 'Digi-Tamas'). The powers within are equivalent to Champion levels, but some will gain powers of an Ultimate, such as Digimon who were born at the last minute, and again, chemistry is needed to get the suitable Digimon you need with the suitable Digi-Egg. But the chemistry has to be exact, since the powers will soon go out of control and the Digimon will evolve into a more fierce being. Those who evolve via Armor Evolution are classified into the 'Armor' level.
    DARK EVOLUTION: Sometimes, Digimon will get so angry that their 'Digi-Cores' will overflow with 'negative energy', and thus evolve into those who are evil, but full of grief. Examples include Lopmon evolving into Endigomon, and Digitamamon evolving into Devitamamon. But, this isn't an 'Evil Evolution' per se, as they are still full of grief. There may be more evolutions about somewhere, where emotions other than sorrow trigger them.
    SPIRIT EVOLUTION AND THE 'HYBRID' LEVEL: Powerful items called 'Spirits' were created during the time when the 'Ancient Digital World' was created by the 'Legendary Ten Warriors' that saved that world from destruction; it's said that they left them somewhere in the Digital World for those to find in the future, and each one wields powerful abilities. Digimon who are able to emancipate these Spirits in order to evolve are classified into the 'Hybrid' level. It's similar to evolving with 'Digi-Eggs', but there's one big difference. Humans, as well as Digimon, can fuse with these 'Spirits'. A human will have their digital matrix of data taken apart, and will then be fused with the data of the Spirit, creating the new Digimon. However, controlling these Spirits can be a problem the first couple of times around, and this goes for both humans and Digimon alike. There are twenty Spirits, and half of them evolve humans/Digimon into a humanoid-shaped being (Human Spirits) and the other half evolve them into beast-shaped beings (Beast Spirits). The humanoids are stable, agile and excellent (So could this be akin to a Champion evolving into an Ultimate in terms of ability?), but despite the strengths present, any strong-bodied or heavy humanoid forms will present some weaknesses. The beastoids are skilled in momentum (Again, could this be akin to an Ultimate evolving into a Mega in terms of ability?), but sometimes they will lose control of their self-control. They are more agile than humanoids, though. It's been confirmed that when two of the same Spirits fuse together, the harmonies within both humanoid and beastoid will fuse as well, creating a more powerful being.
    THE 'TRANSCENDANT' LEVEL: So far, EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are the only Digimon at this level. They are the results of five of the same Spirits fusing together along with the harmonies of both humanoid and beastoid. It's said that they share the same powers as both Mega-levelled Digimon and the 'Legendary Ten Warriors'.
    MUTATION: Only Digimon who evolve into the same level, but with a different shape, can be classified into this type of evolution (such as a Champion evolving into a Champion). It's very rare to see a Digimon evolving into an upper-levelled Digimon through Mutation, and the backstory behind this evolution is unknown. The name has no relation to Mutant type Digimon, who are one of the many types of Digimon.
    THE 'SUPER-MEGA' LEVEL: A Digimon who is at a level higher than those around it, even Megas, but they will have extraordinary powers which will corrupt the ecosystem of the Digital World and threaten its collapse. So far, only three Digimon have been confirmed. The first was created when the Demon Lord Daemon planed to revitalise Arkadimon. Since Digimon who bear the name 'Arkadimon' in all their levels were made naturally and thus were able to acquire the chance to evolve into the Super-Mega level, they wield mighty powers and are evil in nature. They evolve repeatedly from birth by absorbing the energy from other Digimon until they are at the final level. Those Digimon continue to share the name 'Arkadimon' from birth. It's said that the same Daemon who planned Arkadimon's revival also wanted to evolve into his Super-Mega form. Only by absorbing Arkadimon can this Daemon accomplish his task, and it's said that this is the only way for him to evolve. The ancient being known as UlforceVeedramon, who is also one of the Royal Knights, the highest-ranked in network security, can also evolve into the Super-Mega level. It's said that a 'Digi-Egg', left by the legacy of the Digital World in times of near armageddon, is the key to this evolution. None of them are supposed to exist, though, since they have extraordinary powers which will corrupt the ecosystem of the Digital World and threaten its collapse. The name 'Super-Mega' was only given to Arkadimon Super-Mega, and so the other two were guessed to share the same level. All three of them, as well as the level itself, first appeared in 'Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01'.
    X-EVOLUTION: This evolution is achieved when a Digimon absorbs the 'X-Antibody' which corrupts the 'Digi-Core' and gives it hidden powers. The user can draw out all of its potential ability to their limits, including powers beyond those used in the past.
    DEATH-X-EVOLUTION: This evolution is achieved when a Digimon's Digi-Core is remodelled repeatedly, allowing the user to live even if it 'dies', and was first given to the 'Doru Series' of prototype Digimon. Due the influence of the 'X-Antibody', hidden information was revealled.
    BLAST EVOLUTION: Information unavaliable.

    Death always comes after life, even in the Digital World. Although Digimon are made out of digitally-enhanced data, they still die. A 'digital core' called a 'Digi-Core' exists in every single Digimon. The Digi-Core lies hidden within the Digimon's body, within its center. The core contains the data of the Digimon (which can be converted to 'visual' data, like how dinosaurs, insects and other animals can capture 'data' with their eyes) that hosts it, like a heart, which is why destroying the Digi-Core is like death in a sense. If even the toughest of Digimon are injured through their Digi-Core, they soon become extinct. It's never seen outside of a Digimon's body of course, but Undead types will often have their Digi-Cores sticking out of their decaying flesh. Only one Digi-Core is present in one Digimon only, but the Four Holy Beasts and Fanglongmon are the only exceptions, as they have twelve Digi-Cores floating around their bodies. They're also a symbol of their strength.
    The Digi-Core seems to choose the time-of-death for Digimon as they recieve damage. How Digimon die are various, but Digi-Cores are mostly destroyed through battles. Sometimes, they are damaged by diseases, accidents and natural disasters. And very few Digimon die through lack of starvation. All hosts' 'life expectancies', in any case, runs out and they die. But what is their life expectancy? Something which all Digimon can do, called 'Overwrite', may relate to this. 'Overwriting' a Digimon's Digi-Core rewrites both their emotions and data. It's impossible to see this from the outside, as this procedure is done from the inside. But if this procedure is repeated hundreds or thousands of times, data fragmentation occurs and defects soon kick in, causing the data to get deleted and the host to start to feel ill. Could this be their way of showing that they're ill or feel sick? "Overwriting" degradation also appears if the host keeps getting damaged in brawls. When a long time passes, the battered and bruised host starts to grow weak, and the end of its 'life expectancy' begins.

    Reincarnating Digimon
    All Digimon born and end up as a Digi-Egg. Digimon who have reached the end of their life expectancy beyond the Champion level copies their old data before they die (including their old memories), and stores it as a Digi-Egg, reborn once again. This happens because the concept of their being a male and a female Digimon to produce Digi-Eggs doesn't originally exist. This procedure never ends, and so Digimon can reincarnate themselves despite their elements. But, the other bits of Digimon are sent to a place called the 'Dark Area'. This so-called graveyard for Digimon exists in a dimensional distortion of the Digital World, and is covered in darkness, hence its name. Most Digimon will be reborn as a corrupted being: Angel type Digimon are reborn as Fallen Angel type Digimon, for example. Besides these Digimon, other Digimon who prefer to live in the darkness live here, such as Bakemon and Devidramon. Before Digimon can be either reborn or sent to the Dark Area are judged by a judge called 'Anubismon'. If the host is full of 'bad data', they are sent to the Dark Area and sealed away in darkness eternally, but if full of 'good data', they can reincarnate themselves as Digi-Eggs, and are sent to the same island or continent they were originally born in. But, their past memories are erased for this to happen. Besides Digimon who have the same powers as Anubismon, there are also some Digimon who were born from items that were reborn as Digimon within Digi-Eggs, such as 'Blikmon'. The process of reincarnation is what makes the Digital World an interesting place to research. Parenting doesn't exist since Digimon can reincarnate themselves without the help of other Digimon, save those with special powers such as Anubismon, by copying their own data and leaving it as Digi-Eggs. Therefore, even if some Digimon are raised by humans, they can still reincarnate to their Digi-Core's content.

    ARMS (ARtificial MonsterS)
    Before the 'Ancient Digital World' reached the end of its life, Digimon researchers produced artificial digital lifeforms, ready for them to live amongst others in the 'Digimon Tamer' period, called 'ARMS'. Short for 'ARtificial MonsterS', they have their own ecology and evolutions, but was given public attention as the first 'Digital Living Bodily Weaponry' of mankind. The 'ARMS' don't have their own free will, but they carry the same strong powers and uneasy opinions about danger that Digimon carry, and appeared at around the same time Digimon were praised. During a crisis of military proportions, a miracle happened that caused the first known 'ARMS' to appear, 'ZERO-ARMS: GRANI'. A Holy Knight type Digimon, who was also one of the Royal Knights (the highest-ranked of network security), seemed to show a symbiotic relationship with this 'ARM'. This Holy Knight was able to fly in the sky upon 'ZERO-ARMS: GRANI', and was also able to evolve through the powers of his Tamer (humans who raise Digimon), with the 'ARM' becoming his red-hot armor.
    Another 'ARM' was made at an early stage and was used by a powerful Eastern ruler who controlled both destruction and revival, this one called 'ZERO-ARMS: OROCHI'.

    The Doru Series (Digital OR Unknown Monster)
    Recently, reports of 'Prototype Digimon' began to surface. These were reports written when Digimon were first experimented upon, and the prototypes were Digimon that were made by human hands. Their Digi-Cores had their 'Digi-Core Interfaces' rewritten and remodelled directly from inside. But since information can be freely rewritten, any wrong information that was added caused the Digi-Core to malfunction and blow up. Therefore, many prototypes died through remodelling. The first successful prototypes were called the 'Doru Series', created in order to answer the theory of there being 'further evolutions'. Therefore, even if any of the 'Doru Series' died, the information within their Digi-Cores that were cruelly remodelled would allow them to survive, and also keep evolving themselves by absorbing the Digi-Cores of other Digimon. The second successful prototypes were called the 'Ryuu Series', created in order to answer the theory of there being 'creatures with furture amounts of combat power'. These beings would keep growing stronger through many battles against other Digimon. The evolved forms of the 'Ryuu Series' are also classified as the 'Ouryuu Clan'.
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    Chapter 2: The Digital World
    The Birth of the Digital World
    The area in which Digimon and other beings live in, created by network researchers, is dubbed 'The Digital World'. This was the result of a project that was made in order to create islands and continents to make the computer virus even more sentinent, and thus it is as 'visually' real as Digimon can get. The Digital World is stored within a host computer called 'Yggdrasil', and management and control of this world are preformed through Artificial Intelligence. The structure and everything inside it is like a parallel version of 'Earth', as things seen through the eyes of Digimon are like those seen through our eyes in our world; but the islands and continents of the Digital World are vastly different despite looking the same when viewed from above Earth. It's said that its contents are so realistic that no-one believes they're made of data. Many say that the human who created the Digital World and Yggdrasil is an owner of incredible powers of technology. There are also various dimensions away from the Digital World which are vastly different from places such as 'File Island' and 'The Folder Continent'; the most popular being 'Witchelny', the hometown of Wizardmon and Witchmon. This could be interpreted as planets that exist in the universe of the Digital World with their own islands and continents, or portals on island and continents that link Digital World to Digital World.
    We call the world 'The Digital World' when we use it to describe the virtual world made on the computer. When we need to describe the world in context with the lives of various Digimon, we call it by the common name of "The Digimon World".

    The Islands and Continents of the Digital World
    Most of the Digital World is covered in a territory called the 'Net Ocean', and land floats all around it. So far, only one island and one continent have been confirmed to exist, called 'File Island' and 'The Folder Continent' when they were first discovered, but many assume other islands and continents exist (such as 'The Directory Continent' and 'The Server Continent' on parallel worlds).
    The first place of interest on File Island is at the center of Infinity Mountain, which contains The Town of Beginnings, The Forest of Evildoers, Vastland, The Dragon's Eye Lake and The Cape of Shells.
    West of the mountain lies The Gear Savannah, Mt. Miharashi, Drill Tunnel, The Kingdom of Dust, Trash Town, Geko Marsh and Doyen Village.
    To the east lies Tropical Jungle, The Area of Mangroves, The Ancient Dino Border, a rather big Digi-Graveyard, The Dark Aristocrat's Mansion, and Great Canyon.
    Finally, North-West of Infinity Mountain lies Misty Boundaries and Toy Town. North-East is full of frozen wastelands and is home to the Ice Sanctuary.
    These four areas have their own seasons, which were made later since seasons didn't really exist in the Digital World during its beginnings.
    A short distance from File Island lies the Folder Continent. Digimon who were raised in File Island don't exist here, and many Digimon with powers akin to an Ultimate live here. It's called a continent since it's several times the size of File Island.
    Spiritual Land, an area of jungles full of insectoid Digimon, lies in the South.
    The Guardian Savannah, consisting of vast deserts and grassland, lies in the West.
    The Nightmare Forest, with graveyards surrounding an odd castle, lies in its center.
    The Industrial Canyon, the industrious home to the Metal Empire, lies in the East.
    And all around it is Saber Bay, home to neighbouring seas.
    The Folder Continent, with more unexplored regions to discover, lives up to its status as 'continent'.

    The Ancient Digital World, it's Ancestors and the Digi-Eggs
    A year after its creation (Earth time), the Digital World was already thousands of years old. This is called 'The Ancient Digital World', and is a period where the Digital World was fresh and anew, giving its produce to ancient Digimon and other beings that existed at that time, known as 'Ancient races'. About 90% of these beings still live in the Digital World of today, but those who inherited data from other ancient races, or 'descendants', are hard to find. But, all Digimon seem to bear genetic data of their ancestors within them, meaning that their powers are the same as their ancestors'. Ancestors and descendants are different: ancestors exceeded their potential ability, and the constant use of their 'Overwriting' led them to have more violent natures. Therefore, extinction followed quickly afterwards. Of course, evolution was also narrow, and Digimon who were at the Rookie and Champion levels existed more than the other levels put together. Many Ultimate and Mega-levelled Digimon who lived in those ancient times are said to be 'legendary'.
    As mentioned, ancestors had a low chance of evolving. To make up for it, they developed the "Digi-Egg" technology. Unless they evolved with the powers stored within the Digi-Eggs, Digimon would burdern under the pressure of surviving longer. But, even the Ancient Digital World was said to be a dangerous place to live due to its mighty powers. So, the Digi-Eggs were used to evolve the natures, attacks and personalities of the user. So far, eleven Digi-Eggs and their elements have been known to exist: Courage (fire), Friendship (thunder), Love (wind), Sincerity (plant), Knowledge (insectoid), Reliability (water), Light (light-bearers), Hope (purity), Kindness (sacred beings), Miracles (metal) and Destiny (metal). Many believe that there are nine (bringing it up to twenty) or even thirteen (equalling twenty-four) still life to find. The Digi-Eggs of Darkness, Spirit, Desire and Karaoke have been recorded. But not all Digimon can evolve with the Digi-Eggs, as their powers will corrupt and the chemistry of balance will be destroyed; only descendants of specially-chosen ancestors can use them. Sometimes, they will wield powers akin to a Mega.
    Through time, the Ancient Digital World became stable, and so the chosen Digimon and the Digi-Eggs weren't needed anymore. They were sealed away within the Digi-Eggs themselves, which were in turn scattered across the world for others to find in times of a crisis.

    The Ancient Digital World, the Legendary Ten Warriors and the Spirits
    Once, a battle between 'good' and 'evil first began in the Ancient Digital World.... It's said from records that a 'God'-like Digimon created the war, and was eventually stopped by ten other Digimon, with the battle itself being handed down as a legend in the future.
    After the creation of the Digital World, a battle between humanoid and beastoid Digimon broke out. The battle soon turned into a war, as casualties grew and time seemed to pass eternally. The brawl ended when a Digimon called Lucemon, a Rookie-levelled Digimon, appeared from the Heavens suddenly. The Digimon and other beings called him a 'God' due to this, since he brought about peace. The peace lasted until a 'demon' corrupted Lucemon and made him rebel. The master-plan of the twelve-winged Angel, to destroy the Digital World, seemed to appear as soon as the demon passed. This demon would soon go on to gather other evil-beings and group them into 'The Seven Great Demon Lords', who all shared its idea with the ungodly peace of the new world and who all wanted to rule the Digital World after they took over it.
    But the 'God''s plans were soon prevented. Ten Mega-levelled Digimon, known in legend as the 'Legendary Ten Warriors' appeared suddenly, and insisted on a desperate resistance to this 'God'. But even though the war ended, the 'Legendary Ten Warriors' soon found out that the 'God' survived, sealed within the undermost layers of the Digital World. To make matters worse, all of the members of the Legendary Ten Warriors were deleted as a result of the intense war. Their 'souls' which lingered on after death were sealed within twenty special items, each one divisible with the shape of a humanoid and a beast, which were scattered across the Digital World, to be used again should another crisis occur. They are known as 'Spirits'.
    The 'Legendary Ten Warriors''s spirits linger on inside twenty items, ten humanoid and ten beast. All twenty are grouped into ten elements: Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Plant, Wind, Light, Darkness, Steel and Ground. By fusing with these Spirits, the user can evolve into the Hybrid level.

    An alphabet system, used in the Digimon World, exists quite broadly. They can be converted into Japanese text, in a manner similar to the alphabet system used in "Tamagotchi" games. Another alphabet system is engraved on the 'Omega Blade' that Imperialdramon Paladin Mode carries. The main text on the blade translates to 'Initialize' when coded. All of the codes explained can be found on the DVR's Research page
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    Chapter 3: The Special Groups of Digimon
    The Four Holy Beasts and the Twelve Devas
    The Four Holy Beasts are four Digimon that defend the compass points of the Digital World, and all keep the Digital World's balance.
    Ebonwumon, the 'Genbu', who controls water and defends the North....
    Zhuqiaomon, the 'Suzaku', who controls flame and defends the South...
    Azulongmon, the 'Seiryuu', who controls thunder and defends the East....
    Baihumon, the 'Byakko', who controls steel and defends the West....
    And finally, Fanglongmon, the 'Yellow Emperor Dragon', who defends the Digital World's Center.
    The Four Holy Beasts, as well as Fanglongmon, bear four eyes (or eight, in Fanglongmon's case), and twelve Digi-Cores. Because the quintet cannot attack personally since they need to keep the balance of the Digital World, they are accompanied with three messengers each, known as the Twelve Devas.
    Each of the Twelve Devas appear as the twelve signs of the Asian Zodiac, and are at the Ultimate level. Each of the Four Holy Beasts, as mentioned before, have three messengers each:
    Vikaralamon, Kumbhiramon and Vajiramon are messengers of Ebonwumon...
    Sandiramon, Indaramon and Pajiramon are messengers of Zhuqaiomon...
    Mihiramon, Antylamon and Majiramon are messengers of Azulongmon....
    And Makuramon, Sinduramon and Chatsuramon are messengers of Baihumon.
    Sometimes, the positions and names of Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon are switched around, due to a distortion of the Digital World's time axis. For once a year, Ebonwumon of the North becomes Zhuqiaomon of the South, and vice-versa. All of this began when an co-administrator nonchalantly erased a continent in the Digital World. It was thought that, should the time axis continue to warp, the Digital World will become extinct. Which is why, after a couple of months, an administrator resets the positions and names of Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon.

    The Four Great Dragons and the Metal Empire
    The Four Great Dragons consist of three Holy Dragon type Digimon and one Evil Dragon type Digimon, who are legendary in appearance and are considered to have god-like powers.
    Azulongmon, a member of the Four Great Dragons and who protects the East....
    Magnadramon, the most powerful of the Holy Beast type Digimon and who is said to bring the revelations of God....
    Goldramon, who carries two draconic spirits of Resurrection and Destruction....
    And Megidramon, the only member to be classified into the Evil Dragon type and is powered by the 'Digital Hazard', sealed by the management software of the Digital World.
    Megidramon X, a victim of the 'X-Antibody', is NOT a member of the Four Great Dragons.
    The first Cyborg type Digimon ever made were Andromon and Boltmon. Andromon was entirely mechanical, whilst Boltmon was more naturally constructed with bits of machine added here and there; Boltmon's reckless nature was to be his creator's downfall, and the entire project, along with Boltmon, was sealed up by the researcher for a long period of time. But this researcher didn't give up, and went on to create more Digimon, such as MetalGreymon and MetalMamemon. Even though MetalGreymon had problems with his decaying body and lack of total power, Cyborg type Digimon began to spread across the Digital World gradually. Eventually, rivalries broke out between the Cyborg type Digimon, grouped into the 'Metal Empire', and the Four Great Dragons. In retaliation, the Metal Empire created three draconic Digimon who could attack other Digimon (as well as their rivals) on land, sea and air.
    Megadramon was the first made, to attack aerial Digimon in the sky....
    MetalTyrannomon came next, to attack ground Digimon on the land....
    MetalSeadramon was the last to be made, to attack naval Digimon in the ocean.
    Incidentally, Gigadramon was created when a Megadramon was remodelled and repaired to become stronger and more powerful. With more and more mechanical Digimon being created, the Metal Empire developed better and better....
    The reason why these two groups are placed together is simple: the Royal Knights, the highest-ranked in network security, watch over the Four Great Dragons and the Metal Empire in case they threaten the management software of the Digital World.

    The Legendary Ten Warriors
    These ten Mega-levelled Digimon rescued the 'Ancient Digital World' from destruction. They bare the elements of Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Plant, Wind, Light, Darkness, Steel and Ground, respectively. To wit:
    AncientGreymon of Fire....
    AncientMegatheriummon of Ice...
    AncientMermaimon of Water....
    AncientBeetlemon of Thunder....
    AncientTrojamon of Plant....
    AncientKazemon of Wind....
    AncientGarurumon of Light....
    AncientSphinxmon of Darkness....
    AncientWisemon of Steel...
    And AncientVolcamon of Ground.
    Not much is known about them, since the book that they were first recorded in has since been destroyed.

    The Virus Busters
    These are Digimon (as well as other beings) who consist of Vaccines and Data kinds who take on the mission of 'defeating the Viruses'. But, there are some exceptions: although Gallantmon, ChaosGallantmon, Mistymon and LoadKnightmon are Viruses, they belong to the Virus Busters, too. Here is the current roster of Digimon:
    Kyuubimon Vaccine
    Growlmon Data
    Rapidmon Armor
    Taomon Vaccine
    Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
    Gallantmon/Gallantmon Crimson Mode
  5. jadenik

    jadenik New Member

    The Royal Knights (The Highest-Ranked in Network Security) [NOTE: I updated the current roster for reasons of chronology]
    A group of Holy Knight type Digimon who lived since the 'Ancient Digital World''s creation, but were wrapped in mystery. Recently, they have been seen a lot, and information about them have been leaked. They serve the 'God' of the Digital World, and all thirteen of them appear when a crisis of humongous proportions appears in the world. But they will monitor those they can't seem to identify in terms of alliance closely; those who they think are 'evil' are brutally attacked, but those who they think are 'justice-minded' they will ally with.
    The Royal Knights, as all Digimon know, were founded by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, who once rescued the Digital World during a great crisis in ancient times. But, it's unknown why the organization was 'founded' in the first place, as opinions claim that Imperialdramon Paladin Mode evolved through the powers of one of its members, Omnimon. And, by the same token, Omnimon evolved through the fusion of powers of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon during another crisis in ancient times. So far, the confirmed members of the Royal Knights goes like this:
    Omnimon, the Royal Knight of 'Endings' who takes pride in his sucessfully balanced powers...
    Gallantmon, the Royal Knight who awoke from the crimson-coloured member of the Four Great Dragons...
    Magnamon, the Royal Knight of perfect defense who sets free the blazes of Miracles....
    LoadKnightmon, the Royal Knight of mercilessness who commands an army of Knightmon....
    Dynasmon, the Royal Knight of meditation who studies both chivalry and Bushido thoroughly...
    UlforceVeedramon, the Royal Knight with a blue-coloured armor that unleashed and controls 'futuristic' powers....
    Craniummon, the invincible demonic Royal Knight that severes everything with his undefeated treasured spear....
    Sleipmon, the first quadruped Royal Knight that brings icy-cold weaponry to turn the tide of a battle...
    Duftmon, the Royal Knight that no-one dares to question, as he is affiliated with Yggdrasil himself....
    Examon, the latest Royal Knight of which information is still being kept a secret....
    And Alphamon, the Royal Knight of 'Beginnings' that maintains 'a blank seat'.
    So far, eleven members have been confirmed. Note that, despite what he may say, KingEtemon is NOT a member of the Royal Knights, since he's trying to crave attention. Nor is Rapidmon Armor, since he's a Cyborg type and all Royal Knight members have to be at the Holy Knight type. Even Gallantmon Crimson Mode isn't a member, since he was fused with a different digital lifeform called 'ARMS'. However, the 'royal family' PrinceMamemon was born from may have links to, or are even, the Royal Knights themselves. Furthermore, the Royal Knights' headquarters are located in a place called 'The Noble Arena'. It's suggested that it was built on the ruins caused by past wars.
    Thus, anyone who has an overwhelming justice to those that may seem to wield something dark about them, but are good in nature are those the Royal Knights protect. Those who are evil, though, are viewed by the Royal Knights as their enemy. However, is this what 'God' intended? Countless mysteries related to the Royal Knights, such as Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's true role and the whereabouts of Alphamon, will remain a mystery until fully solved....

    The Twelve Olympus Gods [NOTE: I updated the current roster for reasons of chronology]
    So far, this group remains unknown in terms of character, despite having powers akin to the Royal Knights. They seem to maintain a neutral existence and watches over everything in the Digital World. It's thought that twelve beings exist and, so far, Marsmon, Merukimon, Neptunemon, Minervamon, Apollomon and Dianamon have been confirmed. The names of the group, and of the members themselves, originate from the twelve gods of Greek and Roman mythology. Thus, Marsmon comes from 'Mars', Merukimon ('Mercury') and Neptunemon ('Neptune'), the names of gods from Roman mythology. Minervamon ('Minerva'), Apollomon (Apollo) and Dianamon (Diana) come from Greek gods. What wonders will we see from Digimon based from Jupiter/Zeus, Juno, Venus/Aphrodite, Ceres/Demeter, Uranus/Hephestos, Vesta/Hestia and Dionysus?
    According to the Royal Knights, the Twelve Olympus Gods do in fact exist, and protect ten mutual territories. Research is underway in terms of where these territories are, what they're named, what they consist of and who rules over them.

    The Seven Great Demon Lords [NOTE: Could the 'demon' mentioned here and in another section be related to Okudamon?]
    They are seven Demon Lord type Digimon who are proud of their mighty powers. Since they all want to rule over the Digital World, each of them have shallow relationships and thus try to gain one up over each other in terms of plots.
    Lucemon Falldown Mode, the Demon Lord of 'Pride', who was corrupted by a 'demon' to lead the Seven Great Demon Lords....
    Beelzemon, the Demon Lord of 'Gluttony', who cruelly hunts down prey upon 'Behemoth'....
    Leviamon, the Demon Lord of 'Envy', who from his ocean home aims to swallow the entire Digital World with his big jaws...
    Lilithmon, the Demon Lord of 'Lust', who charms onlookers and decays them with her golden claws....
    Daemon, the Demon Lord of 'Wrath', who rebelled against peace and was thus sealed away in darkness....
    Barbamon, the Demon Lord of 'Greed', who greedily uses his cunning to magically control the destiny of others....
    And Belphemon, the Demon Lord of 'Sloth', who only awakens from his slumber once every 1000 years and appears from the Gate.
    All seven have been confirmed. Originally, people have said that the members consisted of thus: Daemon, Deathmon, MaloMyotismon, Beelzemon, Murmuxmon, Lilithmon, and Lucemon Falldown Mode.
    The Seven Great Demon Lords are named after the Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity. Lucemon Satan Mode (an Evil God type Digimon), bears the crests of the Seven Deadly Sins when he appears in the Digimon World. The crests are also engraved in the Gate of Deadly Sins. Could this be the reason why only special Demon Lord type Digimon were chosen to represent the Seven Great Demon Lords, and not ALL Demon Lord types? Not much is known about it today, but the time in which all will be revealled may not be too far off....
    The crests of the Seven Deadly Sins are engraved on the Gate of Deadly Sins. After a lot of investigation, it was revealled that each of the signs on the gate (as shown on the DVR Research page) was linked to a Demon Lord type Digimon that shared its sin. Going by the Level-666 System, below are the sins along with the Demon Lord that matches them up:
    LEVEL-666 SYSTEM: LUCIFER CODE: PRIDE = Lucemon Falldown Mode
    The second picture on the DVR Research page are symbols drawn on top of the crests. They symbolise planets and are used in astrology. The Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Crescent Moon are represented. When faithfully applied to the Seven Great Demon Lords, it comes out as thus: The Sun (Belphemon), Jupiter (Lucemon Falldown Mode), Mars (Daemon), Saturn (Barbamon), Venus (Lilithmon), Mercury (Beelzemon) and the Crescent Moon (Leviamon). However, other people list them as thus:
    The Sun = Lucemon Falldown Mode
    Venus = Beelzemon
    Mercury = Leviamon
    Jupiter = Daemon
    Saturn = Barbamon
    Mars =Belphemon
    Crescent Moon = Lilithmon
    If you think it doesn't make sense, it's a sure sign that the Digital World is going from strength to strength....

    Lucemon and the Three Great Angels
    Lucemon. Isn't there another Digimon which influenced the Digital World as much as he did? Lucemon was assumed to have suddenly flown down from the Heavens onto the 'Ancient Digital World'. He was a supreme Angel type who had the powers of an Ultimate despite being at the Rookie level, and bore three Holy Rings and twelve wings. But when he transformed into his Satan Mode and brought chaos to the world, he was sealed away by the Legendary Ten Warriors. But if the seal is broken, Lucemon will break free, digitize into his Satan Mode once again, and will aim to destroy the world again. Lucemon was born as a 'Heaven-Sent Child of God'. He flew down as soon as 'three archangel' Digimon were created in order to bring about 'good', but his Satan Mode soon brought about atrocity in the form of 'evil'. But why did the 'demon' Digimon entice him? Perhaps the 'demon' disliked 'good' and wanted to corrupt Lucemon enough for it to revel in Satan Mode's 'evil'. Or, maybe it wanted to become 'God' and wanted to use Lucemon as its first messenger.
    The Three Great Angels, on the other hand, were created once Lucemon flew down from the Heavens; they are heirarchal Digimon and command 'Godly Troops':
    Seraphimon, a Seraphim who is a 'God of Justice' as well as a 'orderely-defensive person'...
    Cherubimon, a Cherubim who is an 'All-Knowing God' as well as an 'enormously-clever angel'...
    And Ophanimon, an Ophanim who is a 'God of Harmony' as well as an 'embodiment of God's love'.
    They are all sacred Digimon of the Angel type, who have been given the mission of making sure all Digimon are safe, as well as to defend the center of the Digital World, known as the Kernel.
    Next, we come to the 'Godly Troops' themselves. The troops are ordered under the 'Nine Classes of Angel'. Below the Three Great Angels themselves come Dominimon, SlashAngemon (who leads the Angelic Troop, also known as 'Powers') and ClavisAngemon, a defensive person who can open all of the doors that make up the 'Zenith Gate' if he needs to. Below them comes MagnaAngemon and Angewomon (an Ultimate-levelled eight-winged Archangel type Digimon). In particular, MagnaAngemon supervises all classes, but there is no sign at the moment of a 'right-winged Angel'. At the bottom come Champion-levelled Digimon, namely Angemon, D'Arcmon and Piddomon. So far, Puttomon and Cupimon have no battle-stylised role to play, but they are important nonetheless. Almost all of these classes bear the 'Holy Ring' and are sacred.
    The 'Godly Troops' should not be confused with the 'Virus Busters', (despite some Digimon being in two groups at once) who are Digimon of all types and no classes, but still share the same goal: to defeat Viruses.

    The 'God of All Digimon'
    Who can be called the 'God of All Digimon'? This depends on how Digimon are viewed, if the 'System' plays a part and if the Four Holy Beasts are called gods by many. With talks of 'mankind' and 'a power beyond the Four Holy Beasts', various opinions are spreading....
    Recently, Fanglongmon was confirmed as the master of the Four Holy Beasts. It's thought that this 'Yellow Emperor Dragon' is located in the center and controls the Four Holy Beasts in a manner similar to that of a local myth in China. Could Fanglongmon be linked to, or is even 'the power beyond the Four Holy Beasts'? It's also been said that the Three Great Angels defend the center of the Digital World, known as the Kernel. Although much about the Kernel is unknown, some agree that Fanglongmon is linked to both the Four Holy Beasts and the Kernel in some way. Many Digimon call themselves the 'God of All Digimon', but could Fanglongmon truthfully claim this title for himself?
    And then there's the god-like being known as 'Yggdrasil'. Recently, the name once given to the host computer of the Digital World is now cropping up in every server and mainframe that the Digital World is connected to. 'Yggdrasil' was the name given to the original computer virus, or so opinions go, and all Digimon were created under both the AI and will of 'Yggdrasil'. No-one yet knows who the person behind the host computer really is, but since all of the Digital World and every single Digimon was created via the host computer, it's a safe bet that the 'God of All Digimon' may really be Yggdrasil!

    Chapter 4: The Dark Times of the Digital Hazard
    Project: Ark
    Every day, new Digimon are identified and classified. But, very soon, the capacity of the Digital World would soon be full. The amount of data needed by Yggdrasil to function properly is exceeded by the data needed to evolve into new beings. If this keeps up, the entire Digital World will explode. To avoid the 'Digital Hazard', Yggdrasil decreed to eliminate Digimon which weren't necessary in terms of research, and for the rest of them to leave the old Digital World in search of a New Digital World....

    The New Digital World
    A much bigger and more expansive host computer was constructed outside of the 'Yggdrasil' one, and the New Digital World was created within it, all to solve the problems the old Digital World was creating. The world was divided into three areas within a 'Chronicle Layer System': the Skuld Terminal for Dinosaur type Digimon, the Verdandi Terminal for Cyborg type Digimon and the Urd Terminal for the other Digimon. This decentralized the data and allowed the New Digital World to function more efficiently.
    URD TERMINAL: The Urd Terminal consists of three continents: "Laulan Continent", "Gordius Continent" and "Remga Continent". Said to be the most dangerous terminal in existance, many ferocious Digimon live here. One of the three continents with the most historical background is the "Laulan Continent". The famous 'Ouryuu Theory' is centered around this continent, along with a sleeping lake in the Eastern parts that contain the Aqua Orb. Moreover, the 'Remga Continent' can be accessed from a Digital World in another dimension by using a Forest Leaf. The forest itself where these leaves grow seems to behold sightings of an 'legendary warrior' that appears frequently.
    VERDANDI TERMINAL: Information unavaliable.
    SKULD TERMINAL: The Skuld Terminal is full of futuristic cities with many floating buildings. A beehive-shaped aerial building, called the 'Royal Base', is ruled over by various Cyborg and Machine type Digimon; floating over the city's skyline, the beehive-shaped weapon-equipped combat force, the 'Royal Command', patrol the land and engage in various secret manuevers.

    The Life-Changing X-Program and X-Antibody
    In order to eliminate unecessary Digimon, Yggdrasil executed the X-Program. Sprinkled across the Digital World, the Digimon died out through the powers of the 'Particle Worm No. 2'. However, some of the Digimon survived. Their Digi-Cores rewrote themselves in order to protect their hosts from the Particle Worm, as a sort of antibody against it. No matter how many Particle Worms Yggdrasil sent--- Numbers 3, 6, or even 8---the strong surviving Digimons' Digi-Cores kept rewriting themselves and producing antibodies. Eventually, the 'X-Antibody' drew out their hosts' potential abilities to the utmost limits. Despite the fact that the antibodies would be battered and defeated by the Particle Worms in a cat-and-mouse-style battle, those with stronger antibodies in them transformed into stronger versions of themselves (called 'X-Evolution'). As said before, all those who remained in the New Digital World were safe from the Particle Worms.

    XAI [The X-Antibody Indicator]
    Yggdrasil, fed up with all the to-ing and fro-ing about, developed the XAI System in order to determine if a Digimon had the X-Antibody within them and if they could X-Evolve. The XAI System can fully identify the X-Antibody within a Digimon's body. Researchers use a cell-phone-shaped version of the XAI System, called the 'Digivice X', to carry out the same function. All in all, Yggdrasil's plans have been spoilt by the appearance of the X-Antibody. To make sure it never happens again, Yggdrasil sent two of the Royal Knights, Omnimon and Gallantmon, to the Urd Terminal and the Verdandi Terminal to wipe out all of the Digimon with the X-Antibody in them. With the Royal Knights picking random matches and the X-Antibody under threat of being purged, it seems the Digital World is undergoing a severe 'survival of the fittest' in a way...
  6. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    Uh, that looks like it took time to translate it. Ofcousre you could have saved some time by just translating it and not adding stuff like "DNA Evolution".

    The whole thing sounds more like a Dub than a proper translation.

    Still, thnaks for that. Even if one should probably do some research himself/herself instead aswell instead of just using yours.
  7. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    Wow. In-depth.
  8. Ingrimm

    Ingrimm Member

    Thank you very much for your efforts!
  9. celestial_sacred

    celestial_sacred Active Member

    Yes! Even though it's using the dub version, thanks for Chapter 3 too~~
  10. Ingrimm

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    One thing that bothers me is the member of the Olympus 12 that's based on "Uranus/Hephestos". Uranus and Hephestos are completely unrelated gods. There is Vulcan/Hephæstos, but Uranus is no member of the Olympus 12... But that's a mistake of the Japanese writers I guess.
  11. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    Ah crap !

    I think I sounded like some ungratefull Bastard in my first post. Sorry about that.
  12. jadenik

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    I already said wildermon translated this.

    Mugen, thats okay, but the real credit goes to wildermon who translated this.
  13. jadenik

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    Message from Wildermon:

    This is Wildermon: Profiler of Digimon. I would like to extend thanks to all those who have enjoyed my Research translation project. It took me no more than two days to translate and to post on WTW. I would like to explain a few things about my translating.
    First, even though I use dub terms in my translations, I do also use Japanese terms. Hence why I use 'Evolution' and not 'Digivolution'. Some Digimon have been dubbed and some haven't. I know that some of you do have issues, but when I do join your forum, I shall be happy to debate further.
    Second, I shall allow anyone who don't like the dubs to edit them as they may so wish, so long as any important details are left.
    Again, thank you very much. Have a Happy New Year, and keep your eyes open for more information translated by yours truely!"

    Thank you!
  14. Role

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    Forgive me for saying this, but...
    Where is this from? It just looks like something that was fan-made, too. Not exactly canon, per se. It's like someone wanted to get all the digital words from the various series and combine them together...

    Unless this came from the guys who made digimon themselves, I'm not holding it canon...
  15. jadenik

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    This is from DVR research, it is canon, but in the series, but in the general continuity.
  16. Role

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    And what exactly is DVR research? To me, it sounds like someone just recorded it all and watched it closely.

    It... looks like fanfiction, to be honest. Someone saw a bunch of stuff from DIFFERENT Digimon canons and tried to put it all together.

    From a GM's point of view, if someone came to my game following this, I'd tell them to get out. Quite frankly, there are 5 distinct digital words that I have seen.


    As I have not been able to find V-Tamer from the beginning, I am unable to say anything in regards to it...

    Each of these have their own lore, and their own history. But the only thing that they all share is the fact that they're digital worlds and have digimon. That's it! I've seen no real continuities other than that between the series. It looks to me like this person just grabbed info from all of them and tried to put it all together in one great big Super Digital World. But the fact remains that Adventure doesn't have lore from Frontier in it, Savers has no Tamers lore, X-Evolution... seems to be just a movie to me, with nothing from the various series in it... (I could be wrong. Keep in mind, I am still looking for V-tamer from the beginning, but with no luck).

    Basically, I don't see how they're putting all of this together. It looks fan-made.

    I mean, I appreciate the work put into translating it, but... It just looks like different stories all crammed together.
  17. jadenik

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    DVR stands for Digital Virtual tamer's residence,its a japanese digimon profile site,it has a research page, this is where this info came from. and I'm talking about the series or the magna. Every Digimon has a profile that tells about them. Those profiles are canon.
  18. Role

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    So wait... Are these from different profiles?
  19. jadenik

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    No, this was actually translated by wildermon, this is from the DVR research page,but this research page does go by the lore established by the profiles.
  20. Role

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    So then, this grouped all together as if it were all one digital world, I'm guessing? Despite the fact that its 5+ digital worlds that have their histories/lore referenced in it?

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