DP116: Yukimenoko is a Blizzard!

Discussion in 'Pocket Monsters' started by Volt, Dec 7, 2008.

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    DP116: Yukimenoko is a Blizzard!

    Source: Pokeani

    DP116: 吹雪の中のユキメノコ!
    DP116: Fubuki no Naka no Yukimenoko!
    DP116: Yukimenoko in a Blizzard!

    This episode will air on February 26, 2009.

    Dub Names:

    Satoshi = Ash
    Hikari = Dawn
    Takeshi = Brock
    Pocchama = Piplup
    Mimiroru = Buneary
    Musashi = Jesse
    Kojiro = James
    Nyass = Meowth
    Sonansu = Wobbufet
    Mosskippa = Carnivine
    Yukimenoko = Froslass
    Yukiwarashi = Snorunt
    Onigoori = Glalie
    - If I need to add more, I will. Just comment or PM me.
    - Characters/Pokemon/Cities in BOLD indicate debuts.
    - If a Pokemon does not change its name from the Japanese version to the English Version, it will be listed, but it will not have an "_JP Name_=_EN Name_" .

    Yay! Yukimenoko episode!!!!

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