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    {Digimon Hackers} - The {Digital} World

    {Digimon Hackers}

    A D.N.A. Production

    Brought to you by {Digimon Hackers} - The Fanfic.

    The year 2010. Online gaming has gone farther than society had predicted. A newly erected company titled "D.N.A. Corp.," or "Digital Network Advent Corperation," brought to the world a new online game known as "The Digital World." A game of another world, known as "The Digital World", where humans meet digital monsters known as Digimon. They level up their Digimon, make them stronger, compete in many events, like a regular online game. "The Digital World" took the nation by a storm. It was the rave. Whether it was played in the online "Docking Terminals" at the arcade or at home in their very own P.D.T., or "Personal Docking Terminal," over millions of players log on to this game. D.N.A. Corp. had become the pinacle of the gaming world.

    But something went wrong. D.N.A. wasn't aware of the true existance of "The Digital World" within the game. They merely based the game off it, but rather, they send people to the actual Digital World. Governed by the god, Yggdrasil, the Digital World is an actual parallel world played as a game. But Yggdrasil knew that the humans weren't any harm and allowed them to come at any time, while keeping his existance omnipotent. He watched over them, and if they ever "died" in the game, he would follow the standard game procedure and return the players to their original world.

    However, that was only true for so long. Eight children, different towns and cities, hardly any relation to each other, had logged on into the game, some for their first time. At their P.D.T.s in school or at home, or at a Docking Terminal in the arcade, they were attacked by an unknown entity called "X." Yggdrasil had discovered this himself and noted this enity as a virus, the "X-Virus." The eight children were killed by the virus, their minds left in the Digital World. Their bodies were put into comatose, and they were lost in the Digital World.

    Some powerful and evil force had manipulated the game, thus recreating the dreaded X-Virus to keep the humans from crossing past the plane of the Cyber World and the Digital World, infecting the mind of one of the eight killed children, and to open a pathway to the human world. It's reason unknown, but most likely to reach beyond the bounders and into the human world. Yggdrasil took the eight children into his custody and brought their minds back to existance. He had chosen them as special players, as Digidestine, to stop the virus and destroy the Digimon who created it. However, the System Admins will not allow this virus running amok, and they confused the existance of the comatose players as a part of the viruses.

    Thus became known the Digimon Hackers.

    My friends, this isn't a game anymore.

    This is real...



    I was gonna put rules here, but it looks like Role-senpai's Guideline thread does the trick. So I won't bother...oh wait, there are certain things you'll need to know that are exclusive to this RP!

    RP Exclusive Rules
    Wild Digimon Battling
    There will be notices in which Digimon can appear and be fought. It will look somewhat like this.
    I will choose the Digimon at Random via a Random number generator from Googles. So if I declare a number in the OOC thread, expect a Digimon. However, you can only battle the Digimon if you are in the vicinity. The flip side to it is that I might also choose to put the Digimon in certain areas to throw you off. So pay attention to the location. Just letting you know...only I can use this post unless I assign someone to help me with this.

    Item Finding
    Like the Digimon Battling, there will also be Item Finding posts, and the same rules will apply.
    Unfortunately, only I can use these posts and distribute items.

    Now, to reply to these posts, simply quote them and type up a detailed description of the battle, or a paragraph of the finding, then continue with the game or whatever you were doing. Note that after you have quoted, you'll have to wait 5 more of your own posts to fight or find another item.

    I realize that VBulletin works differently than Gaia, so this is a new system I have to use. If you find anything here that differs from the VBulletin system, please let me know so I can make your RPing experience an enjoyable one.


    "The {Digital} World"

    Welcome to "The {Digital} World". Thank you for contributing to D.N.A. Corp.'s contribution to taking Online Gaming to the next level. As you play, you will feel how real everything is. But before you play, please read the Terms of Service.

    "The {Digital} World" Terms of Service

    By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you choose to uphold the peace and privacy of other players. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of your account. Repeated failures will result in a immediate ban.

    (I won't really do that. I want to make the game sound professional...so...follow the DATS rules, please...)​

    With those done, please take note of the terms you must learn to feel the basics of the game.

    Tamers - Players who control Digimon. There are some tamers who have different attributes, such as fire tamers, ice tamers, dark tamers, etc. There are even Tamer Killers.

    Tamer Rank - It's your basic skill level as a tamer. Reaching higher levels will allow you to evolve your Digimon. Rank 5 lets you evolve your Digimon to its Champion form. Rank 10 allows you to Armor Digivolve your Digimon if you have the right DigiMental and your Digimon is compatible. Rank 20 allows you to evolve your Digimon to its Ultimate form. Rank 40 allows you to DNA-Digivolve with other Digimon if they are compatible. Rank 50 allows you to evolve your Digimon to its Mega form. Your Tamer Rank rises as you gain Tamer Points, or TP defeat a Digimon.

    Tamer Points - The EXP. Each level of Digimon have different TP rewards times your current Tamer Rank.
    Rookies = 50 TP * current Tamer Rank
    Champions = 60 TP * current Tamer Rank
    Armor = 70 DP * current Tamer Rank
    Ultimates = 80 TP * current Tamer Rank
    Megas = 90 TP * current Tamer Rank
    As you gain Ranks, your max TP increases. All Rank 1 Tamers start at 100 MTP (Max Tamer Ponts). As your Tamer Rank increases, your Max TP increases. I'll be editting your profile every now and then to change your MTP and TP, so PM me on what level you battled so I can change your TP. I'll reply back if you level up.
    (I'm still working the system...someone help me!)

    Tamer Killers - Players who battle other Tamers and defeat their Digimon. The tamer themselves are also defeated and are sent back all the way to their previous save point if they wish to continue playing.
    Beating a Tamer Killer will you get you the amount of TP their Digimon gives times two times the diffrence of your rank and the Tamer Killer's Rank. Confusing, I know. Thus, here's the equation:
    (Digimon Level TP times 2) * (Difference of Tamer and Tamer Killer's Rank) = Amount of TP you get.
    E.G. : (Champion) (60 * 2) * (Tamer Level 5 - Tamer Killer Level 7)
    120 * 2 = 240 TP.
    You get 240 TP.[/strike]

    Tamer Points are practically useless in this RP. It just basically explains the workings of the game. In all honesty, I never got a chance to work out the system. So instead, this is how it works. Your Tamer Rank goes up after two to five battles with a Digimon. Simple.

    Game Over - Basically, it's when the tamer themself dies if they fail to resurrect their Digimon after it is beaten. A Digimon has three lives. The first two lives, you're automatically transported back to your previous save point. After the third life is out, you have to revive your Digimon with a "System Restore". Otherwise, it'll revert back to a DigiTama/DigiEgg.
    Each Tamer has LP, or Life Points, of their level times five.
    E.G. : Tamer Level 5 * 5
    Tamer LP = 250 LP.
    When your LP decreases to zero, you are prompted to choose to continue playing or return back to the login screen. If you choose to continue playing, you'll return to the last save point you were in.

    Don't worry about keeping track of your Tamer Life Points. If you get attacked by a Digimon and choose to lose, then you'll die. Well, Game Over, at least.

    Attack - Basically, this is so I know you're doing a fair amount of damage and not godmodding. To determine the damage rate of your digimon...
    Attack = Tamer Rank * 10
    E.G. : Tamer Level 5 * 10
    Digimon Attack = 50ATK.
    This only changes as the Tamer Rank goes higher.

    Just RP it, but don't prolong it, okay? I'll allow up to 5 posts per Tamer Battle.

    Evolution - Ah, something EVERYONE should know. Evolution is the metamorphisis of your Digimon from one level to the next. The activation phrase is "Connection, Download! Scan! Execute!" Saying this, however, depends on what you're evolving your Digimon to.
    To Adult = "Connection, Download! Scan! Execute!"
    To Perfect = "Connection, Perfect Download! Scan! Execute!"
    To Ultimate = "Connection, Ultimate Download! Scan! Execute!"
    There are select few Tamers who can perform these...
    To Armor = "Connection, Armor Download! Scan! Execute!"
    To Jogress (DNA) = "Connection, Jogress Download! Scan! Execute!"
    To Certain Modes = "Connection, Overdrive Download! Scan! Execute!"
    To Burst Mode = "Connection, Overdrive Download! Scan! Burst!"
    In order to evolve your Digimon, you must have a Digivice iC. This will be explained in the Items section.

    For the Hackers, or Chosen Children, it's different. They use something called a DigiSoul. DigiSoul is inside of our their human souls as they travel the Digital World. This is how they digivolve their Digimon.
    To Adult = "DigiSoul! Charge!"
    To Perfect = "DigiSoul! FullCharge!"
    To Ultimate = "DigiSoul! Overdrive!"
    For those with select Digimon...
    To Burst Mode = "DigiSoul! Overdrive! Burst Mode!"

    In the game are the Items you need to play the game. One of which is the all important Digivice. However, there are "Hack Items," or items that exist initially in the Digital World.​

    Digivice iC - The Digivice of the RP. As seen on the right, it has a variant of different colors. The Digivice iC is the main item to allow Digivolution for your Digimon. In the real world, it's connected to the headset of either a Personal Terminal or a regular Terminal, as well as acts as a watch. You know a person plays Digital Monster if they have a Digivice iC on their beltstrap. It allows the full-body scanning of your personal data and transfers your vision to the Digital World, as if you're really in it.
    It's also an item storage. Simply scan the item over the little slot on the back (if the item is too big, place the screen infront of it for "Standing Scan").

    DigiMemories - These replace the Crests now. They are symbols of Yggdrasil that signify that they are special Digimon. While they are stronger than what the "system" originally recorded, the System Admins call these Digimion "Irregulars."

    Burst Light - A special item that allows the Burst Mode. If your Digimon is one of the four special Digimon that can use Burst Mode and has reached the Mega Level, scan the item, and the Digimon can evolve to Burst Mode.

    DigiMentals - Commonly known as Digi-Eggs, they allow Armor Evolution. Only ten of these exist; The DigiMentals of Courage, Friendship, Knowledge, Love, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light, Kindness, and Miracles. If you have one of these, reached the specified Tamer Rank, and your Digimon is compatible with any of the DigiMentals, scan them, and the Digimon can evolve to Armor Digimon. They are transferable between D-Zones. Check the Digimon List to see who can evolve to who.

    System Restore - The resurrection item of Digital Monsters. If your Digimon is defeated in battle and has no more lives left, you can use this item (if you have one) to revive your Digimon and give it one more shot.

    DigiTama - If you don't revive your Digimon, it reverts into an egg, a DigiTama. Afterwards, you are free to choose your new Digimon (from the list) or choose the same Digimon as before. If you choose the same one, they won't remember you. Your Tamer Rank doesn't decrease to one, so you won't have to worry about not being able to use your new Digimon's evolutions.

    Docking Terminal - The basic login device that allows a player to log in into the Digital World online game. It takes the shape of a chair with a brainwave device over the head, covering the eyes to let the player view the surroundings in the game, as if they were really in the Digital World. The controller is infront of the player, suspended on a stick to prevent theft. The Digivice iC is connected to the headset by a wire that allows the scanning and login process. Terminals can only be found in arcades and allow at least an hour of gameplay.

    Personal Docking Terminal - A login device that allows gameplay at home infront of a computer. The controller is connected to the computer by a USB or wireless USB, the headset connected to the computer also by wire USB or wireless USB, and the Digivice iC connected to the headset. Unlimited gameplay, and it's free. But the whole PDT set is expensive, not alot of people can afford it.


    The Digital World
    In the game, or in the Digital World, there are many towns that Digimon inhabit. Players hangout here, or they just stop to find the nearest place to rest or replenish on supplies. There are even saving points here, and some towns have yet to be discovered.
    If you see an asterisk (*) next to the name, then that means there have been sightings of the "black spots." Expect updates here.​

    File City*

    The starting point for many new tamers. Next to the Metal Empire and Battle Frontier, File City is the biggest city in the Digital World. The leader of this city is Jijimon.

    Pyro Sphere
    Found just above the Digital World's tallest volcano is the city of fire, where ALL fire Digimon hangout. "Can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen!" they say. Fire-loving tamers are usually found in this area. Founder of this city is the Royal Knight, Dukemon (the evolved form of Guilmon, hence "Pyro Sphere" ). The current leader is Wargreymon.

    Arctic Isle

    Not really an island, but a big-a** glacier on the northern end of the Digital World. Only the coldest Digimon can "chill" here. To get here, you need a special pass from a certain MudFrigimon, who is the cousin of Arctic Isle's Frigimon. Then you need a ride from Whamon if you can best it in battle. Governed by MetalGarurumon, who keeps in good contacts with WarGreymon. They some of the Seadramon-species Digimon were acting rather strangely, lately.

    Windy Mountain*
    Located on the same mountain where Pyro Sphere rests is a haven for flying Digimon. Some airborne tamers can easily come here, but others have to take the long climb up the mountain. Leader of this town is Garudamon. There have been some sights, however, of black spots around the base of the mountain.

    Vamde Manor*
    A place where all the dark and spooky Digimon live. Tamers who are into this kind of stuff come here, and they're even accepted by Digimon such as Bakemon and DemiDevimon and stuff. However, it seems that the owner of this Manor, Myotismon, has fallen ill recently to a mysterious "virus."

    Metal Empire*
    A place where Machine type Digimon thrive, Tamers buy all their equipment for Digimon here, where the weapons and items are made and shipped out. They say that HiAndromon once ruled over this place until an evil Digimon made by a virus called "Chaosdramon" took over.

    Battle Frontier
    Located on the southeastern edge of the Digital World is the most battle-crazed city of the Digital World. If you become one of the top eight of the File City's Battle Arena, then you're welcome to compete in the Battle Frontier, where all the strongest tamers gather and battle it out to see who's the strongest! Compete in the Single Battle or Team Battle! And get a chance to battle the champions of the Battle Frontier!

    MameMame Town
    A small village somewhere in the Dense Forest. It's full of the Digital World's smallest Digimon, the Mamemon. Yes, those small silver balls with arms and legs. The Mamemon are peaceful...lest you step on one of them. If you buy the Blue Drink from Wizardmon back at the Medicine Shop in Dark Manor, then you can enter MameMametown. PrinceMamemon runs the show, but has his advisor, TonosamaMamemon, do the work. The other Mamemon here are Mamemon and MetalMamemon. TyrannoMamemon are kind of like the guard dogs while BigMamemon watch over the city (because they're bigger than your average Mamemon...).

    The Great Jungle
    A huge jungle on the eastern region of the Digital World! By the Data Sea, the Great Jungle is a humid place that can make you sweat on your seat! That place is hot, even for a game! They say that there's an ancient temple inside, where Pharaohmon rests. It is also where you can find a certain special item called the "Burst Light." But some say that they have heard bubbling sounds inside the Deep Jungle...

    Deep Jungle*
    One of D.N.A.'s most annoying places to be, but the best place to train! The Deep Jungle is a long dungeon-like area in the Great Jungle. The deeper you go, the better items and better monsters you find. Many have never made it out alive in this area, of course. The levels of the wild Digimon inside increase as you go deeper. But there have been rumors that the sounds of bubbling can be heard deep inside, and some Digimon have been heard screaming in pain. On the side note, Deep Jungle is where D.N.A. hosts the "Strongest Tamer" event. If you could make it into the deepest part of the Jungle and come back alive, you'll be awarded the rank of Strongest Tamer. But there seems to be something outside of the systems at the end of this Jungle...

    Black Heaven*
    The darkest part of the Digital World. A favorite of Tamer Killers, Black Heaven is a dark city in the Digital World's Dark Area, inhabited by evil Digimon and Tamer Killers. Best known for their Black Market, Black Heaven is also where the "Dark Tournament" is held. Even though there are cheating methods, D.N.A. allows this, as they are unable to govern what goes on in Black Heaven. Some Tamer Killers say that in the shadows, they can see the outline of black bubbles in the alley way. And they say a powerful and terrifying dark Digimon "haunts" this place, looking for the strongest opponent to fight. Someone that Pyro Sphere's WarGreymon is all too familiar with...

    Village of Beginnings (Primary Village)

    Great Plains


    Lost Areas
    These areas are restricted. Only Hackers and the System Admins have access to these areas. They were made by Yggdrasil himself that he deemed unavailable for humans to enter. They are either beneficial or life-threatening.​

    The Sanctuary in the Sky - Yggdrasil's Cathedral
    Yggdrasil's domain. Only Yggdrasil will choose who and when the chosen beings, human or Digimon, shall enter. At his left is Coronamon, and at his right is Lunamon. They guard his entrance and his throne.

    Dark Area*

    Where the baddest Digimon lurk. The Nanadai Maou, or the Seven Great Demon Lords were sealed here by the power of Yggdrasil. Thus, no one is allowed to enter. The Seven Great Demon Lords control the power here, as well as use Digimon from the outside to report to them. They are the cause of the Virus' release, as they are trying to resurrect their lord, Milleniumon. There is a Sub-Area called Infernal Garrison, where all the Evil Digimon, minions to the Seven Great Demon Lords, gather, waiting to be of use.

    Recycle Village
    This is where all unfortunate Digimon go when they are abandonned by their tamers. They all hide away here, so they won't be confused as Wild Digimon and destroyed by the very Tamers who abandonned them. A recycled Digimon known as Junkmon (not a real Digimon, but I had to put something) governs this town and takes in all the lost souls.

    The Holy Capital, ElDoradimon
    Who knows where this place is. It's a city of legend, known by only a few Digimon. It was said that the Royal Knight, Alphamon, was sealed here to prevent the release of the X-Virus. But rumors say that someone had found ElDoradimon and partially broke the seal. That was enough to bring the virus back, but keep Alphamon in.
  2. Kaji Motomiya

    Kaji Motomiya KAMEN RIDE: ZABEE!!

    Hackers, the Chosen Children

    Hayabusa Ichigo and Agumon, the Dragon Hacker and Chosen Child of Courage
    Taken by Kaji Motomiya

    Beast Hacker and Chosen Child of Friendship

    Plant/Insect Hacker and Chosen Child of Purity

    Aqua Hacker and Chosen Child of Honesty

    Bird Hacker and Chosen Child of Love

    Machine Hacker and Chosen Child of Knowledge

    Holy Hacker and Chosen Child of Hope

    Darkness Hacker and Chosen Child of Light


    System Admins - Octavus Celeris
    These characters are NPCs, but can be assigned to certain people.​

    Hayabusa Eiji - "Seiryuu" and Gaioumon

    Hayabusa Eiji, Ichigo's older brother, and leader of the Octavus Celeris. He's also D.N.A. Corp's head designer for "The {Digital} World." While he works directly under D.N.A. Corp, he seems to have a secret hidden away, something that not even the other Knights know about. He is a Legendary class Tamer, almost on par with Kaiser, making him one of the four Sovereign Tamers.

    Himura Jiro - "Bai Hu" and BantyoLeomon
    Himura Jiro, petstore owner by day, D.N.A. Corp's lapdog by night. He keeps an eye on the designing group, but ranks second in command of the Octavus Celeris. He chose Leormon in "The {Digital} World" as the living memory of his former cat, Chin-chin. He's ruthless in the game, and wishes to keep the peace of "The {Digital} World" as diligently as possible.

    Mori Hana - "Nymph" and Lotusmon
    She's very cheerful and out going, as well as the youngest of the Octavus Celeris. She is "The {Digital} World's" beta tester and debugger. She may seem like the weakest, but she is a strategic gamer and knows her way around each and every loophole.

    Miyamoto Izumi - "Nethrus" and GigaSeadramon
    Miyamoto Izumi, Eiji's lover and Octavus Celeris' shield. She plays a crucial role with fellow Virus Buster, Motou Yuuki, in "The {Digital} World's" desgining team. She keeps hackers from trying to break through D.N.A. Corp's systems, isolates it, and completely destroys it. She is also known for swimming in the ocean three times during every season.

    Wakahisa Haruto - "Ra" and Valdurmon
    Wakahisa Haruto, D.N.A. Corp's personal businessman. His job is to fly around the world to promote D.N.A. Corp's products, though he does it to help raise money for (insert Bird Hacker's name here)'s dream of flying. He's hardly with the other designers, so he only sees them online as he carries a PDT with him at all times. He's very aloof and laid back, soaring through the world freely.

    Motou Yuuki - "Tron" and GrandLocomon
    Motou Yuuki, D.N.A. Corp's top Virus Buster. He plays the most crucial role, along with Miyamoto Izumi, to constantly protect and update D.N.A. Corp's data files, security system, and so on. He also constantly checks "The {Digital} World" for Viruses and bugs. He was the first to discover the X-Virus in the game's systems, and claims it is the only virus he can't destroy.

    Michael D'Angelo - "Michael" and Seraphimon/Dominimon

    Michael D'Angelo, an Italian graphics designer for "The {Digital} World." His Japanese blends with his Italian accent, so it's hard for some people to understand what he says. He's very lively, and takes his graphic designing very seriously. Now and then, when he "designs" places for the "The {Digital} World," those designs are copied into the actual Digital World, giving Digimon new places to live. He's picky, so he leaves an angel wing somewhere in his areas, which also leads to sidequests.

    Saito Gorou - "Lucifer" and Murmuxmon

    Saito Gorou, D.N.A. Corp's personal lawyer, he usually butts heads with Michael, the graphic designer. He is very suspicious of Eiji's actions, but at the same time very protective of him. He is unbeatable in the court, and his words always speak the truth, even if they are mean and cruel. He may seem cold, but Gorou is a nice man. He prefers people to call him "Saito Taichou," a pun on the Shinsengumi's Third Squad Captain, "Saito Hajime." After the attack of the eight children, Gorou seemed to have disappeared...


    Special Characters
    These characters do not have any relation to their roles in their respective Digimon series. Their roles have been altered so they fit this RP universe.​

    Season 1

    Yagami Taichi
    A second year senior high schooler, he is the leader of the school's soccer team. He often acts on impulse, which usually gets him into trouble. He broke up with his oldest friend, Sora, who is now in a relationship with Yamato.

    Ishida Yamato
    A second year senior high schooler, he is the vocalist and bass player of the high school's band. Swarmed by fangirls, his only girl is Sora, who he tries his hardest to get closer with due to band restrictions.

    Takenouchi Sora
    Once a tomboy, Sora now works with her mouth in the art of flower arranging. Now a second year senior high schooler, she's captain of the tennis club and is going out with the famous Ishida Yamato.

    Izumi Koushiro
    Like the rest of his classmates, Koushiro is a second-year senior high schooler who hosts the computer club. He's been given many college applications to Japan's prestigious computer colleges, even a reccommendation to D.N.A. Corp's college program.

    Tachikawa Mimi
    A twelvth grader in New York, New York, she majors in culinary. Sometimes very fashionable, to the point of her pink (sparkling) hair, the girl is also a bit vain about her appearance. She shares an online relationship with (insert Machine Hacker's name here) in Japan.

    Kido Jou
    The most responsible of the six, Joe is now in first year college, majoring in the medical field. He's very concious and obsessive compulsive, but he's very reliable, and knows when things are more important than what he focuses on.


    Season 2

    Miyamoto Daisuke
    The soccer king of Junior High, Daisuke is a strong child who is stubborn to the core. He tries to flirt with Hikari, his love interest, but often fails miserably. He has the power to make friends with whoever he meets because of his fetching personality, even made the anti-social genius Ken his best friend.

    Takaishi Takeru

    Ishida Yamato's younger brother, split by divorce, he goes out with Hikari as her boyfriend during his second year in Junior High. He is strong-willed and the basketball star of Junior High, as opposed to Daisuke and soccer. He will do anything to protect his friends, even if it involves getting into a fight.

    Yagami Hikari
    Yagami Taichi's younger sister, she's in her second year of Junior High. She is a light girl who thinks about her friends the most, and cares about their well-being. Even though Daisuke advances on her, she continues to go out with Takeru.

    Inoue Miyako
    The daughter of a grocery store owner, she is at her third year in Junior High. She and Iori hangs out alot at her mother's Ai-Mart grocery store, and had recently confessed her feelings to the anti-social Ken Ichijouji.

    Hida Iori
    A knowledgable boy who skipped a grade into his first year at Junior High, he is an active member, and Captain, of the Kendo Club. He's very serious in his work, so no lolly-gagging for him! He does play "The {Digital} World" now and then to relieve his stress.

    Ichijouji Ken

    The genius of Junior High, he rivals Daisuke in Soccer. He has a high IQ and has been granted scholarships to the most prestigious of schools. This makes him uneasy, as he does not want to leave Daisuke or his friends, and especially not Miyako.


    Season 3

    Matsuda Takato
    At first year of Junior High, Takato is an avid Card Gamer based on the MMORPG, "The {Digital} World," called "Digimon Battle." He's a bit clueless at times, but he knows how to get the job right. He crushes on Juri, but sometimes feels that he's into Ruki. His parents own a bakery, so he does his fair share at home.

    Jenrya Li
    Also at first year of Junior High, Jenrya, is a martial artist, half-Chinese and half-Japanese. He has a younger sister in Middle school, and he's good friends with Takato and Ruki. He has a strong affection for his Digimon, and even though it's just a game, he doesn't want his Digimon to get hurt.

    Makino Ruki
    Nicknamed the "Ice Queen" of Junior High, Ruki is cold and mean to others. She reluctantly hangs out with Takato and Jenrya, though she feels a closeness with them at the same time. She's a pro at "Digimon Battle" and will show anyone no mercy.

    Akiyama Ryo
    The "Digimon Battle King," he is the only person Ruki cannot beat. Ryo is a transfer student who likes to hang out with Ruki, even though the two don't exactly get along. People think he has a crush on her, but Ruki knows that he's just trying to make fun of her and make her smile.

    Katou Juri
    A kind and caring girl, Juri loves Digimon with all her heart. In most of Takato's classes, she is in love with him, but is too shy to admit it. She also like to hang out with Ruki, but tries not to get on her bad side. Don't get her mad, though, or you will get the nagging of a lifetime.

    Shioda Hirokazu

    Kitagawa Kenta

    Shuichon Li
    She's sweet, she's innocent, and she'll hug you to death. Shuichon loves to have fun and will NOT hesitate to play with your dolls...er, Digimon. She is Jenrya's little sister, and an Elementary School student.


    Season 4

    Kanbara Takuya
    A bright young man in third year of Junior High. He's active and out-going, also cute to boot. He started playing around a month ago when his friend, Izumi, introduced the game to him. He is one of the six children chosen to play as Digimon from winning the Spirit Campaign and plays the Agunimon series.

    Minamoto Koji
    A lone wolf by nature, he is Takuya's classmate and very cold to him at times. But the more he hangs out with him, the more he warms up to him. He started playing when Izumi introduced the game to him and Takuya, and he was a winner of the Spirit Campaign, playing as a Digimon and plays the Lobomon series. He has a half-brother named Koichi.

    Shibayama Junpei
    Junpei was left back a few years ago, so despite being older, he's in third year Junior High as well. He has a monster crush on Izumi and has a thing for chocolate. He's also Tomoki's "big brother," hoping he could take care of him when Tomoki's mother can't. He started playing when Izumi introduced him to the game, and he was the last winner of the Spirit Campaign, playing the Beetlemon series.

    Orimoto Izumi
    In third year Junior High, Izumi is the one who's been introducing the game, "The {Digital} World" to all of her classmates, even Tomoki while he is in middle school. Her love interests always change between her friends (except Junpei and Tomoki), but she really has the hots for Takuya, even though he's oblivious to it. She was the first winner of the Spirit Campaign and plays the Kazemon series.

    Himi Tomoki
    The youngest in the group, Tomoki is a frail child who is very shy around others. Only in middle school, he was surprisingly the second winner of the the Spirit Campaign and plays the Kumamon series.

    Kimura Koichi
    Koji's half-brother, Koichi lives with his mother who was divorced from Koji's father. They haven't seen each other much until he enrolled into the same Junior High school. He is always sick, so Koji's always taking care of him. He won the Spirit Campaign after Koji and plays the Lowemon series.


    Season 5

    Daimon Masaru
    A freshman in Senior High, Masaru works with his best friend Tohma H. Norstein and senior Fujieda Yoshino as the rash member of the Executive Disciplinary Committee. He is a street fighter and often gets into trouble with his peers, but he's got a good heart and knows what is right.

    Tohma H. Norstein
    A freshman and transfer student from Austria in Senior High, he is the well-mannered one of the Executive Disciplinary Committee. Always following orders by the book, Masaru often pokes fun at him for being so uptight. He is a well-trained fighter and on par with Masaru, but his moves are a little more predictable.

    Fujieda Yoshino
    Senior in Senior High, Yoshino leads the Executive Disciplinary Committee. She often keeps Tohma and Masaru in check, and she never disobeys an order unless she feels it's necessary. In school, she is a very talented piano player and she often looks after Ikuto.

    Noguchi Ikuto
    Once seperated from his parents at birth due to an illness, Ikuto has been reunited with them after they discovered a cure to his illness. Only in first year at Junior High, he is quite intelligent and fast, making him a valuable asset to one of the outside soucres for the Executive Disciplinary Committee. He's also going out with Masaru's sister.

    A fashion model in Japan, she has feelings for the younger Tohma and isn't afraid to admit it, though Tohma often tries to avoid her. She signs on to "The {Digital} World" to stalk him. Her partner, Quetzalmon, is very fast, but not very strong.

    A big, tough, strong man that runs an orphanage, he looked after Ikuto while his illness was being treated. He's well off enough to a point that he could buy P.D.T.s for everyone in the orphanage. His partner, Stegomon, is strong, but slow.

    A wild shot motorcyclist that skipped high school, he spends his time riding around Japan than playing "The {Digital} World." But when he does, he's often seen flying with Thunderbirmon.


    Other Characters
    You can also join in on the fun! But make sure you try not to know TOO much!


    Nanadai Maou - The Seven Great Demon Lords
    The rulers of the Dark Area and enemies of the RP. These Digimon cannot be chosen within your Digimon evolution line.​

    The most deceitful of the group, and the master strategist of the Seven Demon Lords. He is the Demon Lord of Greed, using the Virus to extract all the riches in the Digital and Human World.
    Pandemonium Lost: A colossal explosion of energy that is contained in the Dark Area.
    Crimson Flame: Surrounds the enemy with fire.
    Greedy Wand: Stabs his opponents with his wand.

    The Demon Lord of Gluttony, he strives to be the most powerful of the group. He doesn't use the X-Virus for his own means, as he rides the Digital World with the barrier-breaking Behemoth, a demon motorcycle, searching for strong opponents.
    Double Impact: Rapidly fires his two Berenjena shotguns.
    Darkness Claw: Attacks enemies using his claws.
    Heartbreak Shot

    The Demon Lord of Sloth, he is usually in his Sleep Mode, waiting to be used, rather than using. Lucemon doesn't mind him, but wishes that Belphemon took the mission seriously.
    Lampranthus: Releases a powerful wave of infernal flames of his chains, destroying everything in his path.
    Eternal Nightmare: Attacks his foes with a powerful energy blast.
    Dark Horn

    Once a Seraphimon, Daemon tried to take over the Digital World. But Yggdrasil banished him to the Dark Area, where he plots his revenge as the Demon Lord of Wrath. While he wears a cloak to hide his true form, he plots to rule over Lucemon as the most powerful Super Ultimate Digimon.
    Evil Inferno (Flame Inferno): Fires a stream of flames from his hands.
    Evil Flapping
    Chaos Flare

    The Demon Lord of Envy, he is the most physically strong Digimon of the Seven Demon Lords. Because of his size, he lurks in the Dark Sea, a gray ocean near the mountains of the Dark Area at the edge of the Digital World. He is the only Demon Lord who hates Angel Digimon, yet will flee from them.
    Rostrum: Slams his opponent with his jaws
    Cauda: Slams his tail on the ground, creating a fissure in the earth from which water spews
    Curse of the White Squall
    Sacrifice to the Seas
    Trench Lurker

    The Demon Lord of Lust, she was once an Ophanimon, similar to Daemon was once a Seraphimon, who fell from grace and was banished into the Dark Area. She is known as the Goddess of Darkness and admires Lucemon to the point that she would sacrifice herself for him, though he really does not care.
    Phantom Pain: Spews a bewitching mist of darkness that curses her opponents.
    Nazar Nail: The demonic claws on her decayed right arm is used to slash her enemies, releasing a deadly acidic poison that can corrode everything she touches.
    Darkness Love: Blows a kiss at her opponents that confuses them.

    The leader of the Seven Demon Lords, and the most powerful, despite being an Ultimate. All except Lilithmon fear his monstrous power, which he has Pride in. Once a fallen angel, Lucemon can control the powers of Light and Darkness. His goal with the X-Virus is to create a new world, with or without Milleniumon.
    Paradise Lost Punch (Paradise Lost): Starts with a flurry of punches, followed by a kick and a downward attack that drives the enemy into the ground.
    Ultimate Sacrifice (Dead or Alive): Uses an orb of light to hold the target in place and mixes it with an orb of darkness which traps the target within the two rotating spheres. The spheres explodes, deleting whoever is trapped inside.
    Deadly Roll


    Profile Skeleton
    Use this to make profiles for the Hackers or your own character outside of the Hackers group!​

    In-Game Username: (Also could be your nickname)
    Home Country: (This affects when you play "The {Digital} World," so not everyone can interact with each other)
    Personality: (At least 5 to 7 sentences.)
    Biography: (At least two paragraphs of 5 to 7 sentences.)
    Appearance: (Link to picture or 5 to 7 sentence description)
    Digimon: Name of Digimon
    Child -
    Adult -
    Perfect -
    Ultimate -
    Extra Evolutions -
    Role: Hacker, Tamer, Tamer Killer, etc.
    Rank: (A low to medium Tamer Rank level and number that fits the level)
    Digivice iC: (Color of Digivice iC, please be creative with this)
  3. Kaji Motomiya

    Kaji Motomiya KAMEN RIDE: ZABEE!!

    Digimon Evolution Guide


    Agumon > Greymon > MetalGreymon > WarGreymon > Omnimon (with MetalGarurumon)
    Agumon > GeoGreymon > RiseGreymon > ShineGreymon > ShineGreymon Burst Mode
    Commandramon > Sealsdramon > Tankdramon > Darkdramon > Chaosmon (with BantyoLeomon)/UltimateChaosmon (with BantyoLeomon, Valdurmon, and Sleipmon)
    Dracomon > Coredramon (Blue) > Wingdramon > Slayerdramon > Examon (with Breakdramon)
    Dracomon > Coredramon (Green) > Groundramon > Breakdramon > Examon (with Slayerdramon)
    Guilmon > Growlmon > WarGrowlmon > Gallantmon > GallantmonCrimson Mode
    Monodramon > Strikedramon > Cyberdramon > Justimon
    Ryudamon > GinRyumon > HisyaRyumon > OwRyumon
    Veemon > ExVeemon > Paildramon > Imperialdramon > Imperialdramon Fighter Mode > Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (with Omnimon)
    Armor - Flamedramon + Digimental of Courage; Raidramon + Digimental of Friendship; Magnamon + Digimental of Miracles

    Armadillomon > Ankylomon > Shakkoumon > Vikemon
    Armor - Digmon + Digimental of Knowledge; Submarimon + Digimental of Reliability
    Bearmon > Grizzmon > Grappleomon > Marsmon
    Dorumon > Dorugamon > Dorugreymon > Dorugoramon
    Elecmon > Leomon > IceLeomon > Regulumon
    Gabumon > Garurumon > WereGarurumon > MetalGarurumon > Omnimon (with WarGreymon)
    Gaomon > Gaogamon > MachGaogamon > MirageGaogamon > MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
    Leormon > Liomon > LoaderLeomon > BanchouLeomon > Chaosmon (with Commandramon)/UltimateChaosmon (with Darkdramon, Valdurmon, and Sleipmon)


    Fanbeemon > Waspmon > Cannonbeemon > TigerVespamon
    KoKabuterimon > BladeKuwagamon > MetallifeKuwagamon > TyrantKabuterimon
    Kokuwamon > Kuwagamon > Okuwamon > GranKuwagamon
    Lalamon > Sunflowmon > Lilamon > Rosemon > Rosemon Burst Mode
    Mushroomon > Woodmon > Cherrymon > Puppetmon
    Palmon > Togemon > Lillymon > Rosemon
    Tentomon > Kabuterimon > MegaKabuterimon > HerculesKabuterimon
    Wormmon > Stingmon > Dinobeemon > GranKuwagamon.
    Armor - Pucchiemon + Digimental of Kindness

    Winged Beast

    Biyomon > Birdramon > Garudamon > Phoenixmon
    Falcomon > Peckmon > Yatagaramon > Ravemon > Ravemon Burst Mode
    Falcomon > Diatrymon > Yatagaramon > Valdurmon > UltimateChaosmon (with BantyoLeomon, Darkdramon, and Sleipmon)
    Hawkmon > Aquilamon > Silphymon > Valkyrimon
    Armor - Halsemon + Digimental of Love; Shurimon + Digimental of Sincerity
    Penguinmon > Saberdramon > Parrotmon > Eaglemon


    Betamon > Seadramon > MegaSeadramon > MetalSeadramon
    Gomamon > Ikkakumon > Zudomon > Plesiomon
    Kamemon > Gawappamon > Shaujinmon > JumboGamemon


    Hagurumon > Gaurdromon > Andromon > HiAndromon
    Koemon > Hookmon > Armormon > Cannondramon
    Kotemon > Dinohumon> Kyukimon > GuardiAngemon
    PawnChessmon (White) > KnightChessmon (White) > BishopChessmon > KingChessmon
    PawnChessmon (Black) > KnightChessmon (Black) > RookChessmon > QueenChessmon


    Kudamon > Reppamon > Qilinmon > Sleipmon > UltimateChaosmon (with BantyoLeomon, Valdurmon, and Darkdramon)
    Patamon > Angemon > MagnaAngemon > Seraphimon
    Armor - Pegasusmon + Digimental of Hope
    Renamon > Kyuubimon > Taomon > Sakuyamon
    Salamon > Gatomon > Angewomon > Ophanimon
    Armor - Nefertimon + Digimental of Light (Gatomon only)
    Terriermon > Gargomon > Rapidmon > MegaGargomon

    BlackAgumon > BlackGreymon > BlackMetalGreymon > BlackWargreymon
    BlackGuilmon > BlackGrowlmon > BlackWarGrowlmon > ChaosGallantmon
    Candlemon > Meramon > SkullMeramon > Boltmon
    DemiDevimon > Devimon > Myotismon > VenomMyotismon/MaloMyotismon
    Dracmon > Sangloupmon > Matadormon > GranDracmon
    Keramon > Chrysalismon > Infermon > Diaboramon
    Lopmon > Turuiemon > Antylamon > Cherubimon


    Encounterable and Tamable Digimon
    Regular Tamers can choose to own some of these encounterable Digimon if they scan them with the Digivice iC upon each encounter.​

    • Monodramon
    • Agumon (Original)/Agumon (Savers)
    • Veemon
    • Guilmon
    • Dorumon
    • Betamon
    • Gabumon
    • Patamon
    • Biyomon
    • Palmon
    • Tentomon
    • Gotsumon
    • Otamamon
    • Gomamon
    • Tapirmon
    • DemiDevimon
    • ToyAgumon
    • Hagurumon
    • Salamon
    • Wormmon
    • Hawkmon
    • Armadillomon
    • Terriermon
    • Lopmon
    • Renamon
    • Impmon
    • Keramon
    • Falcomon
    • Penguinmon
    • Goburimon
    • Bearmon
    • Kotemon
    • Shamamon
    • SnowGoblimon
    • Syakomon
    • SnowAgumon
    • BlackAgumon
    • Muchomon
    • Crabmon
    • Floramon
    • Gizamon
    • Lalamon
    • Alraumon
    • Toy Agumon (Black)
    • Tsukaimon
    • PawnChessmon Black
    • Gaomon
    • Kudamon
    • Kamemon
    • Dracmon
    • PawnChessmon White
    • Kunemon
    • Mushroomon
    • Solarmon
    • Candlemon
    • Kokuwamon
    • Dokunemon

    • Mechanorimon
    • Greymon
    • Tyrannomon
    • Devimon
    • Airdramon
    • Seadramon
    • Numemon
    • Kabuterimon
    • Garurumon
    • Angemon
    • Veggiemon
    • Ogremon
    • Bakemon
    • Sukamon
    • Kokatorimon
    • Leomon
    • Kuwagamon
    • Raremon
    • Gekomon
    • Gatomon
    • Wizardmon
    • Togemon
    • Guardromon
    • ExVeemon
    • Stingmon
    • Birdramon
    • Ankylomon
    • Gargomon
    • Growlmon
    • Kyubimon
    • Chrysalimon
    • Seasarmon
    • Vilemon
    • Aquilamon
    • Roachmon
    • Dinohumon
    • Hookmon
    • Grizmon
    • Dorugamon
    • Raptordramon
    • Apemon
    • Starmon
    • Bomber Nanimon
    • Kiwimon
    • Unimon
    • Sorcerymon
    • DarkTyrannomon
    • Akatorimon
    • Platnium Sukamon
    • Ikkakumon
    • Minotarumon
    • Icemon
    • DarkLizardmon
    • Flarerizamon
    • GeoGreymon
    • Gaogamon
    • Diatrymon
    • Leppamon
    • Sunflowmon
    • Gwappamon
    • Sangloupmon
    • Peckmon
    • Drimogemon
    • NiseDrimogemon
    • MoriShellmon
    • Wendimon
    • Fugamon
    • Mudfrigimon
    • Tortomon
    • Ebidramon
    • Octamon
    • Gesomon
    • Coelamon
    • Shellmon
    • Frigimon
    • Geremon
    • Hyougamon
    • KaratsukiNumemon
    • Ice Devimon
    • Dolphmon
    • SaberDramon
    • Woodmon
    • Snimon
    • Flymon
    • Yanmamon
    • SandYanmamon
    • RedVeggiemon
    • Weedmon
    • Ninjamon
    • Kougamon
    • Omekamon
    • Clockmon
    • Thundermon
    • Tankmon
    • Nanimon
    • Golemon
    • Monochromon
    • Mojyamon
    • J-Mojyamon
    • Deputymon
    • Centarumon
    • Devidramon
    • Dokugumon
    • Veedramon
    • Musyamon
    • KnightChessmon White
    • KnightChessmon Black

    • Volcamon
    • MetalGreymon
    • Monzaemon
    • SkullGreymon
    • MetalMamemon
    • Andromon
    • Etemon
    • Megadramon
    • Piximon
    • Digitamamon
    • Mammothmon
    • MegaKabuterimon (Blue)
    • Okuwamon
    • ShogunGekomon
    • Angewomon
    • Tylomon
    • Scorpiomon
    • MegaSeadramon
    • Dragomon
    • BlackWereGarurumon
    • WereGarurumon
    • Myotismon
    • LadyDevimon
    • Garudamon
    • Blossomon
    • Lillymon
    • MegaKabuterimon Red
    • Datamon
    • Cyberdramon
    • MagnaAngemon
    • Paildramon
    • Dinobeemon
    • Antylamon
    • Arukenimon
    • Mummymon
    • WarGrowlmon
    • Rapidmon
    • Taomon
    • Parrotmon
    • Infermon
    • BlackRapidmon
    • Pandamon
    • MarineDevimon
    • Karatenmon
    • Kyukimon
    • Sinduramon
    • Pipismon
    • Dorugremon
    • Divermon
    • Kimeramon
    • Triceramon
    • Deramon
    • Silphymon
    • SuperStarmon
    • BlackWarGrowlmon
    • Zudomon
    • Whamon
    • Mamemon
    • Toucanmon
    • Owlmon
    • Meteormon
    • Gigadramon
    • RiseGreymon
    • MachGaogamon
    • Qilinmon
    • Lilamon
    • Shadramon
    • Matadormon
    • Kabukimon
    • Cherrymon
    • Garbagemon
    • MameTyramon
    • Giromon
    • Vademon
    • MetalTyrannomon
    • Tekkamon
    • BigMamemon
    • ExTyrannomon
    • Vermilimon
    • Phantomon
    • Vajiramon
    • AeroVeedramon
    • GrapLeomon
    • Knightmon
    • Brachiomon
    • Allomon
    • Lynxmon
    • Shawujingmon
    • Yatagaramon (Savers)/Yatagaramon (Original)
    • BishopChessmon
    • RookChessmon
    • Flamedramon
    • Magnamon
    • Prariemon
    • Kongoumon
    • Seahomon
    • Shurimon
    • Kenkimon
    • Ponchomon
    • Argomon (Ultimate)
    • Shakkoumon
    • Lampmon

    • HerculesKabuterimon
    • SaberLeomon
    • Metal Etemon
    • MarineAngemon
    • GigaSeadramon
    • Piedmon
    • Phoenixmon
    • Puppetmon
    • Rosemon
    • WarGreymon
    • MetalGarurumon
    • Machinedramon
    • VenomMyotismon
    • Omnimon
    • Imperialdramon
    • Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
    • Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
    • Ghoulmon
    • Seraphimon
    • HiAndromon
    • Devitamamon
    • Cherubimon
    • Cherubimon (Virus)
    • Gallantmon
    • Gallantmon Crimson Mode
    • MegaGargomon
    • Sakuyamon
    • Diaboromon
    • Neptunmon
    • Pukumon
    • Gryphonmon
    • Plesiomon
    • Armageddemon
    • MaloMyotismon
    • Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode) (Black)
    • Boltmon
    • PrinceMamemon
    • Ophanimon
    • Zanbamon
    • BlackMegaGargomon
    • Jijimon
    • Babamon
    • Anubismon
    • Parasimon
    • Cannondramon
    • GuardiAngemon
    • Eaglemon
    • Dorugoramon
    • BantyoLeomon
    • Darkdramon
    • Ebemon
    • Gulfmon
    • Goldramon
    • Ghoulmon (Black)
    • Kuzuhamon
    • ChaosGallantmon
    • MetalSeadramon
    • Valkyrimon
    • Justimon
    • Vikemon
    • BlackWarGreymon
    • SkullMammothmon
    • GranKuwagamon
    • Pharaohmon
    • Susanoomon
    • Magnadramon
    • Megidramon
    • Sleipmon
    • ShineGreymon
    • MirageGaogamon
    • JumboGamemon
    • Ravemon
    • QueenChessmon
    • KingChessmon
    • Valdurmon
    • Lotusmon
    • Argomon (Mega)
    • Minervamon
    • Duftmon
    • Chaosmon
  4. Kaji Motomiya

    Kaji Motomiya KAMEN RIDE: ZABEE!!

    And that's all I wanted to clear up. You guys can post up profiles now or take characters.

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