Devkyu's (Blasphemous) Artwork

Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by Devkyu, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Devkyu

    Devkyu Wha...?

    Devkyu's (Blasphemous) Artwork (Update:July 07)

    Welcome to my life-scarring Art thread. Really, this place needs more people around. I'll always try and keep my newest three pictures at the top. After that I'll drop them to the bottom.

    Big Guns - Kurata ver.1.
    Phantomon Night.
    Cave Story - Chasing the Moon cover.
    CtM - Ch.1 page 00.

    First oekaki of Kudamon.
    Aki Lucemon crapsketch.
    Monodramon oekaki.
    Aki Lucemon part 2 (Unfinished Lineart).
    Rogue Tamer.
    Um... Where are we again?.
    The horror.
    Big Guns.
    You know it's snowing, right?
    Hot Kurata on Satsuma Action (WIP).
    Placid DORUmon sketch.
    Devkyu Hakase needs more sleep.
    Devkyu Hakase.
    Kurata Doodles.

    Kingdom Hearts
    KH - Stealth Shade Heartless.
    KH - Shattered.
    KH - Xiellos.
  2. Devkyu

    Devkyu Wha...?

    Yeah, I finally updated with some Digimon stuff. Decided that my AU Kurata from "Big Guns" was unrealistically dressed for running around the Digital World with a koala for at least 6 months, so I fixed him.


    After (finally) reading the translated notes about Savers and the bit about Kurata's glasses, long hair and white coat, I decided to smash his glasses, leave his hair long enough to be tied back, and slash up his coat.

    I originally threw in the wristband out of Tamers-nostalgia, but I eventually decided to have it covering some horrible bite-burn mark from a Lynxmon. Oh, by the way. Go draw stuff on the oekaki. Now. I demand it.
  3. Geo

    Geo New Member

    I wanted my hand was so good to make those fanarts xDD i'm a disaster ^^

    Anyawy pretty good i liked them

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