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Discussion in 'Pocket Monsters' started by Gaomon, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Gaomon

    Gaomon Yes, Master!

    Announce your DP teams!

    Just for fun and not for rating or anything like that. Who's on your DP team?

    I've got

    1. Lucario (nickname John)

    2. Arcanine (nickname Duran)

    3. Swampert (nickname Roger)

    4. Umbreon (nickname Yoruichi)

    5. Leafeon (nickname Midori)

    6. Froslass (nickname Chikane)
  2. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    Right here :3
  3. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    Gaomon, did you tell me that you were using Umbreon? Because I just decided as of last night he would be on my team too >_>;; It's like we're twins...

    Anywho, onto my team...

    Terra (Torterra, named before I knew the name of his final Evolution -_- )
    Luke (Lucario)
    Anubis (Umbreon)
    Spinx (Luxray)*
    Storm (Lanturn)*
    Crescent (Staraptor)*

    The last three have a good chance of being replaced. Thinking of raising a Garchomp or Snorlax next. Pity I have to breed Fire Fang ontt Spinx, becasue that would be a great addition. 'Course, I've ehard something about move tutors in this game....
  4. Akai Shuichi

    Akai Shuichi The Pierrot

  5. Royal_Knight

    Royal_Knight Gallantmon

    Not much, but still custimizing my Diamond team. Not sure who should permently fill the last spot.
  6. Airdra

    Airdra V-Pet Geek

    I don't have them yet, but I'm working on it...just need to import a Charmander over from LeafGreen once it lets me move the thing over again. *pokes clock*

    Firebug > Charizard
    Rocket > Persian
    Nile > Feraligatr
    Calliope > Espeon
    Genbu > Torterra
    Dynamo > Luxray

    So far, I have a Level 57 Luxray, Level 58 Torterra, and everything else at Level 1. XD
  7. Elecmon

    Elecmon New Member

    For now:
  8. evilkitsune71290

    evilkitsune71290 New Member

    For now-
    Single Battle:
    Sneasel:Female-Lv54<--work in progress
    Rayquaza(レックウザ):Genderless-Lv100<--gonna change with a dragonair soon

    Double Battle:
    Vaporeon (male:100) & Lapras(female:100)
    Dialga (genderless:100) & Palkia (genderless:100)
    Metagross (genderless:100) & Jirachi (genderless:100)
  9. Tsum

    Tsum New Member

    Though still in construction, the team now consists of....

    Mr.Mime, 84.
    Ninetales, 50.
    Carnivine, 25.
    Blastoise, 50.
    Porygon Z, 50.
    Probopass, 50.
  10. GordoBaggins

    GordoBaggins New Member

    Infernape (Pyromonkey)- 46 - Male
    Attacks: Close Combat, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Cut

    Palkia (Rigorichee, don't ask :-p)- 47 - Genderless
    Attacks: Surf, AncientPower, Dragon Claw, Spacial Rend

    Staraptor (Hewey)- 43 - Male
    Attacks: Fly, Defog, Aerial Ace, Close Combat

    Luxray (Lex)- 46 - Male
    Attacks: Charge Beam, Spark, Strength, Cut

    Graveler (Gina, was Gino till I realized it was a girl <.<)- 43 - Female
    Attacks: Rock Blast, Magnitude, Rock Climb, Rock Slide

    Lucario (Lucas)- 44 - Male
    Attacks: Aura Sphere, Close Combat (yeah, I got 3/6 with this, so what? :p), Flash Cannon, Shadow Claw

    Training for Victory Road atm. Palkia can't learn Waterfall so I occasionally replace him with a crappy lvl 36 Floatzel. >.<
  11. falcon21002

    falcon21002 New Member

    My current team are as follow for single:

    Infernape lvl 75 male
    attacks: flamethrower, blastburn, close combat, earthquake*

    Dialga lvl 72 genderless
    attacks: roar of time, earthpower, flash cannon, dragon claw*

    Arceus lvl 70 genderless
    attacks: extremespeed, recover, earthpower, surf*

    Darkrai lvl 72 genderless
    attacks: dark void, nightmare, focus punch*, night shade*

    Manaphy lvl 69 genderless
    attacks: surf, bubblebeam*, aquaring*, water pulse*

    Tyranitar lvl 66 male
    attacks: Stone Edge*, Crunch, Earthquake, Rockslide*

    My double team are as follow:

    Darkrai(lvl 72) & Darkrai(lvl 23, needs more training, too hard tho)
    Typhlosion(lvl 70) & Infernape(lvl75) (this pair might be changed)
    Lapras(lvl 60) & Lapras(lvl 63)

    *=might be changed
  12. Yuki2

    Yuki2 Hearts Beywiki

    Dang, you rely completely on legendaries/ubers and your starter...
    Having a strong team of common pokemon makes you a good trainer, IMO.
    ...How did you get a level 70 Arceus? You can only get it at lvl 80.

    Anyway, my team:
    Torterra lvl 53: Male (In Pokeball)
    Earthquake, Frenzy Plant, Wood Hammer, Rock Smash

    Lucario lvl 49: Female (In Pokeball)
    Aura Bomb, Close Combat, Rock Climb, Dragon Pulse

    Staraptor lvl 48: Male (In Pokeball)
    Fly, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Defog

    Blissey lvl 45: Female (In Pokeball)
    Hyper Beam, Strength, Healing Wish, Softboiled

    Wailord lvl 47: Male (In Net Ball)
    Water Spout, Dive, Surf, Waterfall

    Ivysaur lvl 49: Male (In Pokeball)
    Razor Leaf, Cut, Vine Whip, Sludge Bomb

    I am the League Champion.
    Yes, my favorite pokemon. They are incredibly strong, too.
    I also have caught all of the legendaries in D/P (excluding Event Pokemon and Manaphy/Phione), but I refuse to use any legendary in my team (I only used Dialga during the Pkmn League).
    My strongest Pokemon in my Diamond is a lvl 72 Eevee, transferred from LeafGreen.
  13. Magna

    Magna New Member

    Bleh, I lost my charger and the DS batteries died, then I was too lazy to look for it and ended up not finishing xD
    Yes, my team is awesome.
  14. GordoBaggins

    GordoBaggins New Member

    I tend to add Pokemon that I find grow to be my favorites to my teams, rather than the ubers and legendaries. Heck, I've now traded in my Palkia and Graveler (both of which I find annoyingly ugly) for the cooler Abomasnow and Gastrodon. Who cares if Abomasnow is 4x pwned by fire and Gastrodon gets his but whipped by Grass? I have Mojyamon and Zudomon now. <3

    Of course, that's not their nicknames, I'm going through a phase where they're each named after a human from Digimon Savers =]
  15. Magna

    Magna New Member

    The reason I have Palkia is because he's(I guess "it's") water (<3) and is traded so it grows quickly, so does the Infernape(I raised him from a Chimchar =D). I used to have a Torterra (Which I raised from a Turtwig) and the I traded him away for that Palkia. Dialga just fit the last spot because it's blue and pretty xDD
    But I'm going to reorganize my team when I get my favourites from Sapphire and FireRed, then I'll have a decent team worth of showing off =D
    My team is pretty weak right now, and I just got the eighth gym badge xD
  16. Johnny Sasaki

    Johnny Sasaki New Member

    Hmm, lol @ all the OU/Uber teams.

    I haven't really got D/P, will soon, I'm not really sure how much the metagame has changed.

    I played to fire red/ leaf green, had:

    Zangoose/Jynx(on new players)





    and pretty much depends on the opponent for my last. Zangoose/Umbreon/Suicune could pretty much take care of any opposition.

    1hp Zangoose + Flail is just awesome =D
  17. wyyc

    wyyc New Member

    This is slightly off topic, I was looking through most teams here, and I noticed one thing that most people tend to overlook, which is your Pokemon's moveset. It is incredibly important in the competitive arena, especially when you're facing human players. In game trainers are tame in comparison to real life human opponents.

    Your Wailord above has a moveset consisting of four water type moves. If he faces off against a Raikou, he's in deep trouble. Usually, if you're going to compete against other human players, your moveset will tend to consist of:

    One strong move of your type (For STAB bonus)
    One or two moves to attack your weaknesses
    One stat inducing move (Either affecting yourself or the opponent)
    One status inflicting move

    Avoid having more than two moves of your type if you're a single type pokemon. For dual type pokemon, it is recommended to have one strong move of each one of your types.

    So for example, Wailord has high HP, but low defense and special defense, while its attack and special attack are above average. It is suited as a tank, so we'd use:

    Surf/Water Pulse (For its status effect)
    Earthquake/Ice Beam

    The basic strategy here is to use Toxic, then keep using Rest or Protect. Earthquake can counter the electric type, while Ice Beam can counter Grass, so choose whichever you want. Surf is included for STAB and to do the final bit of damage to KO an opponent after it has suffered from Toxic. Of ocurse, this is how I'd use Wailord, and you're free to use him as you wish.

    I hope you aren't offended by this, but your team isn't incredibly strong as you mentioned, as it has a lot of openings. In fact, to be honest, I'd say it's rather weak. In the game, you could last against the in game trainers, but in the competitive arena, your team probably wouldn't last long. Of course, if your goal isn't to compete with other human trainers, then having good movesets isn't that important. But, if you planning to eventually enter the arena of human opponents, your movesets could all do with some fine tuning. You have two very good tanks on your team, namely Wailord and Blissey, and you ought to use them to your advantage. I assume Lucario and Torterra are sweepers, and now they have some good damage dealing moves, so how about adding a stat boosting or status inflicting move? Lucario with Toxic sounds good. In fact, Toxic always sounds good. ;)

    I haven't played D/P, so I don't know any of the new attacks, but they look cool from what I've seen on Pokemon's hard to keep up with nowadays. Sigh.

    Edit: Why do some of you have a Double Battle team? Is there some new feature in D/P that requires this?
  18. Johnny Sasaki

    Johnny Sasaki New Member

    Double battle's in the game since Ruby/Sapphire if I can recall.

    The craziest double battle team I've ever faced was a Latias/Latios(iono, the better one) + Metagross team.

    Metagross kept using earthquake for aoe, Latias/Latios had immunity through Levitate.

    Hell, those two are already strong solo, now put them together.

    And yeah, I was wondering the same thing about Wailord. Wailord doesn't need 4 water moves, hell, even a Pokemon as great as Kyogre doesn't need 4.
    Ice Beam

    Should do great. Although I never really like running tankers in my team, other than Umbreon.

    I'm also surprised nobody posted what Nature their Pokemon were.
  19. Elecmon

    Elecmon New Member

    I've been trying to tweak my team to make it good. This team is one I want to build. Tips would be appritiated.

    1.Ninetails: Modest nature
    Fire blast, Confuse ray, Solarbeam, Safeguard

    2. Hitmonchan: Adament nature
    Thunder punch, Fire punch, Ice punch, Close combat

    3. Golduck: Mild nature
    Psychic, Surf, Ice beam, Rest

    4. Venasuar: Sassy nature
    Sleep powder, Earthquake, Frenzy plant, Protect

    5. Pidgeot: Hasty Nature
    Air slash, Mirror move, Roost, Double team

    6. Wigglytuff: Relaxed nature
    Psychic, Sing, Substitue, Double edge
  20. GordoBaggins

    GordoBaggins New Member

    Just wondering, since I'm not a competative player (especially ATM since Nintendo WiFi doesn't like Vista), what would the best attack layout for each Pokemon be for the Elite Four?

    If I need to post my updated team for help, I'll edit this post.

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