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  1. Litintha

    Everything dropped

    So, DATS is going the same way that DSS, FAQCorner, Dark-Rebirth and, apparenly now, WPP, is going? That's a bummer.
  2. Litintha

    Forums fixed

    I hadn't noticed that this was an issue. Good job!
  3. Litintha

    Happy birthday Ryan!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Litintha

    Updates on Stuff

    Could be worse... DATS could have completely exploded like WPP seems to have done (their site has been down for over a week).
  5. Litintha

    Happy Birthday Complex Mind!

    Happy Birthday! So...what's the magic number this year?
  6. Litintha

    Happy Birthday!

    I can has Streams nao, yus? Happy Birthday, DATS! Keep it up!
  7. Litintha

    Futa's birthday

    Happy Birthday, Futa!
  8. Litintha

    Moar droppings

    This makes me a happy panda. :-)
  9. Litintha

    Change in project status

    Zodiac loves me. :-) <3
  10. Litintha

    Editor position filled, new editor spot opened

    Yay yay yay! I am happy about this!
  11. Litintha

    Project Updates

    Woot! Rockman.EXE projects picking up steam = Happy Litintha. Keep going! *starts chanting "We Love DATS"*
  12. Litintha

    Project Updates

    I will have to second this motion.
  13. Litintha

    Project Updates

    Rockman.EXE withdrawl. I blame that. :)
  14. Litintha

    Project Updates

    I could be mistaken, but...Warrock, are you the same War Rock that was a part of FAQCorner a while back (Before FAQ drove the place into oblivion)? And, Good to know the shows are not "decaying." Hehe. It had me worried there. Here's to DATS Progression! *Raises a glass and drinks*
  15. Litintha

    Project Updates

    Decay? The use of that term worries me a little. :-(
  16. Litintha

    One year and one day...

    It's the industry and, sadly, the industry is driven by money. So, who would watch the stuff they subbed/dubbed on TV and pay their cable/satalite bills when they can get the same stuff subbed by a group, only paying a fraction of their TV bills? It's all about money. I may be wrong, but...
  17. Litintha

    One year and one day...

    I just have to say something one more time. *Worships DATS* That is all.
  18. Litintha

    One year and one day...

    *starts shedding tears* This post... This post... This post has made my VERY happy! *sobs uncontrollably*
  19. Litintha

    Anyone want to buy me shoes?

    *sad face* :-(
  20. Litintha

    Anyone want to buy me shoes?

    Maybe they can do that for Rockman.EXE Stream, as well! *hopeful face*