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  1. Luka1184

    Wrapping it up

    What you mean by not releasing m8? Great to finally see this up! I'll create a "Danish translation" for my friends kay?
  2. Luka1184

    Deltora Quest to air on new US channel "The Hub"

    You just gets the WRONG FEELING then the people that is supposed to stream and air it on their own channel doesn't even really know a thing about DQ right? I mean WTF!? Mentor? Warrior? This article is good, but it can even lead people to misunderstood it and think that the Shadow Lord is the...
  3. Luka1184

    Deltora Quest = Dubbed

    No its not good like that. I mean, YES IT IS GREAT! And its best dub I have seen of animes (only cause' I love DQ! ;) ) but the music is kinda lame (sometimes). BUT ITS PRETTY NICE! Go look at the website in my signature! And follow the instructions!
  4. Luka1184

    Deltora Quest = Dubbed

    Well that sucks. Cause' sometimes the dub version gets REALLY stiff like cardboard: Hehe! I mean like: Then Lief saves them from the Grey Guards and "gives" the apple to the girl, the music is SO MUCH BORING! I just LOVED the background music they used for the japanese version, its really catchy...
  5. Luka1184

    New companion book coming

    I got it, and its NICE! I got all the books and knows almost EVERYTHING abou the series: I got the first series, the second series the last series, the How to Draw Deltora Monsters and the How to Draw Deltora Dragons and Other Creatures, and the Tales of Deltora and the Secrets of Deltora and...
  6. Luka1184

    Deltora Quest = Dubbed

    Here are the website I use to download and watch it dubbed! It is uploaded and updated every weekend, as it is the time where the NZ and AU DQ anime airs (they use the same Cartoon Network-"stream") : But its low quality, and all that edit stuff F....K! But...
  7. Luka1184

    Deltora Quest = Dubbed

    Well... It started now, but I think it there were something about that New Zealand and Australia handed it to US to make the dub, and then they got it back after that. That is why it now has this SHITTY cencour WTF!? And well... It has shitty soundtrack replacements too, and does not use the...