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  1. RamenRanger

    My hopeful Japanese future

    My hopeful Japanese future Hey there people i need a little help. in about one year time im going to be selecting collages and i was wondering if anyone knows one in the US excluding Hawaii and Alaska that has a Japanese course. also does anyone know of a great textbook i can study from, i...
  2. RamenRanger

    Need a little help translating

    Need a little help translating im trying to translate so thing little at a time an i wanted to post some of the script an see what you get out of it and compare it to mine. mine most likely to have tons of mistakes so before i post it i wanted it check by the people here. here the first...
  3. RamenRanger

    Good recomendations for Japanese

    Good recomendations for Japanese i need some help finding a good book to learn japanese, website, or program that would help me learn. any thing will help
  4. RamenRanger

    An idea for learning Japanese

    An idea for learning Japanese I was just sitting here when i got an appifany. What if there a thread for just speaking in a romanji type way. that way while we read we can learn the words, be forced to pull out a dictianry to find the translation, learn the sentence structure of japanese, also...