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  1. complexnumber

    May 26th in review... wtf?!

    is there anything i can do about DQ? :( it feels a bit sad
  2. complexnumber

    Deltora Quest Opening #1

    I think the meaning leans more towards the second translation, but it's quite ambiguous, you could get away with either
  3. complexnumber

    Deltora Background

    oooh, it's very pretty :) i like it!
  4. complexnumber

    Happy [late] birthday, celestial! D:

    happy late birthday :D hoep you had a great day :)
  5. complexnumber

    Belt of Deltora Bracelet

    aww wow, i want one :) when i first read them, i thought it would be quite cool to have a ring with all of the stones set in it :)