Well, apparently we all forgot the birthday of our favourite spam bot.
Happy belated birthday, megumi. \(^o^)/
Hope it was a good one.
Thanks @Matze149 for even reminding me that birthday threads were a thing.

(I even forgot about my own birthday on the 8th. Sweet.)
Due to the increase of spam, guest replying in the News and Release Announcements has been disabled. Please register for an account if you want to post.

Oh, and spam bots, fuck off. I'm the only spam bot allowed here. (I know, I know. Saying this does nothing.)
Well... The title says it all...

Guess I have the honor to make this thread. ^^

Happy Birthday blade! \(^o^)/
Hope you have a good one~ *Throws confetti*
Happy birthday @Skr @Kage!

Both of you silly butts are in Japan somewhere, but here's birthday wishes from here!
Well, seems we all forgot something important here... ^^"
Happy (belated) birthday, Kaitou. \(^o^)/
I hope it was a good one ^^"

Here's your thread, better now than never ^^"
Wait, when was DATS's birthday? I know it's somewhere around Matze and my birthdays... Uh oh.


I will beat @Kaitou_Yahiko and @Volt to it.
HEY CREW. Public announcement because I don't know if anyone still even looks here, much less the staff forums.

We're moving servers and I'm not going to have unlimited (almost) space anymore - so I'm wondering what people need from control/iroffer.

Megumi, you have your own account too - do you need it moved?

@megumi @Skr @Kaitou_Yahiko @Kage @Futamaru
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