Happy birthday to @megumi !

p/s: btw I'm still alive! :D
Happy burstday!

(probably it's not yet the 26th there, but anyways)

Enjoy your great day ahead!
Happy Birthday to our silly @Kaitou_Yahiko!
Well, apparently we all forgot the birthday of our favourite spam bot.
Happy belated birthday, megumi. \(^o^)/
Hope it was a good one.
Thanks @Matze149 for even reminding me that birthday threads were a thing.

(I even forgot about my own birthday on the 8th. Sweet.)
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Oh, and spam bots, fuck off. I'm the only spam bot allowed here. (I know, I know. Saying this does nothing.)
Well... The title says it all...

Guess I have the honor to make this thread. ^^

Happy Birthday blade! \(^o^)/
Hope you have a good one~ *Throws confetti*
Happy birthday @Skr @Kage!

Both of you silly butts are in Japan somewhere, but here's birthday wishes from here!
Well, seems we all forgot something important here... ^^"
Happy (belated) birthday, Kaitou. \(^o^)/
I hope it was a good one ^^"

Here's your thread, better now than never ^^"
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