[DATS-Wild Bunch] Digimon Tamers 2021 (from DigiFes 2021) [1080p][8AC9A8FB].mkv
File Size: 436.0MB
Torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1416649
Release Date: August 3, 2021

<This program promotes far-right politics and conspiracy theories. The views and opinions expressed herein do not reflect those of DATS and The Wild Bunch.>

There were numerous reasons under which we decided to make this hardsubbed and watermarked. The content warning at the beginning of the video was put in after long deliberation as well. While we typically credit all individuals who worked on any of our projects, we have decided to keep individuals unnamed this time around for similar reasons. We ask that you respect these wishes.

We decided to release this under DATS and The Wild Bunch for sentimental value. While this is not how we would normally want to release something to the general public, we genuinely thank you for your support.

Please do not ask about other projects. We are not an active fansub group. Please treat any potential future releases as pleasant surprises.

Additional Comments
We are aware the video is not actually 1080p. This was a mistake made during the final encode. However, due to the associated controversies and the fact that this work does not benefit from high video resolution, we will not be putting out a v2 in the near future.
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