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    Moar droppings

    Sorry, I've been away from the computer alooot. :/ And, well, there's several groups doing Higepiyo, and far ahead of us. I don't really see the point... But what about Saru? I'm still interested and willing to do that in my spare time.
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    Dire need of QC'ers and Karaoke Artists

    I don't mind helping with QC or TLC. ^^;
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    Well I haven't been around that long, really. >_>;
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    ...huh? What am I supposed to do? O_o edit: wtf I'm dumb
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    Try to Fly

    The wings do look a bit odd, but overall, the image looks nice. :)
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    Japanese text from video games (MORE). Please translate.

    The second pic's first katakana is su. Thus, stereo. and mono.
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    Happy [late] birthday, celestial! D:

    Happy birthday~! :)
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    Looking for some staff

    Just wondering, what manga series are you wanting to do?
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    Japanese text from video games. Please translate.

    All I can help with, is the Title thing in Options. It's "Return to Title." Sorry.
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    Fireball v2s & :(

    Wtf? Yes, season 2 now. D:
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    [Game] Battle of the OPs and EDs! NEXT ROUND!

    24 4 32 16 66 55 102
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    Recruiting translators...

    Translator checker here, applying for Zoids? ^^;